Some Random Thoughts On Angel 5.13 Why We Fight and Angel 5.14 Smile Time

Angel Season 5

Angel has a World War Two adventure in Why We Fight.  And Angel becomes a puppet while fighting evil puppets in Smile Time.  Continuing on with another SPOILER FILLED part of My Upcoming Year of Angel… Hopefully!


Why We Fight…

What Angel Investigations Did!

1943 submarine in the Atlantic and the crew is scared and under attack.  Officer Lawson is in charge.   Today AI talks about Eve who disappeared.  Angel calls the meeting at midnight and are tired.  Lawson, still young looking, arrives at the office.  He meets Freddie and catches her.  1943 and Angel is reading about the war and some Army men forcibly visit.  They recruit Angel to save the sub because of what is inside.  Lawson and his men meet Angel, who arrives and tells them a code word and takes charge.  Today Lawson catches Wesley.  1943 Angel sees the cargo and it is Spike and two other old Vampires.  Angel says they have to work with the humans to survive and kills the Russian Vampire.  Today Lawson meets Angel and they argue.  They go to the conference room and Lawson has Freddie, Wesley, and Gunn hostage in death traps.  Angel gets the Vampires and humans working together to save themselves, but it is uneasy.  Angel kills the second Vampire.  Spike sees a report the SS Officer has about experiments on controlling Vampires.  Spike destroys the report.  The sub is attacked by the Allies and everyone works to survive.  The sub is damaged and the SS man badly wounds Lawson, who is the only one who can fix the engines.  Angel sires Lawson so that he can save the sub.  Lawson does this and is now evil.  Angel kicks Spike and Lawson off the sub hoping they will die.  Today Angel and Lawson argue and fight.  Angel stakes Lawson.  Angel and Spike talk about it.


My Thoughts!!

A submarine in the Atlantic Ocean in 1943?  In trouble.  And being killed by a creature.  Today AI talking about Eve being gone and the evil Lindsay.  No Spike at the meeting I notice because he would consider this boring rubbish.  Great, Gunn is forgetting law stuff now.  Yeah, AI has no social life do they now?  All work and no play.  Wasn’t that the 1943 sub guy?  All young still and in the present day.  Now he is in the lab being creepy with Freddie.  New York City 1943.  Angel being mopey and the war going on.  They know who Angel is, armed with stakes.  The US Army recruiting a souled Vampire makes sense.  Betcha that guy in the background is a Watcher.  Or is he really part of an early version of the Initiative?  Angel is helping whether he likes too or not.  Time for sub paranoia.  Cute, Angel uses morse code to get in through the torpedo tube.  Today.  Wesley taken out while Freddie captured. 1943.  So one minute these Navy guys were going all Lord of the Flies.  Now they are following orders from the weird stranger?  Gotta move the plot along.  So they did weigh Angel down.  Captain America reference!  Immortal guy is Lawson.  Thinking about it, it is obvious it would be Spike.  Though seeing Spike on the Axis side is jarring, but makes sense.  Okay Spike did not join, he was caught.  Also makes sense.  Spike knows Angel has a soul at this point, but still acts like he does not.  Love how the other two Vampires look like kinda classic movie versions.  Almost Uber Vampire/Norferatu like the one is.  Russian Vampire!  Even that Vampire laugh makes Spike queasy.  Now Angel has to trick Spike into letting the Navy guys live.  Russian Vampire is gone and thank the Hellmouth because he was obnoxious.  Today, Angel and Lawson meet again.  Angel not happy.  Love the shot about Wolfram and Hart security.  1943.  Let’s all work together for survival.  Hope Angel stakes the Prince of Lies next because he is creepy.  Lawson is gonna be pissed when he finds out Angel is a Vampire.  Today.  Lawson is still pissed.  So Lawson is a Vampire, which we all kinda guessed.  Okay, Gunn and Freddie and Wesley all set up in deathtraps, which we also saw coming.  Betcha Lawson wanted to become a Vampire.  1943.  Spike rude as usual.  SS Doctor versus Prince of Lies.  No one to root for here.  Yah, Angel with a stake.  Makes sense the Axis would experiment on Vampires.  So it looks like the Initiative stole their idea from the Axis.  And Angel knew all this when he showed up.  I have always heard open fires on a sub are bad.  Great, their own side is firing on them.  SS Doctor does his damage.  Today.  Lawson makes his death speech.  I think Lawson wants to die. 1943.  Engines damaged.  And Angel sires Lawson, all to save the day.  Angel is gonna stake Lawson isn’t he?  Nope, lets him go.  Maybe to his death by sunlight.  Today.  Lawson really does want to die I think.  I never thought that souled Angel could sire souled Vampires, that sounds like a fanficy idea.  So Lawson thinks he has part of Angel’s soul?  Maybe it is really what he once was and the evil demon inside duking it out, like that psychiatrist Buffy fought in season seven.  Fight!  Another glass wall gone.  Yep, Lawson wanted to die.  Spike.  Thinks it was for vengeance.  All American boy becomes Vampire and could not handle it.


This was another good one, with a cool backstory, an interesting dilemma,  a twist on the Initiative, and more whacky Vampires.  Plus, more meditations on the nature of the Vampire and their personalities.  Always very cool.

Angel logo


Smile Time….

What Angel Investigations Did!

A boy watches a puppet show called Smile Time and a puppet tells him to touch the tv.  He does and is zapped and knocked out, making the puppet happy.  Wolfram and Hart hears about the kids affected and investigates.  Freddie is hit upon by Knox.  Gunn finds out he did the wrong paperwork.  Nina shows up for her werewolf stint and flirts with Angel.  Angel and Wesley talk about Angel and Nina.  Freddie tells Angel about the kids in magic comas.  Angel figures out it is the kids show.  Angel breaks into the Smile Time studio and is zapped by a giant black egg.  Angelo wakes up and is a puppet.  Angel tells AI he is now a puppet.  Freddie starts analyzing Smile Time and Wesley and Gunn go to the shows creator.  He blows them off.  Spike sees Angel and laughs and laughs.  Angel attacks Spike and Vampire and puppet fight.  The puppet master is actually under control of the puppets, who are evil and demons.  They plan to do one more attack on the kids.  Angel sees Nina and they talk.  She changes into a werewolf and tries to eat the puppet.  Lorne finds ripped up Angel and helps fix him.  Gunn sees the doctor about his law implant and is blackmailed into getting it working again.  Freddie and Wesley watch Smile Time and talk and notice what the puppet is doing.  AI figures out what Smile Time is doing and how to save everyone.  AI crashed the Smile Time live show and attack.  They defeat the puppets and destroy the egg.  The kids are saved.  Angel is still a puppet for a few days and makes up with Nina.  Freddie tells Wesley she likes him and they kiss.


My Thoughts!!

This is a lame kids puppet show.  Sick kid?  Okay, creepy puppet talking through the tv.  That is one mean manipulate puppet.  Betcha sacking his life force.  Yuck, creepy Joker smile on the kids face.  And the kid is dead.  Still don’t trust this lab tech Knox.  Joker reference!  Didn’t think Freddie and Knox were dating, and they are not.  Knox is getting dangerously close to workplace harassment.  Hey it’s werewolf lady!  And Angel definitely has the hots for her.  And Harmony can tell.  Yep, Gunn is losing his legal mojo.  Angel freezes when asked for breakfast because he is a dolt.  Wesley knows everyone knows about Angel and werewolf lady.  Oh yes, Angel’s moment of pure happiness explained yet again, and how fans misinterpret how it works.  Is this really about Angel Wesley?  Angel figured out the tv angle rather quickly.  Wesley, you give Angel crap for not picking up on signals.  And now Freddie is suddenly interested?  I am guessing Freddie does not live at the hotel anymore.  Lorne!  Puts the plot together fast.  That is one trancified janitor.  They are so trying to make this office creepy, but it isn’t.  Guy with towel on head is never a good sign.  That is one happy black egg.  Is this the one where Angel becomes a puppet?  I heard about this one.  Yep!  Puppet Angel!  Coming to a toy store near you this Christmas.  Freddie babble is always fun.  Love how AI is now completely with Angel being a puppet.  And now he is obsessessed with the Smile Time show.  Not being able to work the remote makes me wonder how he drove a car or got back into the building.  So puppets are angry so Angel will get angry?  Man I hate that self esteem song.  Puppet giving orders is cute.  Werewolf lady is gonna have one heck of a weird conversation.  That was rude Angel, telling her to leave.  Spike!  He is soooooooo gonna live this.  More damage to Wolfram and Hart as Angel and Spike fight for the 500th time.  And this is the BEST fight ever.  Love how Spike laughs when Angel hits him.  I wanna see more of their elevator fight!!!!   The puppet even swaggers like Angel.  So is this puppet master evil?  Time for Gunn to lose more law memory.  Yep, this guy is evil.  And he is a PUPPET???  Okay, good twist.  Evil puppets meeting, only on Angel.  This is like evil Muppet meeting eviller Spitting Image.  Love how the puppet throws the coffee mug.  So they are stealing kids life force to sell as a drug?  These puppets must gang with that magic drug dealer from Buffy.  That is a creepy and gross way to torture the man.  For a second I thought we gonna see a weird puppet werewolf sex scene.  Awww, Angel told her he was puppet.  Yuck, nose comes off.  Nina is gonna be a werewolf now.  And very seriously damage puppet Angel!  Angel has lost a lot of stuffing.  Gunn to the law doctor.  Flowers For Algernon reference!  So the Senior Partners giveth and now taketh away.  Knew the doctor would turn to blackmail.  This Smile Time is actually kinda funny.  Knox is being rather snotty to his superior Wesley.  Time for awkward Wesley Freddie conversation part twenty.  So now Freddie wants Wesley?  They find the signal.  Angel Sewing himself together is strange even for this show.  Love how Angel hugs Freddie.  Yep, Gunn took the upgrade.  Demons took over the show.  Love how demon contracts are filed away.  That Happy Days reference is only half wrong.  Puppet with sword!  Action shot of AI!!  Puppet fight with trancified stage crew!!  Puppet dig decapitated!  Love how the big puppet runs.  Wesley and Freddie with the magic.  Gunn versus girl puppet!!  Love the girl puppet thrown against the camera.  Wesley getting beaten by big puppet!!  Freddie’s got a gun!!  Hey, the boy puppet swore!!  Bad puppet!!  Okay, that was way cool, puppet Angel turning into puppet Angel Vampire.  Wesley deflates his big puppet.  Their goes the egg and everyone is saved.  Nina the werewolf wakes up and thinks she ate puppet Angel.  Nina looks like she us really nude here.  So another few days of puppet Angel.  Awww, Angel and Nina getting breakfast.  Yay, the kids are alright.  Freddie and Wesley kiss!!!  Together finally!!!!!!


For such a crazy goofy concept, it works so massively.  Puppet Angel is so cute and funny and sad and fights oh so well.  The evil puppets are vicious and funny and throw mugs real well.  Bonus scene, Spike versus puppet Angel!!!



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