Scoops Free Comic Book Day 2016 Haul!!!!!

Free Comic Book Day 2016

Free Comic Book Day 2016 has just passed by, filled with excitement and craziness and four colour greatness!!!

And my mighty mighty haul has been consumed by my Geek eyes, and here are my quickie reviews!!  (Except for the ones I handed off to other people!!)

DC Super Hero Girls FCBD 2016

DC Super Hero Girls!

I have loved the cartoon shorts online. And I loved this story featuring the characters, and the focus on Supergirl. Nice little lesson here from Aunt and Uncle Kent is also included. This leads into the DC Super Hero Girls Final Crisis graphic novel.



This is the rebooted and restyled Archie. Now writer Mark Waid has always been hit and miss with me, and this is a big big miss by a wide margin. Far too pretentious with the only saving grace being the great as usual Fiona Staples artwork.


Suicide Squad!

The Squad I know is the Ostrander one where bad things happened all the time. And this one quite ably follows that tradition. Brutal, nasty, and filled with dark humour, just like it should be.


Captain America!

A dumber down story that bored me, with the added implication that Cap tortured a baddie for information. The Spiderman tale also bored me, and it feels like Gwen Stacy has made more appearances dead then alive. Very not impressed.

Civil War II FCBD 2016jpg

Civil War II!

I really hated the original Civil War, but I did not mind this prelude to the new one, even through I have a feeling this version was also displease me. And speaking of Mark Waid, the Wasp story was def a hit.


The Phantom!

This is a collection of stories from the early 1970’s that they put together now for The Ghost Who Walks 80th Birthday this year. This seems odd since the late Paul Ryan had been doing an excellent job on the strip for years now, so why not his work? These short tales are forgettable, with at best okay artwork by the late Jim Aparo, with only the last story being really good.



Firefly gets the X-Men Kitty’s fairy tale take and it is wonderful and shiny! Hellboy was never my thing, as is the same with the Aliens story.

Doctor Who FCBD 2016

Doctor Who!

Four fun and goofy short tales, all featuring different NuWho Doctor’s, and often with Companions made up just for the comics. Even some nice morality tales given as well.

Love and Rockets FCBD 2016

Love And Rockets!

I discovered the Hernandez Brothers a few years back, and now love love love their stuff. I did not understand all that happened in these two stories, because I am very unversed in all aspects of this universe, but I did not care. Just cool awesome work.


Another great haul and can’t wait till next year!



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