Three Random Thoughts on Star Wars VI Return Of The Jedi!!!!!!

Star Wars VI Return Of The Jedi

Guess what exploded onto the scene on December 18th 2015??


So now it is time for some of my Three Random Thoughts!!! All about the third one!!! Number six!!!


Star Wars LogoOne Of My Favs!

I have always been a sucker for feelgood stories, and Return Of The Jedi was very very feelgood. The Empire is defeated by little bears. And a Jedi. And darnit that works for me. The ultimate evil taken down by something so cuddly. Irony or something. And at the end, Darth has changed back to Anakin and died, Palpatine has plummeted down the endless chasm and exploded, and everyone everywhere is free! What’s not to like, nay, LOVE about the Jedi returning?


Star Wars LogoEwoks!!

LOVE the Ewoks! They are cute and cuddly and kinda eat humans and have a real fighting spirit! They Be Awesome!! Till the television special and cartoon series that is. Still LOVE the Yubnub song through!


Star Wars LogoLuke and Leia!!!

Another BIG plot twist that shocked and surprised and stunned us. But it makes perfect and complete sense. And raises a lot of plot complications that some books and comics have touched on. Including how Vader did torture his own daughter back in A New Hope. I do love how everyone takes the news they are brother and sister so calmly, well except for Han who kinda looks stunned. Maybe the Force sensitive just take family news in a more grounded way.





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