Three Random Thoughts on Star Wars V The Empire Strikes Back!!!!!

Star Wars V The Empire Strikes Back

Guess what exploded onto the scene on December 18th 2015??


So now it is time for some of my Three Random Thoughts!!! All about the second one!!! Number five!!!


Star Wars LogoNot My Fav!

Lightsaber battles will break out over this, but I have never been a big fan of this one. Yes, it is darker. Yes, it is more indepth. And yes, it has Luke and Darth face to helmet in a fight. But still, I kinda feel like this one is abit of a slog. Maybe it is the Millennium Falcon plodding inside the stomach of a giant space worm, or maybe it is Yoda’s swamp being so dreary, or maybe it is Han becoming popsicle, but something here just did not mesh with me. Still LOVE Star Wars, but this is my least fav.


Star Wars LogoBoba Fett!!

Okay, he went out very lame, eaten to death in a teethy sand pit. And did not do much but deliver a Han popsicle. But we almost all really love the dude. And it really comes down to all his cool gadgets, making him a lethal nasty version of Batman. We don’t even see any of them, if I recall correctly, in this movie. But we can tell he has them, Boba ropes and Boba rangs and Boba Sarlac repellent (okay, that one he forgot to pack that fateful day) and knows he to use them. That’s what makes him cool!


Star Wars LogoShocking Ending!!!

Luke’s dad is actually Darth. That was a BIG smack to our senses back then. Luke losing a hand kinda surprised as well. But really, Anakin and Darth being one in the same was mind blowing. And of course, Luke immediately realizes that Ben lied, or at the very least fudged, a whole lot of stuff. Yeah, that was brutal and mean and nasty and game changing and Lucas was awesome to do this.





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