Googliebear’s Takes On The Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice Critics!!!! SPOILERS!!!!!!

DC Marvel Heroes Enjoying Movie Together

Now Googliebear is not a Geek, but enough of my ranting and ravings and ramblings have rubbed off on her, that she has picked up by osmosis all sorts of Geek love.

So she knows and understands the core of many many Geek culture characters, and at the same time completely does not understand the DC Marvel rivalry.

To her, we should be one big happy Geek family.

But all the recent criticisms of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice annoyed her, partially because she liked the movie, and partially because I kept telling her about them.

Because of these crazed Marvel Zombies and lonely Internet Trolls, I now present Googliebear responding to their gripes and groans.


The movie makes no sense whatsoever:

“I had no problem following the story and characters at all. These people are just making stuff up.”

Superman S Symbol

The movie is sooo boring I feel asleep:

“How can you fall asleep when it is so loud from beginning to end?”

Superman S Symbol

This or that actor was terrible:

“All the acting was pretty good. I liked Ma Kent better in this one. And of course Superman is still cute.”

Superman S Symbol

The characters were out of character:

“According to what? They were still as good as they were in the other movies and television shows I have seen them in.”

Superman S Symbol

Too much happened:

“I just thought it was too long. They could have cut a little bit. Maybe cut some of the fight scenes. But I liked all the characters.”

Superman S Symbol

They got some really minor detail wrong:

“That’s just people being picky. You can find so called mistakes in any movie.”

Superman S Symbol

Lex Luther sucked:

“Luther is creepy with his smile and facial expressions. He is a good actor. Yeah, I really thought he was evil.”

Superman S Symbol

The Martha scene was stupid:

“It snapped Batman out of it, to then want to help Superman’s mother. Yeah, I understood the scene and I liked it. People who say it is stupid have no heart.”


That’s Googliebear’s take on the haters who want to hate! And for the record, she really liked Captain America The First Avenger, Captain America The Winter Soldier, and Avengers.


…is currently reading Career Of Evil by Robert Galbraith, aka J.K. Rowling.

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Marvel DC #EndTheRivalry

Batman Superman Explaining Martha

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