Some Random Thoughts On Angel 5.17 Underneath and Angel 5.18 Origin

Angel Season 5

Angel goes to get help from Lindsay in Underneath.  And Angel sees his wayward son Connor once more in Origin.  Continuing on with another SPOILER FILLED part of My Upcoming Year of Angel… Hopefully!



What Angel Investigations Did!

Angle is the only person to show for the AI meeting.  Harmony tells him everyone’s excuses.  Spike shows up ready to go.  They talk of the apocalypse.  They visit Eve and she refuses to help till the Senior Partners send a man in a suit after her.  Lorne is very down.  They take her back to Wolfram and Hart and gets legal advice from Gunn.  Gunn says Angel can protect Eve and Angel gives Gunn a pep talk.  Wesley and Illyria talk.  Eve knows little about the Senior Partners and that Lindsay was sent to hell.  Lindsay is in a suburban neighbourhood with a wife and child and is tortured in the basement.  Gunn figures out where Lindsay is.  AI drives to this dimension.  Wesley and Illyria continue talking.  AI sees Lindsay and he does not know who they are.  The suit man arrives at Wolfram and Hart after Eve.  Angel takes off Lindsay’s magic necklace and he remembers everything.  The wife and everyone attack with guns.  AI escapes to the basement, which is a torture chamber.  Harmony attacks the suit man and he takes her out easily.  Lorne and Eve head to the parking garage.  AI is attacked by a torture demon.  Gunn puts on Lindsay’s necklace in order to take his place and AI escapes.  AI ends up coming back to Earth landing in the parking garage.  Lorne is annoyed Gunn stayed behind.  The suit man arrives.  Angel tells suit man Eve is under his protection.  Suit man has Eve sign a contract.  Suit man is Marcus Hamilton and he is the new liaison to the Senior Partners.  Angel wants info about the Senior Partners from Lindsay.  Lindsay says the apocalypse is already underway.  They hired Angel to distract him.  Gunn in hell goes to the basement.


My Thoughts!!

That is one lonely meeting Angel is at.  Harmony!  She is right, why is Illyria still alive?  Spike!  Now kinda sorta part of Wolfram and Hart.  Love Spike with a briefcase.   Scooby mention!  Angel’s Avengers sounds kinda cool actually.   They are all still reeling from Freddie’s death.  And blaming the decision on joining Wolfram and Hart for Freddie’s death.  Love how they mention all the apocalypses.  Eve!  She is whiny isn’t she?   An earthquake is never a good sign.  Eve folds quickly again.  Wait, Jayne from Firefly works for the Senior Partners???  Wait, Harmony is in the credits now!  Crap, is she gonna die this episode?  Always a possibility since Tara.  Lorne, uncharacteristically down and out.  Okay, really down and out.  Angel taking Eve into custody like a boss.   Angel sees Gunn and demands legal help.  Gunn still very mopey.  But at least this time, all this downness feels deserved.  I wonder how many clauses are in Angel’s contract.  Angel gives kinda a pep talk to Gunn, and is remarkably forgiving.  Looks like he learned from Wesley kidnapping Connor thing.  Wesley and Illyria together and she creepily looks like Freddie now.  Both of these people need counseling severely.  Okay, that joke sucks Wesley.  What, that was all a dream?  Freddie still looks like Illyria, and they don’t really get along.   Is she telling Wesley to commit suicide?  Is Eve a magical creation?  Eve is like Sargeant Schultz, I Know Nothing!   They need Lindsay?  Great, that twit is coming.   So Lindsay had Angel get the amulet, brought back Spike, made Spike real again, just to annoy the Senior Partners.  This is almost as stupid as Skip controlling everyone’s destiny.  Since when did Lindsay study the Senior Partners incessantly?  Yes, haha, Lindsay’s hell is suburbia.  Is that lady Darla?  I hate suburbia is hell jokes.  I wanna see the toy poodle hell.  If no one can lie through the Pina Calada song, why does Lorne not use it all the time?  Gunn with the way in.  Lindsay is really scared of the basement.  Okay, that is not Darla.  She looks so happy and pleased he is going to the basement.  AI driving to hell penalty box is like when they drove to Pylea.  Wonder if this is where the idea for Supernatural came from?  Wesley and Illyria babble about her leaving.  Darn, Lindsay survived the basement.  Lindsay lives Groundhog Day.  Love how Angel and Spike freak out over the sun.  Wait, that is Darla, I am such a schmuck.  Lindsay is even more clueless than usual.  Eve being whiny to Lorne and Harmony.  Jayne!!  That is a terrible security guard, now a dead one.  Love how they all scream, just like the one in Buffy Tabula Rasa.  As Buffy says, it is always the amulet.  Love Darla with the machine gun.  Angel versus Darla!  Car gone!  I want ice cream!!  Kid with machine gun!  Not the basement!!  Harmony versus Jayne!!  Love how she is trying snap his neck.  Harmony out!  That basement really needs to be redecorated, less Marquis de Sade, more fun and happy.  That is one ugly demon.  Fight!  Angel and Spike are doing really badly here.  Gunn!  Crap, putting on the amulet replaces him for Lindsay.  Gunn really feels guilt over Freddie doesn’t he?  Gunn was planning this all along.  They escape and Gunn is trapped.  Is this how Gunn exits the series?  Now that’s an entrance for AI.  Eve is such a groupie.  Lorne looks unhappy with Gunn being left behind.  Jayne!!  So all this was simply to transfer the liaison job from Eve to Jayne, er, Marcus Hamilton?  So Eve is now mortal, who gets to kill her first?  Eve distracted by love.  Marcus is so blessedly polite, so unlike Jayne, it is freaky.  I know, different shows and all, but still freaky.  Sigh, back to Wesley and Illyria.  Not as bad as Buffy season four with Adam, but close.  Paging Doctor Lorne.  Lindsay is still annoying.  Earth is hell redux.  Holland Manners mention!  The apocalypse is already going on, and oh look it is the APOCALYPSE.  So Wolfram and Hart hired Angel on to distract him.  Gunn in hell.  Wait, this feels familiar with the basement.  Okay, credits check, not Darla.  I need new bifocals.


Sigh, Lindsay is back.  And the boring apocalypse is underway again.  And suburban hell is oh well.  But I did enjoy the machine gun bits.  Not as bad as it could have been had it happened in the previous seasons.  One great point:  Jayne!!!

Angel logo



What Angel Investigations Did!

A couple comes to Wolfram and Hart saying that their son survived with no injuries being hit by a truck.   Angel wants nothing to do with it because it is Connor.  Wesley wonders why Angel says no.  Connor and his parents head home and demons attack.  Connor hits them and realizes how strong he is.  Angel shows and saves the day.  AI investigates.  Connor comes to Wolfram and Hart and meets AI.  Wesley finds the demons work for a demon wizard.  Angel sees the demon and learns he is the one who did the memory spell for Connor.  The real memories are in box that if broken will reverse everything.  The demon wants Connor to kill Sahjhan.  Wesley does not want Connor to do this and finds out wizard demon did a spell the day they took over Wolfram and Hart.  Angel trains Connor to fight and Connor is not good.  Gunn is tortured and Hamilton visits offering a way out if he betrays Angel.  Gunn says no.  Wesley looks into the spell cast and Illyria says Freddie’s memories were altered.  The deal was signed by Angel and Wesley thinks it was to kill Freddie.  Angel takes Connor to fight Sahjhan.  Connor does badly in the fight.  Wesley and Illyria arrive and take the memory cube.  Wesley accuses Angel of killing Freddie.  Wesley breaks the box.  Everyone gets their memory back.  Connor remembers how to fight and kills Sahjhan.  Connor pretends to not have his real memory.  Angel and Connor talk back at the offices and Connor hints he does remember everything.


My Thoughts!!

Wesley watching Illyria, probably looking for Freddie.  Okay, he is guessing what her superpowers are doing.  Wesley loosing himself again and becoming obsessive again. Angel is right, no sleep and too much booze will not bring back Freddie.  Angel tough love. Great, Wesley, has concerned parents with a not dead son who was injured.  That sounds like Connor’s voice.  Crap.  It is Connor.  Def can tell the series is ending because they are about to tie up Connor’s storyline.  Gunn still in the credits.  That is one good spell, since Wesley still dies not recall Connor even after seeing him.  Okay, Gunn looks gross.  What a helpful demon, gives Gunn the lightbulb.  Spike doing training with Illyria.  And not going well.  Love Spike with a clipboard.  Everyone can tell Wesley is a drunk these days.  Angel and Marcus.  Very smooth liaison.  Who knows all about Eve and Angel.  Marcus recites the plot about plot.  Marcus does look darn good in a suit.  So someone is after Connor to get to Angel.  Which us obvious now that you think about it.  Demon attack!  Angel!  Snapping necks!  Angel And Connor at Wolfram and Hart.  Knew Angel was not gonna tell the truth to Connor.  Connor is so accepting of all this.  Love how he mentions about complaining.  Anne Rice mention!  So now they kinda bond?  Spike and Illyria’s seems to be going well.  Will Illyria recognize Connor for what he is?  Of course Connor likes the tight outfit on Illyria.  Fixing his thing for older women?  Angel really does have hangups doesn’t he?  If Connor sings, will Lorne know the truth?  Lorne still down in the dumps.  Angel proud of Connor in college.  So demon lord after Connor.  Wesley is so very very very suspicious of Angel right now.  Is this demon related to the demon who changed the prophecies?  This is the demon who made everyone forget Connor.  Wesley is putting it together, or at least putting something together.  It would be cool if Connor and Dawn met, just for the mind warping kick of it.  Wait, this demon wants the prophecy demon dead.  Looks like the prophecy is about to happen.  Dying demon threatens to restore mopey Connor.  Because Connor right now is too non violent to do it.  Wesley is getting really into whatever this conspiracy is.  Connor is up to it, all to save his family.  Gunn saved by Marcus?  Will Gunn betray AI again.  Nice mind games Marcus, and oh so very polite.  Nope, Gunn wants his punishment.  Connor giving lecture on fairness is rich.  Yes, keep him from the weapons Angel.  Wesley is gonna find out so very soon.  Does Wesley know the truth?  He knows Angel was involved.  Surprised none of the altered memories issues came up before.  Connor, you are so not a tough guy.  Connor saying dude is weird.  Sarhjan is free!  He does not recognize Connor?  Angel is worried that Sarhjan is gonna tell Connor the truth.  Fight!  Okay, more like Connor getting beaten up.  Angel is gonna bring back the original Connor isn’t he?  Wesley!  Illyria!  With the original Connor magic box!!  Nice Judas reference.  Nice smack on Angel!  Angel tells Wesley the truth about Connor!  Makes sense Wesley would think Freddie was part of the bargain.  Man is full of grief.  Holy Hellmouth, reality is about to be all whipped around again.  Nice montage of the plot.  Looks like the original Connor is gonna kick some demon butt!  Fight!  Connor helped that demon get ahead.  So Connor really still new Connor or is he just pretending?  Connor wants to go home.  Now Wesley remembers everything.  And is even more mopey.  Illyria still confused and annoying.  Connor seems normal now.  Angel gently probing what Connor remembers.  I think Connor does remember, but just wants a simple life now.  That smirk on Connor says he knows.  Plus the look of contempt as usual towards Angel.  I learned that from my father?  Connor definitely  knows!!!!!  Connor has gone back to his mastered withering stare at Angel.  Wonder how Buffy and the Scoobies felt like when their original memories came back?  And how even more pissed at Angel are they now??


Connor is back and we finally get closure on this very problematic storyline.  So with all the major major stuff Connor did or was involved in, they just took him out and did a huge rewrite of AI’s memories?  And no hiccups happened at all?  Riiiiight.  And this one does not address it, just gets rid of the silliness.  At least Connor is more bearable now.



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