Three Random Thoughts On The Batman V Superman Trailer

Batman V Superman poster

One of the biggest movies of the year, nay the decade, is coming up some months down the road.

I am of course talking about the Batman V Superman movie!!

Which we all know should really be called Superman V Batman, or even better, Superman Beats The Snot Out Of Batman.

But marketing people are marketing people, sigh.

Now onto my thoughts!!!


Batman Batman V SupermanThe Why!

Bruce Wayne lost people when this building went down in Man Of Steel due to the Superman/Zod battle, you can tell it kinda unhinged him. His parents died in front of him, as we all know, and it appears he has lost a Robin to the Joker as well. So this is one pissed off, annoyed, angry, and primed to be set off, Batman. And turning that anger into a vindictive crusade against someone who has saved the planet, and as seen here, doing multiple major good deeds saving tons of people, is a very very stupid arrogant thing to do. Which is why Alfred’s speech about good men turning cruel is so fitting for Bruce Wayne here. But, another school of thought is that Alfred might be talking about Superman and how he might react to how the world is treating him. That might set old Batman off even more.


Wonder Woman Batman V SupermanWonder Woman!!

So for the first time ever, we get to see the Amazon Princess on the big screen! This be of untold of AWESOME and I really hope they pull from the George Perez and Greg Rucka runs of the character. She appears to be at some high society function with Bruce Wayne and fits right in with the crowd present. We also see her in a battleground, getting annoyed and determined and smashing her bracelets, causing one heck of an energy blast. Theories online posit that Wonder Woman is the one who breaks up the fight and gets the little boys to behave. Would not be surprised, and that would fit right into the Perez and Rucka versions.


Superman Batman V Superman

Superman, because Lex is the villain and does not deserve a pic!!

Lex Luthor!!!

This Lex Luthor appears very manipulative and powerful and hobnobby with the government elite. He is also seen getting some Kryptonite, so maybe that is how he lost his hair, assuming he is not already bald. This is kinda sorta like how he lost his hair in the Silver Age, and also kinda sorta like how he lost his hand in the 1980’s. But away from the hair and into the plot. It would not surprise anyone if we find out that Lex played Batman and Superman against each other. It appears the two already do not like each other, much like the storylines in late 1980’s, so Lex very subtly maneuvering The Dark Knight and The Man Of Steel into destroying themselves would be a parlour trick to him.


My thoughts are still bubbling away as I keep watching and rewatching and rewatching the Batman V Superman trailer another five million times. Heckers, I might even provide my own fanfic take on what is going to happen in this flick.

Because it is gonna be that SUPER!!



…is currently reading Watership Down by Richard Adams. And clutching my copy of Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee very very close.

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