616 Random Thoughts On What Might Be With X-Men Apocalypse!!!!!!

X-Men Apocalpse All Cast

Guest Post by the Xcellent Mary Mordrake.  She has not seen Apocalpse yet, but gives her thoughts, base on the trailers, on what it all might mean…


“Just because there’s not a war, doesn’t mean there’s peace.” Whether Charles is reacting to her terrible syntax (seriously Raven, this is a school) or wondering what Erik could possibly have done now, Raven has just summarized every X-Men story ever. I was almost expecting Charles to respond sarcastically with “peace was never an option”, but then he would have to admit that Erik might actually have some valid points. Now, before this pre-review becomes entirely about the Erik/Charles relationship, I’ve decided to take a page from my ever gracious host blogger (That’s me! Scoop) and share my random thoughts and predictions from the final X-Men Apocalypse trailer!

X-Men Professor XMagneto is going to spend the entire movie raging alongside Apocalypse because his family is dead, only to find out Quicksilver is his son…. and not change his attitude at all.

X-Men Professor XAt no point will Raven and Kurt’s relationship be addressed, and that moment in the trailer where he seems to recognize her is a teaser for something that will never happen.

X-Men Professor XStorm (and possibly Archangel) will end up joining the X-Men, but Psylocke will end up going her own way. Why? Because a certain promo commercial* has Storm sitting in the mansion with the rest of the team. And if that’s not enough, remember the first X-Men trilogy and Days of Future Past? Remember the comics, both animated series, and… you get the point.

X-Men Professor XI really, really want Psylocke to end up with the X-Men by the end of this but I get the feeling it won’t happen. No substantial evidence for this, just my own gut feeling.

X-Men Professor XRaven is going to lead the X-Men. This is not a prediction, this is actually happening. I know there are people who think everything about this is wrong, that Mystique would never do that in the comics, etcetera. But news flash: this isn’t the comics. And in this universe, Raven is a product of both Charles’ idealism and Erik’s realism. She’s basically what happens when you try to reconcile both of their belief systems into a single, functional concept.

X-Men Professor XThat scene where Apocalypse is massive and smashes Charles into the ground? Definitely a mental battle, possibly even while Charles is connected to Cerebro and says, “I’ve never felt such power.” Also, connect the dots between trailers. Charles connects to Apocalypse through Cerebro, and gets more than he bargains for. As he’s beaten down by Apocalypse, we hear Raven yell his name, which is the same thing she did when he was taken by the four Horsemen and Apocalypse in the first trailer. Why was everyone facing the enemy except Charles, who was dragged backwards in this scene? Maybe because he was in Cerebro, or was just released from it, at the time.

X-Men Professor XJubilee and Havok aren’t getting much screen time. Jubilee’s probably a side character, and Havok will most likely be debilitated or killed by the force of the blast he took in the second trailer. Will we see an emotional Summers brothers reunion? Yes please, let’s finally address every single familial bond in this film because it’s the end of the world and that’s clearly the best time to talk about our feelings. And what about Caliban? I can’t be the only one who wants to see a little Morlock action, if only for a minute or two!

X-Men Professor XCharles loses his hair as a result of something that happens to him while Apocalypse has him – Apocalypse does have a knack for changing people, mentally and physically. Case in point: Every single one of his Horsemen.

X-Men Professor XAnd finally, can we PLEASE have one X-Men movie without Wolverine? I love him as much as the next fangirl but I was so hoping we could have a brand new teenage team without his gratuitous supporting cameo. Let’s just hope that this is just a cameo and he won’t be all up in the major battle scenes taking the spotlight away from all the newly introduced X-Men. But hey, if he has to be there, let’s at least have a brief interaction with Scott where he calls him Slim. Just once, because sometimes it really is the little things.

Now there’s nothing to do but wait, watch the trailers another few hundred times, and of course plan a cosplay for the movie! See you all after the film for another review (you know I have to!).

Mary Mordrake

Mary Mordrake 2Mary is a walking talking living encyclopedia of X-Men, an avid cosplayer, and obsessive reader. She’s dreamed of living in the X-Mansion since she was eight years old, which is almost as long as she’s wanted to be a Sailor Scout.  And Quicksilver is her Patronus.  You can check out her cosplay at http://www.facebook.com/marymordrake and her fanfiction at http://archiveofourown.org/users/Harleydoll/works .  Her twitter is @magnetictrifles and her Pinterest is Mary Mordrake.


P.S.  * X-Men Apocalypse – Quicksilver vs, Sky Fibre – Official TV Commercial (2016) 

X-Men Apocalpse Pic

X-Men Apocalpse Cast

Scoop here: When I first met Mary years ago, I found out she is an X-Men fan. Within a half hour, I found out she is an absolute X-Men fanatic of infinite degree who has read EVERY FREAKING SINGLE X-MEN COMIC EVER. She also does a sideline dressing as some squader named Harley Quinn.  And it was my idea to use the Prof X telepathic head on this post, because I thought it was cool.  Or at least my version of cool 😉



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