Three Random Thoughts On Why Justin Trudeau Won

Canada Flag

On Monday the Liberals were celebrated into office.

On Monday the Conservatives were booted out of office.

Which means Justin Trudeau will soon be Prime Minister and Stephen Harper will no longer be Prime Minister.

Cue Rejoicing!

But how did this come to be? The vast majority of pundits and pollsters predicted either a Conservative or Liberal minority, and some claimed a Conservative majority was a sure bet.

I called a Liberal majority a week ago, and turns out most of what I figured about the Conservative campaign has been shown true by various media reports.

So how did the Liberal’s pull off the inevitable? Here’s how!

Canada FlagJustin Stayed Positive.

No attack ads came from the Liberals. They mentioned Harper’s economic record and how it was not very good at all. Then Justin just stated very simply what he would do differently. This tactic is not only very grown up and mature, which feels rare for politics, but treats the voter as intelligent human beings. Trudeau and company learned a lot from Obama, that is evident.

Canada FlagHarper Went Negative.

Even before the election was called, Harper was constantly running those Just Not Ready ads, which massively inaccurately portrayed Trudeau as an idiotic intellectual lightweight. Anyone who had seen an interview with him knew this was nonsense. And by the first debate, everyone in Canada definitely had the truth. So as I mentioned before, Harper realized this and switched gears again, this time to deplorable ethnic attacks, not giving a whit about the damage it would cause. It is too bad this behaviour did not bring him more pain at the polls.

Canada FlagThe Real Change Versus the Steady Hand misreadings.

Both the Liberals and NDP pushed this idea, while the Conservatives plugged away with being the steady hand Canada needs. The media went with this easy narrative on election night, as did many of their so called expert guests. Canada did not just want change because we were bored, or like it was picking a different pair of socks. A big chunk of people were rightfully mad and annoyed at Harper’s countless scandals, his aggressive bully attitude, and seemingly not sincere look to him. So many of us felt like Harper was not someone you would even want to know in real life. This feeling doubled for many of us when Harper did not even have the guts to quit as party leader on election night. Talks tough but welches out.

Canada saw into both leaders and knew what they wanted.

Someone nice and decent and smart.

And that was Justin Trudeau.


…is currently reading Watership Down by Richard Adams. And clutching my copy of Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee very very close.

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