True Patriot 2: Even More Canada For The World

True Patriot 2

Canada has received another great gift. More superhero adventures!

While Alpha Flight and Nelvana and Captain Canuck have existed for decades, and some were Canadian owned, having a distinctive voice for Our Home And Native Land that showcases our talent on a regular basis was generally not something we enjoyed.

Entering this realm of publishing was True Patriot, the brainchild of J Torres and Jack Briglio, which was a wonderful graphic novel featuring a multitude of Canadian creators providing short stories with a Canadian perspective.

Now they are back with True Patriot 2, another volley into the comics scene, with more short stories, and this time, a framing sequence that is fun and inspiring.

The styles in this volume vary immensely, from more cartoony to slightly realistic to noir science fiction to psychedelic sixties. And this time the creators involved include Jeff Lemire and Paul Rivoche, the latter I have not seen do comics work for quite some time.

True Patriot Superhero Girl

Superhero Girl!!

The awesome Faith Erin Hicks provides another adventure in the life of Superhero Girl, with her dealing with the death of her superhero brother Kevin. Or is he dead? Or simply faking? Kevin would never do that! Besides the fun craziness of all this, one of my fav bits is how Superhero Girl sleeps wearing her mask.

Mishepishu and the Nutcase! is a fun goofy adventure with little sense but we don’t care because it is fun and goofy. And it is fun and goofy when you see the Easter Eggs, and you get Bonus House Points if you get them all. This one is by Adrian Alphona, Howard Wong, and Arwyn Wong.

True Patriot Thunderbirch


Thunderbirch comes back, by Andy Belanger and Brenden Fletcher, and the smooth flowing artwork makes me love this story more than the first tale in True Patriot. This time we get a slice of an adventure that you just know has more that happens before and after, but this is the wonderful snippet we get.

Expanding its mythology is Dominion Jack, who is back for another rockem sockem superhero adventure, by Jack Briglio, the writer of Growing Up Enchanted, and Ron Salas. Dominion is joined by his preteen daughter and sidekick Jess, who can more then hold her own in a fight. You can tell the aim of these characters is inspiration for all, which makes it a solid good read.

The Red Ensign gives us a touching flashback tale, by Scott Chantler, in which we see a tiny World War Two adventure. We know the ending, but the nice twist gives the tingles.

We also get the return of The Family Dynamic by J Torres in all their glory, and another story of Arrowhead, inspired by the Avro Arrow and by Jay Stephens who gives us some intrigue with the continuing storyline. We even get a tale guest starring Canadian singing icon Anne Murray, and Snowbird is mentioned for more then one reason here, because I believe in meta.

True Patriot 2 is a great follow up with more of the fun and merriment and fun that I have come to expect. Sir John A MacDonald would approve!


…is currently reading She of the Mountains by Vivek Shraya.

True Patriot Dominion Jack

Dominion Jack and Jess!!

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