Three Random Thoughts on Star Wars III Revenge Of The Sith!!!

Star Wars III Revenge Of The Sith

Guess what exploded onto the scene on December 18th 2015??


So now it is time for some of my Three Random Thoughts!!! All about the sixth one!!! Number three!!!


Star Wars LogoWar!

Well, the legendary Clone Wars we have all heard about is now seen. At least the end of it. We start off a massive space battle exploding all around us, and our heroes Obi Wan and Anakin right in the thick of it. And we see more battles, and bits of battles, all over this galaxy far, far away. Yes, we see a war up close and nastily personal.


Star Wars LogoYoda Gives Up!!

So Yoda fights Palpatine. All for the fate of the galaxy. And Yoda does pretty darn good for a 800 year old or so really short guy. But then, just when Palpatine is almost on the ropes, Yoda gets whacked around by chunks of the Senate chamber. Yoda then gives up. Turns tail and runs. Scampers off to eventually end up in a swamp. Whatever happened to the do or not do zen stuff he always sprouted? Didn’t really do what had to be done here did he?


Star Wars LogoSad Ending!!!

Order 66. The dreaded command that massacres the Jedi Order. This hurt. A lot. Seeing all those wonderful Jedi’s, off fighting the good fight, being slaughtered by their own troops, with that haunting music playing on. Yep, that got to me. What a terrible way for these noble people to die.





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