Four Random Thoughts On Superman Truth

Superman 41

Recently DC Comics launched a new storyline right after their Convergence crossover. The concept, and alleged new status quo, is that Superman is publicly revealed as Clark Kent. And somehow loses a great chunk of his powers. Reaction online has not been supportive or pleasant, but I waited to read these issues myself.

And now I have.

Yeah, DC, this is one awful mess.

And here are my Four Random Thoughts on what this whole Truth thing.


Superman S SymbolThe Story!

From what has been revealed, Lois Lane figured Clark Kent is Superman and published this information. His life in tatters and his friends now as well, Clark is kinda wandering here and there like the guy from Kung Fu. Also, somehow, someway, his superpowers have been greatly reduced, his costume us gone, and the Fortress has kicked him out. How? Bad stuff happens that has not been shown yet, but just constantly referenced. This all makes for a very very very confusing read, which leads to….


George Perez SupermanNothing Makes Sense!!

Truth is all over the place. Badly all over the place. Things are talked about that occur in other books that have not come out yet. Plus, the four core comics in this supposedly game changing idea, which are Action Comics, Superman, Superman Wonder Woman, and Batman Superman (wrong order DC!), do not really relate or connect or have any sense of time. The unfolding narrative in Superman happens before all the other books, and that is the only obvious part, but try to put the jigsaw puzzle of what goes where with and your head will hurt. Does he seek solace from Wonder Woman, which leads to a whole adventure, before or after he goes to Batman for help, which also leads to whole other adventure? This is going to make the trades and omnibus almost completely impossible to navigate. And to make matters worse, the powers are inconsistent from writer to writer, making me sigh and roll my eyes.


Superman 1939Lets Retread Morrison!!!

And Siegel and Shuster as well. Waaaay back at the start, as many fans know, Superman was more into hard justice delivered with fists, and had a social conscious working tirelessly righting wrongs for the common folk. Also, his power set was smaller and not as massive. Grant Morrison went back to this territory and did a very admirable job putting a new spin on it. Heck, his Superman in jeans and t-shirt would feel at home in the 1938 comics. This stripping Clark down to the even more bare essentials, with added punch of wrapping his Kryptonian cape over his knuckles for the bruiser look, feels like DC realizing the character sold well with the Morrison touch, so lets just emulate it with a non-sensical twist. But none of these writers are Morrison level, so nothing feels as epic or legendary or even weirdly meta, which makes this story flat and lacking timelessness.


Superman Lois DressWhere This Crisis May Lead!!!!

Unless Clark makes a deal with Mephisto, or they just completely rip off Morrison and use Mr. Mxyzptlk again with the wibbly wobbly timey wimey, I am not sure how they will resolve this concept and put the toys back on the shelf intact. My gut tells me it will all be done by Superman issue fifty. My gut also tells me that DC knows The New 52 Superman books have not gone over well after awhile, so this might be an excuse to somehow, someway, reboot Clark back into his pre-Flashpoint version of reality. Yes, a return of the Clark and Lois married and loving and supporting each other. The upcoming Lois and Clark series might be another trial run, and this change might align with what the Superman Batman movie possibly holds.


I am truly hoping and betting and hoping this Truth story ends up fixing itself and becomes a modern classic, but so far the odds are not in its favour.

Because they also got to fix the stupidity that Lois was the one who blasted Clark’s secret all over the Daily Planet.

Really?? Shake my head.



…is currently reading Watership Down by Richard Adams. And clutching my copy of Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee very very close.

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