Seven Random Thoughts on Star Wars VII The Force Awakens!!! SPOILERS!!!

Star Wars VII The Force Awakens

Guess what exploded onto the scene on December 18th 2015??


So now it is time for my Seven Random Thoughts!!! SPOILER FILLED!!!


Star Wars LogoIT IS AMAZING!

Yep, no doubt about it, this was one AWESOME movie. Character development, action, adventure, love, comedy, and a great wonderful sense of history, all of this and more is living and breathing in The Force Awakens.


Star Wars LogoREY!!

This is one powerful character, and not just in the use of the Force. Rey sports an interesting, and troubling, backstory, and we can clearly see it is not easy for her to move past it. She has already seen much pain in life, but still holds out (foolish?) hope someone will come back and love her. She hurts and we hurt. On an upbeat note, I think the faction of fandom who believe Rey is Luke’s daughter will be proven correct. Because we are!



The cutest little robot in the galaxy! Sorry R2D2 and C3PO!



One of my fav spaceships of all time is back! We all KNEW that was the ship Finn was referring to, even before they showed it. And dang it, that was a reveal! I have a feeling many of us gasped abit when Rey was first flying the Falcon, because the collective worry was that they MIGHT do massive damage to it. We know from the trailers that was not to be, but they still got us going. Loved seeing the old rustbucket still flying high!


Star Wars LogoHAN SOLO!!!!!

And what would the Millennium Falcon be without its ornery owner and pilot, He Who Shot First, Han Solo. While it is sad he and Leia are not together at this time, at least they briefly reunite one more time, bond over the past, and share the pain over the tragedy of their son. Now the big big big big shocker ending of Han Solo dying was really not so much of a shock really. Logically, with Harrison Ford being of an older age, plus having a much much much larger salary, his being written out should be of no surprise. But he still might come back as a ghost, because hey this is Star Wars.


Star Wars LogoKYLO REN!!!!!!

I think we all kind knew this was not gonna be Luke, but one of the grandkids instead. And the collective fandom was right! They drop this tidbit very casually into the narrative, and even make it clear it is Leia’s and Han’s son. Now this is one very conflicted character, with an obviously troubled past, and a major problem with temper tantrums. Yeah, Kylo Ren needs to switch to decaf. Very quickly.



Because some people just hate nice things, all because they were not hugged enough as a child, we right away started hearing bullcrud criticism. Let’s see, Rey is a Mary Sue because Anakin did not win a war at ten and Luke did not blow up the Death Star at 18. Riiiiiiight. I also saw articles listing plot holes, but these should instead be called “Things Explained In The Movie But I Am Too Stupid To Notice.” Talk about loser clickbait.


So go and see Star Wars VII The Force Awakens again and again and again! Because it is that AWESOME!!



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2 Responses to Seven Random Thoughts on Star Wars VII The Force Awakens!!! SPOILERS!!!

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    On December 24, 2015 at 10:40 AM, Sean Pasternak wrote:

    “Well said, my friend. Arguably the best film I think I’ve ever seen. Going to have to see it again to know for sure.”

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