Zarf: Poems That Are Specific

Zarf cover Carla Coles

Now I have never been a huge poetry person.

In fact the last poetry book I acquired was shortly after handed over to @Rebeccahh95 who immediately started devouring it.

But recently a copy of Zarf by Carla Coles ended up in my possession.

And time for a disclaimer. Carla Coles is a friend of mine. And I was given a complimentary copy.

I never saw her work prior to publication, I just not so gently encouraged her to keep at it and to publish her volume. All because Carla is very nice person and because we always need more art in the world.

Now Zarf is a small collection of poems, described as being “oddly specific” and “for a tiny niche audience” and is named after a coffee cup holder. This is all a great way to convey to the reader about the kind of journey you are about to embark on.

Quill PenCarla’s poems range from coffee ones, which because of the title Zarf seems obvious, to poems about people in general. At one point, a fan favourite of everyone with taste, Firefly, is mentioned. Cue my giddy grin.

Bitter Grounds really smacks you with the claustrophobia that we all have felt, especially in a chaotic environment. Budding Optimism illustrates how the creative impulse grows and grows to finally be unleashed. I also really really wonder whom An Education is about, but I have a feeling it is an anonymous person Carla saw once.

Sadness hits hard in The Puzzle, and this could be about anyone, anywhere, that any of us could have met. Kinda maybe like the bad boy that some women get past trying to help, all because they are beyond being the mother figure to broken men.

But towards the end of Zarf, Carla gives Words, Words, Words, which presents a hopeful tone as the adventure of reading a book awaits the writer. A warm fuzzy feeling that makes me think of hot chocolate with marshmallows complimenting a good book is also what Words, Words, Words evokes. Happy thoughts all around!

This is a very interesting debut tome from Carla Coles, who is also a prolific painter, and I hope many more are forthcoming. For someone not really into poetry, I quite liked Zarf and am glad I experienced it. Zarf is available to purchase on Amazon for all to enjoy.


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