Some Random Thoughts On Angel 5.19 Time Bomb and Angel 5.20 The Girl In Question

Angel Season 5

Angel brokers a deal and travels through time in Time Bomb.  And Angel and Spike botch an operation because of well, Buffy chasing in The Girl In Question.  Continuing on with another SPOILER FILLED part of My Upcoming Year of Angel… Hopefully!


Time Bomb…

What Angel Investigations Did!

Gunn is tortured in the basement and Illyria burst in and saves him.  The necklace is put on the demon.  Wesley tells Angel that Illyria went to save Gunn by her own decision.  Angle does not trust her.  Spike and Illyria practice fight and she slows time to win.  Lorne is assigned to tail Illyria.  Gunn catches up on work.  They both worry about Wesley.  Angel wants Illyria gone.  Hamilton tells Angle the Senior Partners are mad at Illyria’s destruction in their hell.  Angel is assigned to negotiate a baby being given to demons.  They represent the demons.  The woman is fine with giving up her unborn baby because they are paying a lot.  Illyria says Wesley betrayed her and she seems out of sorts and she attacks him.  She also sees time differently.  AI tries to get the woman to not take the deal.  Hamilton tells Wesley the Senior Partners want Illyria gone and gives him clues.  Lorne does a terrible job following Illyria.  Gunn realizes the baby will eventually be sacrificed.  Illyria interrupts and says Angel is trying to kill her.  Wesley tells Angel that Illyria is going to explode because of to much energy in a human body and that will destroy California.  Wesley has a special gun to take Illyria out.  AI goes to get Illyria and she kills Spike, Wesley, Lorne, and Angel.  Illyria accidentally goes back in time and Angel goes with her.  They keep tripping through time and are back before AI died.  Illyria explodes and Angel is back with AI in the hall.  Angel stops the deaths from happening and Wesley shoots Illyria with the gun that does not kill her, but depowers her.  Illyria can no longer time travel and is less strong.  Gunn is still telling the demons that cannot have the baby.  Angel arrives and says yes they can have the baby.


My Thoughts!!

Gunn being tortured again.  Machine gun fire says he is being saved.  Illyria is doing the saving.  The necklace on the torture demon is such a cop out.  Wesley explaining the how and why Gunn was saved.  Love how Wesley wants Illyria to join AI.  Yeah, Illyria wants payment of some type, so not much of a team player.  Gunn back and his paperwork has really piled up.  That was a weird apology Wesley.  Gunn was in Senior Partner hell for two weeks.  Wesley has one messy office.  Wesley is kinda loosing his mind here.  Spike and Illyria still sparring.  Oh, and verbal sparring as well.  Nice Matrix punch Spike.  Illyria actually looks hurt.  Knew that knock would be Lorne because it was shave and a haircut.  Lorne still seems down.  So everyone notices Wesley’s mental decline.  Angel not talky, woe that sure does not sound like him.  AI meeting to get rid of Illyria.  Wesley on that job. Marcus!  Listing very politely all the damage Illyria caused on the Astral plane.  I agree with Lorne, I like Marcus better than Eve.  Great, now Wesley is explaining time to Illyria.  Illyria figures out that Wesley wants Freddie back.  Well, duh.   Wow Angel, way to trust Gunn.  Pregnant lady wanted by demons.  So AI is advising the demons.  Oh snap, Illyria is actually being hurt through time.  No wonder she keeps asking what day of the week it is.  Ouch, that desk must have hurt Wesley.  She must know Lorne is following her.  Harmony is always the good host.  This pregnant lady is stupid.   Somehow I knew she would not know who Jim Jones was.  Betcha her husband’s “accident” was not so much.  Gunn having doubts, just like all of AI.  Marcus!  So Cancer was invented by a Wolfram and Hart client.  No one shocked by this.  Wesley picking up that the Senior Partners don’t like Illyria.  Is Marcus playing Wesley, but he does seem genuinely unnerved.  Lorne, you are a terrible tail.  These demons are so motherly with the pregnant lady it is cute.  Yep, sacrifice clause.  Illyria never knocks.  Angel and Illyria really do not get along do they.  Illyria is unstable and gonna explode.  That’s a big gun Wesley.  And lots of Star Trek talk to get rid of Illyria.  Lorne, put away the walkie talkie.  Spike getting staked is terrible but because of the time distortion we know it won’t be permanent.  I think she killed Wesley.  And she killed Angel.  And now the series is over!!  Illyria is all wibbley wobbley timey wimey.  Wait, Angel is in the time vortex now?  Man, I hate fractured time.  Angel is a paradox, which sounds just like him.  Illyria sure likes to speechify.  Angel really do does not do a good job explaining the time loop to Wesley and Spike.  That’s fun, Angel saves Spike.  Why did Wesley lie that the gun would kill Illyria?  Fight!  Looks like Illyria’s Tardis is malfunctioning.  Wesley’s using the gun!  Saving the day and the continent.  So the writers had to depower her because she was waaaay too powerful.  Illyria joining AI for season six!  Err, no.  Guess the baby plans fell through.  Angel is giving them the baby?  Bewildered Gunn.  What’s up with this?


This is probably the most Star Trekie episode of a Buffyverse show I have ever seen.  Which is not a slam, but an interesting change of pace.  From bartering over a baby to time travel to the morals of what should be done with someone whose powers are out of control.  Kinda wish they had kept Illyria so powerful, that would have been interesting.

Angel logo


The Girl In Question….

What Angel Investigations Did!

Gunn says that a demon war will happen because a dead leaders head is in Europe and it needs to be resurrected.  Angel does not to do it.  Angel gets a call that Buffy is nearby the Immortal, whose is a vicious evil being.  AI thinks this is all part of the Immortals plan and Spike goes with Angel.  Angel and Spike on the plane argue about Buffy and how many time they have saved the world.  Once at Buffy’s apartment they find Andrew who tells them Buffy and Dawn are out of town.  He tells them that Buffy is dating the Immortal.  Flashbacks show Angelus and Spike were  once captured by the Immortals men and escaped, and find out that Drusilla and Darla had sex with him.  They try and fail to get revenge.  Back in the present, Angel and Spike believe Buffy is under a spell.  They get the demon head.  They find out from Andrew that Buffy is at a nightclub and they seek her out.  They see Buffy a distance away.  Angel and Spike fight over Buffy and the head is stolen.  They give chase and lose him.  They finally head to Wolfram and Hart Rome office.  In LA, Freddie’s parents show up and Wesley goes to tell them she is dead.  Illyria assumes Freddie’s form and fools the parents.  Wesley is not happy.  Rome Wolfram And Hart tells them the head is being held for ransom.  They are going to pay the ransom.  Angel and Spike fight for the head, pay the ransom, and the bag really has a bomb in it.  They survive and Spike’s jacket is wrecked.  Rome Wolfram And Hart replaces their clothes.  They go back to see Andrew and he lectures them about not smothering Buffy.  Andrew leaves in a suit with some ladies.  They head home.  At LA Wolfram and Hart they find the head on Angel’s desk thanks to the Immortal.  Angel and Spike are mad and decide to no longer obsess over Buffy but they keep obsessing.


My Thoughts!!

At Wolfram and Hart and Angel and Gunn are at odds over something.  Tension. Yes, let’s send Spike.  Spike with a Gameboy I think.  So they need to retrieve a dead demon for regeneration and the cadaver is in Europe.  How do you say want off in Italian is my new fav Spike line.  Angel gets a bad phone call.  Buffy is in trouble!  Darla is in this one!   So the Immortal, who is foul evil, was spotted near Buffy.  And AI realizes very quickly this all cannot be a coincidence.  Heck of a plan, kill the demon, then a Slayer, two Vampires with a soul, and cause a demon war.  As Gunn said, this guy is good.  Time for more Angel and Spike arguing like an old married couple.  Drusilla is in this one.  And time for Angel and Spike to argue over Buffy again.  How many booze bottles have they ploughed through. Angel has a spy on Buffy?  Yeah, that won’t tick her off.  Flashback to black and white land with funky jazz and I am gonna hate this.  1950’s?  Angel was Angel then.  Yes, Angel knows he wasn’t their.  Italy 1894.  The Room Of Pain.  Angel and Spike are captured and look like crap.  Immortal has been mean to them.  That is one almost polite gentlemen. Snapping neck!  Darla!  She don’t look good.  Today.  Illyria no longer has Cosmic Awareness.  And is cranky.  Crap, Freddie’s parents.  So no on told them?  Andrew!  With a (gag) Deadpool tshirt.  Love Spike and Andrew together.  So he is staying at Buffy and Dawn’s place while they are out.  And his place was accidentally destroyed.  Yes, things still keep happening to the Scoobies.  Angel and Spike are so juvenile.  Buffy and the Immortal are dating?  1894.  And Darla got it on with the Immortal. That was a dirty double entrendre.  The Immortal also had sex with Drusilla?  No wonder he is their arch enemy, because they are five mentally.  Threesome?  Knew magic would keep them out.  They sound like teenage boy twits.  Today.  Angel just described Buffy with them perfectly.  Of course, a spell!  Oh yeah, they gotta get the demon body.  Andrew is such a homebody.  Now to stalk Buffy.  Wesley gets to break the bad news.  We all kinda knew Illyria would become Freddie for this.  And Freddie is back!!  Angel and Spike look so out of place at a nightclub.  Love how they show a far off double of Buffy, but you just so want to believe.  Spike off to save the day.  Did Angel just call Spike Blonde Bear like Harmony did?  Demon stealing the head.  Fight!  Kinda cute in slow motion.  This is one loud club for Buffy not to notice the fight.  And now the twats fight each other.  Angel and Spike on a moped is cool.  This looks the same back lot used in the Star Trek Voyager two parter The Killing Games.  Wow, this is a slow car chase.  No budget for the crash is their?  Right back to Buffy stalking for the twats.  Spike and tax evasion?  These two Einstein’s suddenly realize Wolfram and Hart have a Rome office.  And it looks exactly like the LA one.  That is one low cut dress.  She is too agreeable.  Freddie playing up to her parents.  Wesley not happy with the deception.  Okay, we understand now why, Illyria can’t stand all the annoying grief.  So the twats go on about Buffy and forget about the head.  Immortal uses no spells.  Ransom note for the head.  And they are gonna pay the ransom.  Let’s compare how many times we saved the world shall we?  Is this floppy earred demon the Immortal?  This is why we miss Freddie.  So Illyria was really testing her emotions or something?  Angel and Spike resort to violence because they are twats.  The head is now ball to be passed around.  Love Angel’s last punch.  We all knew it wasn’t the head in the bag, but a bomb?  Nice one Immortal.  Now that is wreckage from an explosion.  Awww, Spike’s jacket was damaged.  So he just gets another jacket?  Thought Spike would still be sentimental.  Angel’s new look is different.  So the bomb thingie is a thing.  Yes, let’s check on Buffy one more time.  Andrew.  I thought I was a homebody.  Angel references Buffy baking from the Chosen episode!  Love how the twats get excited that the Immortal has flaws. Andrew makes sense of how Buffy is and how they are acting.  Andrew in a suit looks cool.  Really thought it would be a guy at the door.  Betcha those are two Slayers and it is just friends on the town.  Yes, that is my fanfic mind talking.  Wesley and Freddie together maybe.  Illyria wants human love because we have to do that cliche.  At least Wesley tells her off.  Back to Illyria.   We all knew the head be at the office.  Courtesy of the Immortal.  Spike does sound rather possessive.  Angel is the voice of reason here is rich.  Angel and Spike are so not moving on.


Really cool seeing Angel and Spike acting like twats over the very thought of Buffy.  Plus, the fun and merriment of the missing head.  I do feel sad for Spike losing his/Nikki’s jacket.  Also, the coolness and pain of seeing Freddie again.  P.S.  Andrew rules.



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