Some Random Thoughts On Angel 5.21 Power Play and Angel 5.22 Not Fade Away

Angel Season 5

Angel acts all nasty as he joins a secret group in Power Play.  And Angel leads AI into their final (?) battle as the show ends in Not Fade Away.  Continuing on with my final ever  SPOILER FILLED episode summary in My Upcoming Year of Angel… Hopefully! series.


Power Play…

What Angel Investigations Did!

A man is being beaten by hood people and Angel comes through a fire door.  The man thinks Angel is saving him, but kills him instead.  Flash to 19 hours ago.  Angel and Nina have had sex.  Angel and Gunn meet Senator Bruckner, who has Vampires on her payroll.  Marcus introduces them.  Angel gives the Vampire human blood.  Angel is told a demon is killing people and does not care.  Spike goes after the demon with Illyria.  The Senator might lose to another candidate, so the Senator wants Angel to tar the man as a child molester.  Gunn says no, but Angel says yes.  Wesley gets a magical clue to something.  Spike and Illyria look for the demon and find Drogyn all beaten up.  The demon shows up and Illyria and kills it.  Drogyn says Angel sent a demon to kill him.  Angel continues his rude evil behavior and AI is concerned.  They go to Spike’s place and Drogyn tells of the demon attack.  He thinks Angel is trying to cover up helping Illyria and killing Freddie.  AI is mad.  AI confronts Angel  Angel tells them off and says they must work with evil.  AI interrogates Lindsay and he tells them about the Circle of the Black Thorn, a secret group of evil powerful people.  Maybe Angel wants to join them.  Angel break up with Nina and tells her to leave town.  Marcus attacks Illyria and Drogyn and beats them up and takes Illyria.  Angel jumps them through a flame door and kills Drogyn.  This causes the Circle to accept him as a member.  The Senator and a bunch of other demons seen on the show are members.  Angel goes back to his office and is attacked by AI.  They fight and Angel uses a magical device to create an illusion for Marcus for a few minutes.  Angel tells AI that he sent Wesley the message and has been playing the long games with the Circle.  Cordelia gave him one Vision after she died and it was about the Circle.  So he acted evil and tricked Drogyn and everything.  Angel wants AI to kill the Circle but it is most likely a suicide mission since the Senior Partners will be mad.  AI agrees to help.  Marcus watches a fake magical scene from outside the office.


My Thoughts!!

Someone is getting beaten up, or is this a hazing?  Angel!  To the rescue!  Or maybe not.  The guy probably deserved the beating then.  19 hours earlier.  Angel and Nina just had sex.  And Angel is still Angel.  That’s not a stake Nina.  They must have been in bed a long time.  If a Vampire and a werewolf had a kid?  Angel back to mopey.  Spike annoying Illyria.  And maybe being sympathetic.  Angel meeting politicians, courtesy of Marcus.  The senator has a Vampire staffer?  Kinda makes sense.  This senator looks familiar.  Guy wants human blood and Angel gives in?  Wesley with plot about demon killing people in an amusement park.  Angel is rather cavalier isn’t he?  Wesley is disturbed by this.  Spike steps up to the plate!  Really liking this champion thing isn’t he?  I hate this politics commercial.  Love this frank politic talk.  The senator is really a demon?  Yeah, that makes sense.  She wants a swear campaign.  Gunn taking the moral high road and quite rightly.  So what is Angel up to, siding with the slimy politician?  Is this some deep cover, I don’t know, power play?  Wesley, your magic book is talking to you.  That is creepy and weird.  Gunn goes to Wesley.  Angel at badminton and pumping a demon for info.  Knew he was up to something.  Spike took Illyria out to get the demon?  She is still such a livewire.  Angel and Spike were once intimate?  That is the sound of millions of fanfics exploding.  Droggen?  Looks awful.  Illyria looks pissed.  Demon attack!  Angel beat up Droggen?  This had better make sense soon.  Angel kicking Wesley out of a meeting with Marcus?  AI really noticing Angel going to the dark side.  And hearing Droggen’s tale of evil Angel.  So Angel helped released Illyria.  And caused Freddie’s death.  So AI is believing Angel has turned bad and is about to launch his evil plans.  Love Illyria and Droggen with a video game.  AI versus Angel.  He really is moody and jerklike.  So Angel is now a nihilist.  And  even more jerklike.  Wesley is onto the ploy idea.  Get Angel to sing for Lorne.  Lorne is so quick to  believe Angel is bad, which is sad.  Lindsay.  Kill him now.  Nina!  About to cruelly dump her I bet.  This is the real Angel, sending Nina and her family away for their safety.  So it is all an act.  Again, love Droggen and Illyria playing video games.  Super Mario Brothers?  Marcus!  You ever knock dude?  Droggen and Marcus know each other.  Interesting.  Really thought Marcus was gonna snap his neck.  Marcus and Illyria fighting!  He’s good!  Those are vicious punches.  Please torture Lindsay.  Circle of the Black Thorne?  And of course no one has heard of these secret magic evildoers.  Lindsay wants into the Circle, hence the vengeance angle on Angel.  Great, AI really thinks Angel killed Freddie.  I am so not buying the evil Angel conspiracy.  Now we are back to the beginning.  So this Circle seems happy.  They look like Death Eaters.  Angel has joined Voldermort’s forces.  Hey, the senator!  And a bunch of demons who I think we have seen all this season.  Time for a party!  Are they making the senator a Hilary Clinton parody?  Hey, the old demon from that Connor episode.  This storyline feels completely out of the blue because the series is ending.  Angel back at Wolfram and Hart.  Knew he was gonna be attacked by AI.  Angel still being macho and idiot like.  Fight!  Angel wins easily.  Betcha magic amulet protects them being spied on and now he is gonna tell AI his plan.  Angel lays out his secret plan.  Wait, Cordelia’s kiss gave Angel the Visions?  But I thought he could not handle the Visions?  And two months since Cordelia died.  Still sad over that.  Okay, only one Vision.  Never told AI the plan you nitwit.  Love how right Angel is, Lindsay is a pathetic half wit.  So if AI kills the Circle the Senior Partners will be mad and destroy them.  AI has a choice, do and die or not.  Knew Spike would say yes, another chance to die a champion and stay dead, so what Buffy knows of his death will stay true.  They all say yes, even Lorne who I thought would just leave because of how down he has been lately.  Marcus watching the fake scene.  Betcha he sees through it.  They were at a standoff for six minutes?


And out of nowhere everyone believes Angel has gone evil and out of nowhere the Circle of the Black Thorn become some kinda not just season Big Bad, but series Big Bad.  I am kinda giving all this season one to four lameness of plot a big old pass because it is done better here than those seasons would have tried.

Angel logo


Not Fade Away….

What Angel Investigations Did!

Angel gets AI to agree to help and wonders if Illyria will help.  Spike says yes and says Illyria is with Drogyn.  Angel now knows Illyria was attacked and tells them he killed Drogyn.  Marcus takes Angel to a Circle meeting and they wonder if Angel is trustworthy.  Angel signs over the prophecy to Spike to show he is with them.  Harmony wants in one the plan and Angel tells her to distract Marcus.  Angel gets Lindsay to help and promises him Wolfram and Hart.  Angel tells AI that they will kill the Circle tonight and they all should spend their last day any way they choose.  Angel sees Connor and finds out he does remember his real past.  Lorne tells Angel he is quitting after this and goes to sing in a club.  Lindsay stays with Eve.  Gunn helps out Anne at a homeless shelter.  Spike goes to a bar and recites the poem he wrote long ago as a human and the crowd loves it.  Wesley helps Illyria with her wounds.  Angel gives AI their assignments.  Gunn is to kill the Senator.  Wesley has the demon wizard.  Illyria has another demon.  Spike will save the baby from the demon cult.  Lorne and Lindsay will fight the demon clan.  Angel has already killed the demon mob boss by poisoning his food supply/servant.  After the killing, they are to meet in the hotel alley to face the Senior Partners demon revenge.  Angel goes to the office and Marcus confronts him.  Turns out Marcus was sleeping with Harmony and she told him.  Angel knew she would do this because she is an evil Vampire.  Angel and Marcus fight and Marcus kicks Angel’s butt.  Gunn takes out the Senator but gets wounded.  Spike saves the baby and fights his way out.  Illyria kills her target.  Lindsay kills his targets, then Lorne kills him.  Wesley attacks his demon and is losing.  He is stabbed fatally.  Illyria arrives and changes into Freddie to comfort Wesley as he dies.  Illyria kills the demon wizard.  Marcus taunts Angel as he beats him up.  Marcus almost stakes Angel and Connor arrives and joins the fight on Angel’s side, but they still can’t win.  Marcus brags about the Senior Partners blood in his veins so Angel feeds on him to gain Marcus’s strength.  Angel bets up and kills Marcus.  An earthquake starts and Angel sends Connor home.  Angel, Spike, badly wounded Gunn, and Illyria meet in the hotel alley.  Illyria tells them Wesley is dead.  A demon army comes down the alley.  Angel leads AI into a charge.


My Thoughts!!

Yay!  Everyone votes to save the world and die.  Why are they more powerful together?  Yes, Illyria would be helpful.  Droggen is dead?  Lemme guess, Angel tipped off Marcus as to where Droggen was.  Angel and Spike, round 31416 onto infinity.  Love how Marcus just casually walks in.  Back to jerk Angel.  The Circle wants Angel right now?  Are they onto Angel?  Credits for the final time.  Sad face.  Connor is in this one.  Sigh, and Lindsay as well.  Lorne really thinks Angel has turned evil?  Lorne has been like season three Wesley downer.  This scene with The Circle reminds me of that Simpsons secret society song.  These are the lamest, most officious group of secret people.  They make The Watchers look cool.  Great, that freaking prophecy.  Angel is so sure he will die, he is willing to give away his chance of humanity.  Angel looks like he is really regretting doing that now.  Interesting, Angel asking Harmony if she misses being human.  Joss helped write this?  Doesn’t feel like it so far.  Harmony misses the feeling and sensation of first time love, which is kinda sweet.  Harmony wants to join in whatever the final battle is.  Angel wants Harmony to distract Marcus.  Lindsay.  One last chance to kill this twerp.  Angel wants this idiots help?  Sigh, another speech about good and evil and whatnot.  Angel wants Lindsay to take over Wolfram and Hart because he is the lesser of all the evils?  That is such a stupid idea.  Lindsay is right about one thing, Angel gets a little speechy.  So Lindsay just wants into the big glorious final battle.  Okay, now I get it, the plot point I missed, that guy Angel killed was Droggen.  Talk about bad compromises for the greater good.  Angel telling them to live the day like it is your last has been done before, but this part I am fairly certain is Joss’s stuff.  Lorne!  Singing away.  Wonder if this is a real audience, or in his head like last time.  Angel!  Seeing Connor.  Spike!  Getting drunk.  That takes a lot of alcohol.  Hey that’s Anne!  This is a callback.  Gunn!  Points for remembering these two know each other.  Anne still doing tons of charity work, no matter what.  Wesley!  Helping heal Illyria.  No perfect day for Wesley is sad.  But he wants Freddie back really.  That Watcher advice is nonsense.  Saying Wesley is not going to die tonight means he is going to die.  That’s the way Joss does things.  Spike in an open mike poetry reading?  Love the way he recites it and the way he sits and his hand arching.  Wait, is this the poem he read to that girl when he was William?  The crowd really liked it, maybe because they are not upper class snots?  Angel tells Connor all about Nina.  And the teen thinks this hot.  Carol Burnett show mention!  Now Angel figures out Connor has his memory back?  Or is this to clarify to the clueless fans?  Awww, Connor is grateful and at peace.  Lindsay and Eve, being noting as usual.  Hehe, Lindsay doesn’t know Angel and Eve slept together.  Nighttime, and AI meets at Spike’s batcave.  Someone has to betray Angel of course.  Each person gets their mission.  I’ll make trophies of their spines is my new fav line.  Love how Spike doesn’t want an amulet.  Harmony is sleeping with Marcus?  I don’t think she is actually betraying Angel, I think this is part of the plan.  Or is this to remind us that Harmony is still evil?  Hotel mention!  Lorne wants out?  Guess he really is a complete downer these days.  Little does Spike know Angel signed away the prophecy to him.  Wesley with the old demon.  That’s a nifty spell Wesley has.  Spike hears the baby.  Gunn being a badass at senators office.  Lindsay with a sword again, whatever.  Illyria about to wreck a car.  Angel at Wolfram and Hart offices.  Still trying to read Harmony here.  Marcus!  Fight!  So Harmony did betray Angel and he knew she would because she is a Vampire.  Angel is such a nice guy, giving Harmony a recommendation.  Marcus is so polite even coming after Angel.  I still think Harmony would cheer on Angel in this fight.  Nice ineffective punch Angel.  Their goes this set.  Love how Marcus is so polite telling off Angel.  Doyle and Cordelia and Freddie mention!  Wait, Angel poisoned the demon’s drink in the servant?  That takes planning that Angel is not known for.  Spike with baby and fighting demons.  Lindsay, sigh.  Wesley with magic.  And about to get his ass kicked.  Angel versus Marcus!  What is his plan here?  Marcus with a stake?  Connor!  Love how Connor figured it out.  Gunn staking away!  Axe to the head!  Lots of Vampires for Gunn.  Illyria must have really hated that car.  Eve!  Please die!  Lorne!  Backing up Lindsay.  Betcha he was ordered to kill Lindsay.  Lindsay really thinks he is part of AI now?  If they had done another season and he had joined, I would have gagged.  Of course Lindsay likes it being unsavory.  Knew it.  Lorne kills Lindsay.  So very happy he is finally dead.  Lindsay’s ego to the very end.  And Lorne drops the gun and leaves.  Will miss you Lorne.  Wesley has seen better days.  Knew the knife would not work. Knew Wesley was gonna get mortally wounded. That was good magic, but enough to kill the old demon?  Illyria!  Feeling feelings finally.  That lie to me line was used in that Buffy episode where her old friend died.  Knew Wesley would say yes.  Knew it would bring Freddie back.  Really miss Freddie.  This is kinda touching.  Awww, Wesley and Freddie together in Heaven.  And Wesley is dead.  This was foreshadowed but still hurts.  Grew to like Wesley.  RIP Wesley.  Old demon back up.  This idiot does not know she is Illyria?  And now old demon is dead.  Nice head exploding.  Angel and Connor versus Marcus!  Marcus is tough and a skilled fighter and very dashing.  Blood!  Filled with their power.  Time for Angel to feed on a very rich power supply!  Marcus looks upset.  Super Angel joins the Matrix!  Angel finally kicking Marcus’s butt!  Not so tough when the odds are even is he?  That was fast work killing Marcus.  Senior Partners are not happy.  Earthquakes are never good on this show.  Eve!  Leave her idiot ass.  Of course it’s raining in the alley.  Angel!  Spike!  Gunn!  Badly wounded.  Illyria!  With the bad news of Wesley’s death.  Illyria getting all the feels.  No Lorne of course.  Lots and lots and lots of demons coming for AI.  And a dragon of course.  AI going after hordes of demons us how it ends?  Very glorious and all, but I could see fans at the time being pissed.  I know some characters show up in the comics, so some survive this battle.  Wonder if they show how?


A series ender with highs and lows and whatever points.  Loved the bits where everyone spends their last day enjoying themselves, plus the cute callbacks.  Did not give a whit about Eve or Lindsay.  Lorne being all sadface all the time was annoying.  But the final battle being lead up to, and not seen, was interesting.  Kinda see why Joss let it go this way, and why the fans were pissed to say the least.



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