Marvel Universe Live! A Photo Essay!!

0 MUL Logo

Recently, Googliebear and I took in the the amazingly fun and fantastically wild Marvel Universe Live!

The Avengers, joined by Spiderman and the X-Men, must race against time and zoom around the world, all to stop the villains from getting the Cosmic Cube!

Stunts, wackiness, and lots and lots of good ole’ super fist fighting ensued!!

P.S. Some pics are not the best, they all move so fast!!

P.P.S.  SPOILERS for the show!!

P.P.P.S.  Thanks to @HopeMullinax for her posts about the show months ago!!

1 MUL Thor Cosmic Cube

Thor and the Cosmic Cube!

2 MUL Cap helping old lady cross street

Captain America helping an old lady cross the street!!

3 MUL Iron Man Spidey


4 MUL Avengers

Avengers Assembled!

5 MUL Fighting AIM

Fighting AIM!

6 MUL On Fire

On Fire!

7 MUL Spidey vs Green Goblin

Spidey vs Green Goblin!

8 MUL Falcon Landing

Falcon Landing!

9 MUL Avengers vs Loki

Avengers vs Loki!

10 MUL Captain Marvel Fighting

Captain Marvel Fighting!

11 MUL Thor Figfhting


12 MUL Multiple Lokis

Lots of Loki’s!

13 MUL Hulk Coming

The Hulk is coming!

14 MUL Hulk


15 MUL Hulk vs Avengers

Avengers vs Hulk!

16 MUL Avengers Trapped


17 MUL Avengers Assembled

Avengers Ready!

18 MUL Avengers Proud

Avengers Proud!

19 MUL Wolverine


20 MUL Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel!



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