Five Random Thoughts On Inside Out And Me

Inside Out poster 1

Like most of the known universe, I have seen the mighty mighty Inside Out!

Pixar’s latest movie creation is all about the five emotions inside a young girls head as she deals with a big family move. And of course things go wrong inside and out.

To celebrate this excellency of Inside Out, I humbly present a list of how my own Inside Out characters reflect on my life.

Onwards to Scoops Inside Out!!!!!



While I have had many many joyful moments in my life, the top of the list is the day I married Googliebear. Truly Joyful!



Like everyone, I have encountered my fair share of sadness. One sad part of my life is how much I always worry about my loved ones. Whether it is going for a walk with Googliebear or hoping a friend is doing well or whatnot, I do worry quite abit. Truly Sadness!



One awful fear I live with all the time is of bugs and spiders. Hate hate hate bugs and spiders! Truly Fearful!



I rarely ever get angry for a long long decades now, but one thing can get a rise out of me. And that is if you treat Googliebear badly. Do that and face my wrath! Truly Angerful!



Many things disgust me, but tops of the list is when people lie and deceive for personal or political gain. I have met so many who do that and I rarely ever trust them again. Truly Disgusted!


That was fun and interesting, and if you have not yet done so, go see Inside Out! It is truly remarkable!



…is currently reading Watership Down by Richard Adams

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Inside Out poster 2


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