Scoops Review Of Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice!!!

Batman V Superman imax poster

IT WAS SUPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IT WAS BAT-TASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IT WAS WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Superman Man Of Steel poster 1Whew, now that I got those crazy squeals of delight out of the way, onto my thoughts of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice!!!

For all who have maybe been in the Phantom Zone for awhile now, this blockbuster film is a quasi sequel to Man Of Steel, the massive movie reinvention of Superman that brought major hate from many so called fans who knew not what they were babbling about.

I loved Man Of Steel and all it entailed, sensing a modern day feel with flavours of decades of comics mixed in. My non Kryptonian eyes have devoured thousands of Superman comics, from good to bad to Electric Blue, spanning from before my birth to the present day.

Batman Batman V SupermanNow this new movie also features, as the title tells us, Batman. The Dark Knight encompasses a smaller part of my reading enjoyment, with only a few hundred of his comics having gritted pass my eyes.

The not so surprise guest star here is the Amazing Amazon, Wonder Woman. I have a complete run of the George Perez issues, almost every story Greg Rucka did, and a smattering of other Wonder Woman comics over the years and years.

Wonder Woman Batman V SupermanSo for me, Dawn Of Justice in concept will be the greatest story ever invented, or something very very very close. So now onto my SPOILER FREE look at Batman V Superman!

Within minutes I was in love with this tale. Dramatic and sweeping with excellent operatic music, we see the ending of Man Of Steel and the introduction of Bruce Wayne bringing us into this grand epic adventure. From here we see Clark Kent’s life since that day, both personally and professionally and in costume. And we also see Bruce Wayne as Batman being very obsessive about Superman. Into this mix is Lex Luther, the billionaire who has ideas on how to deal with the Kryptonian. And of course, these ideas are not nice.

At this point, a long complicated maze of a scheme seems to unfold, with neither Superman or Batman fully realizing what is going on. The two heroes circle each over time, all while grand questions are asked about the role of good people in society.

By the finale, things are shown to not be what they seem in the slightest, and that is when the title match occurs.

Which then leads into an even bigger fight, with Wonder Woman joining in. And absolute chaos of insane proportions breaking out.

Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice has to be closely watched. Clues and plot points and character bits and Easter Eggs are everywhere. Nothing is wasted and all parts of this puzzle of what is really happening are sprawled out before you.

Batman V Superman face offMy Geek mind is very proud that I figured out a MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR story point, one that made complete sense, very early on. It fit, it worked, and by the time you get towards the end, you realize the movie is actually a VERY different animal then what you thought and what was advertised.

And by the way, the trailers mislead in a big big way, and I LOVED that. Anyone who has seen the movie and says the trailers give everything away is lying.

So much of this film comes out of Man Of Steel, and the first story thread is Clark Kent navigating the how and what that being Superman entails. What should he do? When should he do it? Who should he answer to? If anyone? All these questions and more rightly plague Clark, and as his problems over his actions multiply, he feels cornered.

But I am happy Clark is plagued this way. Thinking and rethinking what he does is important to keep him grounded, to let the Kansas farmboy view the world from the perspective his parents raised him with.

This kind of thought process is something Bruce Wayne is sorely lacking here. This older, very damaged, Batman is hanging on by a thread. We saw in the trailers how far gone Bruce is, and it is only the tip of the Batarang to what we see here. I am firmly convinced if Alfred was not around, this Batman would be dead, whether by criminals or suicide. One scene in particular shows us how much Bruce Wayne just wants to loose himself in his now ultra violent world of bone breaking Batman, something he despondently does not want to let go of. Doing massive damage and maiming/killing criminals, instead of using his ninja like skills to accomplish a task, is not Bruce’s first or second or even third thought. His pain clouds his mission.

Which is why the introduction of Wonder Woman into this tale serves a very vital purpose. It is not just to plunge into battle and smirk in wonderful excitement during the fisticuffs. Her mysterious humanity and what the tale behind her is helps change the direction of one pivotal part of the story. Allusions to her history are plenty and I cannot wait to see her story unfold in the upcoming Wonder Woman movie. And her decisions later in the film help turn the tide, and happen for completely logical reasons.

When they announced this film, it was all to lead up to the Justice League movies, starting production in April 2016. Tidbits of these other heroes are present in a very interesting way, with even more major implications for what is going on.

Batman V Superman cast pic

Batman V Superman cast!!!

Which brings us to the vile evil doer, the nefarious Lex Luther. When you finish Batman V Superman, the full scope of what Lex is up to and the full fabric of all that has happened, and what might still happen, will pound its way into your consciousness. To say Lex has plans within plans within plans is an understatement. This is guy with severe emotional and control issues who goes through life with a happy quirky fun loving exterior. Until a plans turn south, and he reveals a truly scary manipulator who does not like being told no. Lex has always been psychotic, and for a long time since the mid eighties he was a mega billionaire who ploughed tons of money and technology into trying to destroy Superman while keeping the benevolent facade, and this aspect is picked up very much here. Flexing his intelligence and sprouting his crazed ideas make one particular scene truly horrifying.

More badness is hinted at in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, scary things that scitter around in the night and are plotting our universal demise. Foreshadowing is all through this movie, and I do wonder (hee hee) where everything is going for the upcoming Justice League sequel movies, and Man Of Steel 2.

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice is a fantastic, amazing, and mighty addition to the not only the superhero movie pantheon, but film legacies as well.

See it! Live it! Experience it!

You Will Believe A Universe Can Be Born!!!


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