Scoops Million Random Thoughts On The Upcoming Batman V Superman Movie!!!

Batman V Superman face off

My brain is still screaming! And I cannot count!!

All because in a few days, on Friday March 25th 2016, the world will experience one of the most anticipated movies of all time!

Yes, I am babbling about BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE!!!

So to celebrate this Earth shattering event, I humbly offer some Random Thoughts on what we might expect from this epic epicness!!

(I already made some predictions here, and this is more of my fanfic mind imaginings)

Lets see how many of these mighty missives come about!


Batman V Superman official logoIn the final trailer, they show what looks like Clark Kent jumping into a bathtub with Lois Lane. Which would indicate a romantic relationship, possibly even living together. Here’s hoping the comics learn their lesson and follow the movies lead. And my gut tells me they are gonna show Clark floating in the air as they kiss, which to the kids will be funny, and to the adults, they will get the dirty joke.


Lex Luthor will manipulate the heck out of Superman and Batman, all to cause this fight and eliminate two threats to him and his plans for world domination. Little stories planted in the media, small comments he says in interviews, influence in laws, and probably giving Batman a slight gassing of Scarecrow juice, and more tools are in his arsenal here. With the last one being his purple warsuit.


Lex will of course be stopped, but not arrested. Because he is Lex Luthor and knows how to cover his tracks. But he will get a bit of a public shaming.


Just like in Superman issue 2 from the 1980’s, Lex Luther will be told Clark Kent is Superman.  And just like in that comic, he won’t believe it.  Why would someone that powerful pretend to be human?


Batman V Superman Batman eyesBetcha Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman will defeat Lex’s warsuit very very quickly. Superman will quip that Batman built a better warsuit. Lex will vow to do better. This will ensure fans can’t complain about too many battles, like they did with Man Of Steel.


Superman’s flying fortress will be back in the artic, and will be jokingly referred to as his Fortress of Solitude. Wonder Woman will know where it is because she is very very smart with not so normal things.


Ma Kent will meet Batman and Wonder Woman and immediately trust them because Clark does.


And Ma Kent meets them because Clark tells them who he is. He takes a leap of faith.


Alfred, sassy as ever, will be the voice of reason.


In one of the Daily Planet scenes, Clark will find out other costumed vigilantes, ordinary people like Batman, have existed on and off for decades.  Names like Crimson Avenger and The Sandman will be mentioned.


Perry White will figure out Clark Kent is Superman.  And tell him so.


That beginning fight sequence shown in the final trailer will have happened just before the battle of Metropolis. Hence why Batman is not already obsessed with Superman.


Superman will be referred to by name many many times in the movie. They have learned their lesson from Man Of Steel.


Batman V Superman Bruce Wayne wreckageSpeaking of lessons, the destruction from Man Of Steel, AND the killing of Zod, will both be reasons Batman is soooo pissed at Superman. Those are simply unacceptable. But Wonder Woman will be on Superman’s side, simply asking Batman what was Superman to do? And Wonder Woman will offer to help train Superman.


We will find out that Superman has been running simulations in the Fortress of Solitude of his fight with Zod. What he had to do will really weigh on him.


Batman’s trophies in the Batcave will all be put away. He will be in a Bat bad mood because the Joker had killed Robin.


Batman V Superman imax posterBatman will investigate Wonder Woman’s past as a superheroine and find out she has been active since World War One. Diana will reveal she was involved with waaaaay more of history then even Batman knows about.


The public, as we have seen in the trailers, will be very split on Superman. The massive amounts of good deeds will still be looked upon with suspicion by the naysayers. But they will show how Superman has saved thousands and thousands of lives all around the world.


It will be about two years since Man Of Steel happened. And shortly before Man of Steel is when Joker will have killed Robin. Which also helps create grumpy Batman.


Batman V Superman Wonder WomanWonder Woman will save Lois Lane from whatever watery problem she is facing in the final trailer. And they will be cool and awesome with each other.


The battle with Doomsday will take place in the conveniently empty LexCorp industrial park. After the huge massive spectacular destruction, Lex will tell Superman he will bill him for the damages. Jokingly, of course.


Speaking of Joker, he will make a cameo as Lex hires him to cause trouble with Batman. Lex cannot stand Joker.


315078id1d_BatmanVSuperman_Teaser_27x40_1Sheet_6C.inddBatman will goad Superman to kill him during their fight, which Batman causes in the rain thinking it will mess with Superman’s supersenses. He wants to prove Superman is not all powerful and wonderful and innocent. Batman will have so much mental scarring that he cannot imagine being that good.


Wonder Woman will already know, and be friends with, and had adventures with Aquaman.


And lastly…


I predicted earlier Flash from the television show would pop into all the different DC media properties over the decades. During the Superman and Batman and Wonder Woman against Doomsday, they will all notice off to the side a red blur for about a second or so. The very next episode of Flash will be when he transverses the Multiverse, AND pops into Dawn Of Justice.


Well, that’s it till the big premiere! How many of my wonderfully super predictions will come true? Only time, and good Bat luck, will tell!


P.S. Is it obvious I have put faaaaaaaar too much thought into this?



…is currently reading Superman In The Forties tpb by Siegel and Shuster and Various.

Composite Superman

Fairly certain the Composite Superman will not be the villain in this film…

P.S.  Anyone who has seen Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice will now know that the vast majority of my predictions here are completely wrong.  Hope I do better when the Justice League Part 1 Movie comes out!

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