Scoops Forty Two Random Thoughts On Geek Stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scoop Gone Geeking by Strawberry

We live in exciting times!

With all the tons and tons of Geek stuff flying around for the last few years, and many many more Geek things smashing our way over the next years as well, I figured it was time to enlighten the multiverse with all sorts of my Geek thoughts.

Lets see how many of these missives come about!




 I am waiting for the sudden deluge of Star Wars Rey toys any day now. All because the toy companies will realize what idiots they are.


With this new Harry Potter play coming out, I am hoping J.K. Rowling does not try to “course correct” and have Hermione and Ron be divorced.


Cannot wait for DC Comics to finally bring back the Pre-New 52 Superman, married to Lois and sporting red trunks. Not just as a mini series like currently.


Despite what the trailer shows, I don’t think the Enterprise will be destroyed in Star Trek Beyond, just badly damaged.


Still holding out massively for a Buffy cartoon series, just like this one.




Betting that the next Doctor Who companion is going to be an older person, or maybe even a companion from Old Who.


My guess is that Maxwell Lord is trying to kill Supergirl because of a bet made with Lex Luther. Who will be the first to destroy a Kryptonian. Can see Max and Lex IMing as well.


Emma Watson should be the next Doctor Who companion. Because that would be AWESOME. Even if that contradicts my number six.


Speaking of Harry Potter, this new play will not be featuring Voldermort, but instead have Harry’s son dealing with having a famous father. And all the pressure that entails.


Star Wars VIII will show Luke at the Jedi Temple and it will contain lots of information about midi-chlorians.




Batman will be one paranoid guy to begin with in this movie, but Lex will secretly juice him with Scarecrow gas, just to up the ante.


Alfred will be the rational one, and will contact Wonder Woman for help after Lois tells him what Lex is up to.


A whole bunch of previous Superman’s, and Batman’s, and Wonder Woman’s will make cameo appearances. Lynda Carter, Dean Cain, and Michael Keaton are sure bets to me.


They will show that Clark is not the best reporter, as the part in the trailer where he does not recognize Bruce Wayne would indicate. Lois will be shown to be a great reporter yet again, and figure out what Lex is up to.


Wonder Woman will fly in this movie, and be invulnerable as well. No more invisible jet or bullets and bracelets.


Speaking of Wonder Woman, I bet DC/Warners have learned from the mess Marvel/Disney made. There will be a TON of Wonder Woman merchandise, from clothing to toys to smartphone cases, available for all ages.


Netflix will strike a deal with DC/Warners. One month before the premiere, ALL movies, movie serials, cartoons, television shows, and radio shows will be streaming away on Netflix. Yes, even the awful Batman 1940’s movie serial, the Wonder Woman And The Star Riders cartoon, and the final season of Lois and Clark.


They have announced Wayne Manor is in disarray and neglected here, so the final scenes will be Alfred making sandwiches and hot cocoa for everyone, Lois and Bruce going over holographic plans for the repairs to Wayne Manor, while Superman and Wonder Woman use their strength effect repairs.


When Superman and Batman and Wonder Woman finally meet, right before they battle Doomsday, I predict a modified version of the Superfriends cartoon theme will be played. That is what my Spidey sense tells me.




The Supergirl episode just before the Batman Superman movie premieres will have a surprise at the very end. Henry Cavill will cameo for a minute or so as Superman. But wearing red trunks so we know it is a different universe.




This whole movie will revolve around Iron Man wanting to just hand Bucky over for trial, even through he knows the government will not be fair. But Tony is always about the big picture, while Steve is about people.


That said, Iron Man will only be in two parts of this film, once when he threatens to punch Cap, then later for the huge final battle.


Betcha they are copycatting what worked for them in Captain America I and II. Make Steve the massive underdog in the battle. Hence why the anti-Cap side is so freaking powerful.


The final fight will take place at the Avengers Compound, introduced in Age Of Ultron, and have massive property damage. It will be reminiscent of the final battle in Squadron Supreme issue twelve.


Not having Hulk and Thor is this is just plain lazy. And Marvel will be called on this when Civil War comes out.


Agent Carter, Peggy to her friends, will have a LMD/Clone of young her show up to help Steve. And Peggy and Steve will finally make love. Then she will die in the big battle.




Agent Carter the series will continue on for years and years and years. And we all shall be happy.


Agents of SHIELD will be cancelled shortly after Avengers 3 comes out. And we all shall be happy.


The final final scene in the final final Star Wars movie has to be C3PO and R2D2, after a long trip through space, telling the people of Earth all about what happened a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.


Star Trek Beyond is about a planet that does not want to join the Federation. So instead of just saying no, they attack any starship that comes a calling. This will be some kinda political statement of some such.


The way The Flash show was going, I wondered for awhile if Barry Allen was a virgin. He was hopelessly in love with Iris and they have never mentioned him in any kind of previous relationship.  But then they showed him in bed with Jenny, mentioned this had happened several times, and Barry seemed quite calm about it all, so I realized I was wrong.  Gotta wonder if this was a course correction for them.


Because of the critical and commercial success of Jessica Jones, Marvels other Netflix shows will suddenly be rejigged to be more issues orientated. Daredevil, Punisher, and Iron Fist will have lots more angst thrust upon them.


If Star trek Beyond flops, I really really hope they adapt Peter David’s New Frontier stories into a Netflix miniseries. But this one is a long shot.


I hope the Supergirl show does not make Kara a virgin. It would be a copout to worried parents of little kids watching. They don’t have to show her in bed, just make a casual mention that she has “been with” a man, sorta like what Arrow did with Felicity.


Star Wars VIII will pick up right after The Force Awakens ends. Like the very next second. And he calls her daughter.


With Leonard Nimoy now gone, so no more Old Spock for the movies, George Takei as Old Sulu will somehow make a cameo in Star Trek Beyond.


A cool plot twist, and speaking of virginity, would be on the Arrow show if Oliver from Earth Three arrived. And was a virgin. That would make a very very very different Oliver, since the one we know is prob well into the triple digits.


Sometime early on in Star Wars VIII, Luke and Rey will Force Fight. And while Rey is good, Luke will show what years of meditation and practice can do.


The Flash season finale will have Barry running uncontrollably into something like 500 to infinite breaches, causing him to pop into a bunch of different realities for a few seconds each. Every world will be a DC movie, movie serial, cartoon, television show, and radio show, and ALL will be represented. Superman The Movie, the 1960’s Batman cartoon, the 1970’s Wonder Woman show, Justice League Unlimited, Supergirl show, the 1960’s Batman show, will just be a fraction of what is shown. As I said, ALL THE DC MOVIES, MOVIE SERIALS, CARTOONS, SHOWS, AND RADIO SHOWS WILL BE SHOWN!!  Betcha this will be the one Kevin Smith will direct.


If X Men Apocalypse is a success, I hope the next film will be a Mutant Wars style story featuring The Hellfire Club and The Morlocks. Add some class warfare to the X Men theology.


A Ms. Marvel movie will be announced very very soon. Probably right before Captain America Civil War premieres.


They will finally remake The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy and make it good. And this one feels the most far fetched of them all.




Well, that’s it for now! How many of these fearless predictions will come true? Only time, and good luck, will tell!



…is currently reading The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith, aka J.K. Rowling.

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