Man Of Steel: The Book Of The Superman Movie!

Man Of Steel

I loved the Man Of Steel quite a lot.

Okay, a really big quite a lot.

So with my Superman obsession about to extend to the rest of this new DC Cinematic Universe with Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, I knew I had to check out all sorts of supplementary material.

Which is my fancy way of stating I have read Man Of Steel, the movie novelization, by Greg Cox. It is based on the story by David S Goyer and Christopher Nolan, and screenplay by David S. Goyer. And of course based on Superman created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.

Now adapting a screenplay to a book is never easy, and I have read a few over the decades, but not a lot for awhile. They often include scenes deleted from the final film, and sometimes fill in plot holes from a so-so script. Peter David years back did a ton of book adaptations, including The Return of Swamp Thing, and he vastly improved on what the filmmakers thought up.

They also are usually based on an earlier draft of the script, and this is very apparent here. Having watched Man Of Steel many many many times, I knew this story very very very well. So when Greg Cox shows these earlier variations, it is interesting and makes my mental wheels turn.

Superman Man Of Steel poster 1Some of the changes the movie makers made are not surprising, from the young Clark Kent being bullied scene being scaled back in size, to a different cause for Kal-El’s pod malfunction that Professor Hamilton has to fix. But Cox has to work with what he was originally given, so these small seams in the Man Of Steel tale stick out abit more to a crazed devotee like myself.

But these minor things just nag nicely at my anal retentive mind, and I knew going in these changes would be glaring to me. Which is not to say I did not enjoy Man Of Steel the book adaptation, because I quite did. It is just fun to notice and ponder and think endlessly about what was made different and why.

Man Of Steel otherwise follows the movie as you would expect, with Krypton being it’s usual from the mid 1980’s onward jerkiness, to the multiple out of order flashbacks to little Clark growing up in Smallville. And of course the main narrative of Clark discovering his lineage as Kal-El leading to Superman, with the help of Lois Lane. All to save the world from the evil genocidal General Zod. The movie is all here and still wonderful.

My geeky self also loved that Superman is called Superman all through the rest of the book, after he is named thus. One little knock against the movie Man Of Steel is this fear of calling Superman Superman. Get over yourself Warner Brothers!

One small part at the end that bothered me and made no sense in this earlier draft was Clark showing up at the Daily Planet on his first day. Him not telling Lois Lane about coming to work as a stringer made no sense, since she could definitely help him secure that position, and provide this aid secretly to help protect his identity. I am very thankful they changed this non sensical bit for the final film.

Man Of Steel, the book novelization by Greg Cox, is a fine and worthy addition to the Superman mythos, just like Man Of Steel the movie is. For completists like me, it is essential.


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