Three Random Thoughts on Star Wars IV A New Hope!!!!

Star Wars IV A New Hope

Guess what exploded onto the scene on December 18th 2015??


So now it is time for some of my Three Random Thoughts!!! All about the first one!!! Number four!!!


Star Wars LogoMillennium Falcon!

I insanely fell in love with the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy a long time ago. It’s clunky patchwork like design, it’s roundy white kinda hallways, and it’s endless buttons and switches that never seem to make any sense. My anal-retentive mind, even at that young age, was completely mystified as to how this wonderful crazy spaceship worked. Quite abit of time was taken up by me drawing diagrams and maps of the Falcon, and with every new movie, they got updated religiously. Those are long gone, but I still have my TWO Millennial Falcons, one mostly demolished, one in almost perfect condition.


Star Wars LogoR2D2 and C3PO!!

The other big part I went nuts for was those lovable comic relief droids, R2D2 and C3PO. Well, I mostly tolerated C3PO because I found him far too whiny and sometimes wished he would become scrap metal. Something that actually disturbed me when it finally happened. But R2D2 made me happy, since eventhrough we had no idea, well mostly no idea what it was saying, we just knew it was sarcastic attitude to the idiot protocol droid. Just loved R2’s flippantness so much. For my birthday that year, I got a cake with the two of them on it. That was cool.


Star Wars LogoThe Emperor!!!

Even with my hawklike viewing of the movie, for some reasons my feeble young mind completely disregarded the existence of the Emperor. People kept pointing out to me that Darth reported to someone, and for some reason my mind Force wiped it away with LALALALALALA not listening. I think I finally admitted that the Emperor was real, and not just a cruel joke by others, right before Empire premiered. And then saw a giant hologram of his ugliness and was convinced Palpatine existed.





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