Some Random Thoughts On Angel 5.15 A Hole In The World and Angel 5.16 Shells

Angel Season 5

Angel finds out Freddie is dying and he cannot save her in A Hole In The World.  And Angel faces off against a new enemy in Shells.  Continuing on with another SPOILER FILLED part of My Upcoming Year of Angel… Hopefully!


A Hole In The World…

What Angel Investigations Did!

Flashback to Texas and Freddie leaving home.  Her parents are not happy.  Today Freddie is fighting a creature and wins and is romantic with Wesley.  Knox gets a delivery at a sarcophagus at Wolfram and Hart.  Gunn is okay with Wesley and Freddie.  Angel makes Spike an agent of Wolfram and Hart.  Freddie sees the coffin and is hit by some air from it.  The doctors say she is okay.  Lorne hears her sing and Freddie falls ill.  Freddie is out into medical care and AI hovers around.  Something is burning her up from the inside.  Gunn goes the White Room and faces himself and is slapped around and told off.  Angelo and Spike find Eve and she says she knows nothing.  Lorne punches her and she sings to clear herself.  Wesley finds information that it is a demon named Illyria who is taking over Freddie.  She was stored in The Deeper Well in England and Angel and Spike head there right away.  Freddie has Wesley take her home.  Wesley reads her books to her.  Angel and Spike find The Deeper Well and fight demons.  The keeper of The Well, Drogyn,  talks to them and Angel knows him.  Drogyn has to tell the truth.  Know thinks of freezing Freddie but it will not work.  Knox accidentally slips to Gunn that Knox did this .  Knox worships Illyria.  Gunn signed the paperwork to get the coffin the country.  Gunn attacks Knox.  Drogyn brings Angel and Spike in The Well and saying that Illyria’s coffin vanished a month back.  If the coffin comes back Illyria will kill thousands.  Angel and Spike realize they cannot let Freddie live.  Freddie and Wesley talk as she dies.  Freddie dies in Wesley’s arms.  Freddie pops up now as Illyria.


My Thoughts!!

Lemme guess, flashback to Freddie leaving Texas to go to University and her parents are concerned.  And today, using a flamethrower on something evil.  Awww, Wesley and Freddie talking all scientific and getting turned on.  Looks like these two are fully together.  And another crazy couple, Angel and Spike.  Love the sword through Angel.  Scary coffin for Freddie looks scary.  Wolfram and Hart.  Gunn singing Broadway.  Gunn says what about Freddie?  Okay, a joke since office gossip caught him up.  Wasn’t all of a season with these two fighting like kids over her?  Wesley was not trying to steal Freddie before Gunn.  Lindsay mention.  Written and directed by Joss!!  Spike!  Arguing yet again.  Love when Spike says wankers.  If cavemen and astronauts got into a fight, who would win?  Somehow we all knew it would be something like this.  Love Wesley’s reaction.  And Wesley joins in.  Knox is creepy and I don’t like him.  Too late with the uncomfortable Knox, jerk.  Don’t touch it Freddie!!  That must have been some air.  Love how Spike is still on the astronaut caveman thing.  Angel finally gets ready to kick Spike out.  No mention of going to Buffy.  Spike, Agent of Wolfram and Hart.  Now Freddie and Lorne on the astronauts cavemen.  Love how Lorne sings You Are My Sunshine.  Freddie sings and Lorne looks spooked.  Freddie!!!  We knew this was gonna happen.  All of AI at bedside looks like something bad.  Angel did not know about Wesley and Freddie?  He really is clueless sometimes.  Freddie is cooking inside, that’s dire.  Spike looks pissed.  AI on the mission!  Wesley really takes the direct approach with the gun.  The White Room and Gunn meets Gunn.  This does not bode well.  So the Senior Partners are pissed at all the good Gunn has done.  They already own Gunn and he is screwed.   Angel and Spike find one scared Eve.  Lorne punched Eve, that is different.  Lorne really does hate Eve doesn’t he?  They already said some demons existed before humans, now they are called the ancient ones?  Illyria?  Hollowing out Freddie?  Love how Wolfram and Hart has really good jets.  Interesting that Lorne is going to pray.  Freddie hitting the lab is so her.  Pylea mention.  Good remembering that Freddie spent five years in a cave evading death.  Freddie’s apartment may not be the best place for her to be.  Angel and Spike in a plane.  Seems like they are both afraid of flying.  Cordelia mention!  Yes, this wound is still raw.  Freddie mentions Wesley finally getting into her bedroom, but I think that is a joke.  By now Wesley and Freddie would have had sex.  Freddie is getting worse, and since Joss did this one, I truly wonder if she will survive.  Freddie saying read to me is so sad.  But Wesley actually reading to Freddie is very touching.  Nightmare Before Christmas reference.  Fight!  It us always cool when Angel and Spike fight together for the greater good.  Still don’t trust Knox.  Knox said it!  Yep, he is evil!  Isn’t this like the 500th AI has been played?  So this Droggen guy hates questions.  He has to tell the truth.  Knox loves the play mind games, can’t wait for Angel and Spike to snap his neck.  Freddie says cavemen win.  Droggen fills in the plot.  Wow, this is a big demon graveyard.  Crap, Gunn getting that thing into the country for the doctor was Illyria’s coffin.  And the horror Gunn feels.  They are almost making it sound like the First Evil.  Gunn takes out Knox.  Permanently.  Freddie looks like she is in the Exorcist.  Love how Spike gets annoyed at Droggen’s question asking hang up.  If they cure Freddie, everyone will die.  Illyria will get free.  Angel is gonna save Freddie.  Is Freddie gonna sacrifice herself?  Mention of the episode name as Spike wonders what to do.  This is so sad with Wesley and Freddie just talking and kissing.  Did Freddie just die?????  DID FREDDIE JUST DIE???????????  Okay, a transformation.  Is that Freddie?  As Illyria?  Or a different actress altogether??  And isn’t this kinda a redo of Cordelia and Powers That Be and Jasmine?


WAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!  FREDDIE IS DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And I have a feeling Joss you are really making her stay truly really dead.  Well, this sucks big massive time and everything I wonder how long Illyria will survive.

Angel logo



What Angel Investigations Did!

Wesley realizes Freddie is dead and Illyria is now here.  They talk and Wesley attacks her to no avail.  Angel and Spike fly back from England and talk.  Gunn has Knox tied up and he and Wesley and Harmony plan to torture him.  Angel and Spike arrive and try to save Freddie.  AI catches everyone up.  Wesley thinks Willow might be able to help.  Illyria takes Knox and goes to the lab.  Illyria makes armour for herself.  Angel calls Giles and finds out Willow is unavailable, and Giles is rude.  AI faces off against Illyria but she escapes using time manipulation.  Wesley finds a gem in the coffin.  Harmony finds Knox’s cell phone and they get clues.  Gunn sees the evil doctor and demands Freddie back.  He says no.  Gunn gets mad.  Wesley knocks the doctor out and confronts Gunn.  Gunn admits it all and Wesley stabs him.  Angel is mad at Wesley for almost killing Gunn.  Spike tortures the doctor and gets information.  AI realizes Illyria is going back to her old temple which has her army.  It is magically hidden.  Illyria and Knox go to where it should be and AI confronts them.  Illyria finds out the portal is blocked.  Gunn is recovering and is sad.  Wesley kills Knox.  AI fights Illyria and she is winning.  Angel starts winning because of the gem Wesley found.  Illyria goes through the portal and finds her army dead.  Wesley joins her and Illyria escapes through another portal.  Wesley packs up Freddie’s office and Illyria arrives and they talk.  She needs his help to fit into the world.  Wesley agrees.  AI grieves Freddie’s death.  Flashback to Freddie leaving Texas and driving away happy.


My Thoughts!!

Freddie is different.  Illyria is pissy.  Wesley takes action like we all knew he would.  Well, that didn’t work.  Wesley is really sad, and now still trying to save the world.  Still freaky seeing Freddie with blue hair.  Wesley getting beat up again.  So Angel and Spike choose not to save Freddie.  Love how Spike is trying to drown his sorrows.  Buffy mention!  Angel is gonna try and resurrect Freddie.  I thought Gunn had killed Knox.  Harmony would be good at torture I think.  Damn, Wesley, way to blurt out Freddie’s dead.  I think Wesley, Gunn, and Harmony are gonna take turns torturing Knox.  Really thought Wesley was gonna shoot him.  Angel!  AI is slowly going to fall apart.  Lorne upset is sad.  Gunn does not admit his culpability is not surprising, but is going to bite him in the ass.  Spike is right about magic death.  Willow mention!  Illyria is after Knox?  One flying Harmony later.  She wants followers.  None of the psychics and seers knew Knox had that crap inside him?  So Illyria wants sex with Knox?  AI trying to find Willow.  Angel us on the phone with Giles?  And Giles sounds jerk like and uncooperative.  Quiet moment between Wesley and Gunn, just waiting for the explosion.  Yep, Giles being jerk like.  Harmony with the news.  So no sex, but new body armour for Illyria.  AI to the rescue.  That is one heckuva fall for Angel.  Time distortion.  That’s gotta hurt for Angel.  Flash reference!   No scent on Illyria is not a good sign.  Harmony is not good at searching.  Wesley is getting really depressed, and unlike last time, I believe it.  Wesley finds a useful gem.  Cell phone clue!  Harmony has a really good idea of checking for missed calls.  This doctor is gonna get a beatdown from Gunn.  Now Gunn realizes how far he has gone.  Wesley kills the doctor and knows something is up.  Is Wesley gonna kill Gunn?  Crap, I really am worried for Gunn here.  Wesley stabbed Gunn!!  Holy Hellmouth!!  Gunn is gonna live, all because Wesley avoided the major organs.  Angel pissed, and now confesses he could have saved Freddie.  This feels really dire.  I wonder if they knew they were cancelled, so all bets are off?  Spike does the torture of course.  Plot points with invisible temple.  I want Knox to die.  So Wolfram and Hart is really really old.  I am guessing Angel is firing Gunn.  Gunn signed without reading.  Gunn feels like crap.  AI to the rescue!  Nice speech Angel, but I don’t think Wesley cares, as the gun will attest.  Fight!  This feels very Matrix like.  Time distortion!  Angel!  Looks like the gem helps with the time stuff.  Wesley into the portal is obvious.  Looks like her temple has seen better days.  Can Wesley pull the trigger on the face of Freddie?  Illyria captured instead.  Spike now has a real reason to stay, to be good to honour Freddie.  Isn’t their always a big fight coming?  Wesley packing away Freddie’s stuff.  Illyria shows up of course.  And of course she can access Freddie’s memories because we gotta twist the knife some more on Wesley.  Illyria has no purpose, so what, she wants to join AI?  Wesley is being remarkably kind here, maybe because she still looks like Freddie?  Yep, he admits it.  Wesley really needs counseling with all this.  Everyone feels Freddie’s death.  Darn this sucks.  Is this a Dixie Chick’s song?  Freddie’s favourite band.  Flashback to Freddie leaving home.  Happy.  Okay Joss, you suck and I really really really miss Freddie.


Really don’t know how I feel about this seemingly permanent death.  Loved Freddie a whole whole lot, and now we have to find a way to like this really really unlikeable Illyria.  This will be quite a selling job Joss.



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