Three Random Thoughts on Star Wars I The Phantom Menace!

Star Wars I The Phamtom Menace

Guess what exploded onto the scene on December 18th 2015??


So now it is time for some of my Three Random Thoughts!!! All about the fourth one!!! Number one!!!


Star Wars LogoTrade Dispute!

While a whole lot of people complained endlessly about how everything seemed to happen because of a freaking trade dispute, I didn’t mind it at all. Sometimes big historical events happen from the most mundane things. And we can tell early on this is no ordinary trade dispute, but something waaaaay more nefarious. But then again, I have always been a political junkie.


Star Wars LogoJedis!!

This was one of the highlights for me, seeing all those Jedi’s! You could not swing an Ewok without hitting a midi-chlorian filled Jedi and seeing them doing exciting things like… siting in council meetings. Okay, Qui-Gon and Obi Wan do kick quite alot of android butt, and take on a Sith badass with a duel lightsaber, but the rest just sit in a circle and worry. Wanted to see Yoda and Mace go Pulp Fiction on some Sith.


Star Wars LogoDarth Maul!!!

He of little words and much snarling. Plus, that crazy awesome face paint this side of a Bizarro clown. Also, a duel lightsaber that looks scary as heck. And having Darth Maul do all sorts of flips and jumps and amazing moves. These bits and more combine to make this elegant yet bestial Sith nasty and powerful and I still kinda miss him. Both the top and bottom parts, nicely sliced and diced.





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