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To my American friends,

Hey friends, let me just start with a heartfelt apology. I am so, so sorry that this is the man who’s going to be running your country for the next four years. How are you holding up? How does it feel knowing the person sitting beside you on the bus could have voted against your fundamental human rights? Do you feel safe? Do you need somewhere else to stay? Seriously. I’m offering you a space in my home.

I’m doing this because I know you. I know you’re strong, you’re independent, you’re brave and outspoken, and I know that, for some of you, you are genuinely unsafe in your own country.

I’m proud of you. I’m proud of you for doing your part and casting your vote, I’m proud of you for doing what you could in your very first election. I’m proud of you for doing your research, taking your future and that of your country seriously.

But above all I’m sorry, and I’m worried, and you are loved and worth more than what this man treats you as.

Remember that going forward, my thoughts are with you friends.


To my American friends who voted for Trump,

Hey friends, I have a few questions and lots and lots of choice words that I think can be most easily summed up with: Why?

Why would you optionally oppress your peers? How do you think of your daughter, wife, sister, or mother and vote to deny her basic human rights? Or did you think of her at all? Did you do no research? Did you not look beyond the bullshit he spewed out in debates? Have you not physically seen him abuse women, including his own daughter? How can you vote for someone who has openly stated they want to fund conversion therapy? Literal torture? How can a woman go and vote for her own rights to be taken away?

This was seen as a joke but this is your country now. Look at the Muslim girl who’s hijab was ripped off as she tried to get on the train. Look at the children who are terrified to go to school now, knowing that it genuinely is no longer safe for them.

Fifty million people voted to strip minorities of their rights. Fifty million people are telling women, LGBT+ people, and every other minority that they don’t matter, that they are less than.

And you contributed. You voted for hate. You voted for misogyny. You voted for racism, and sexism, homophobia, and Islamophobia. You voted for a sexual predator, someone who see’s women as objects, something to be played with, with or without her consent. Someone whose biggest arguments against his opponent were targeting her for being a woman. So look at your daughter, wife, sister, or mother. Look at the girl getting her hijab ripped off. Look at that little girl sobbing because she was born a he.

Look at them and tell them why.


(The World’s Biggest Harry Potter Fan, And She Likes Ghosts As Well)


TessaTess is a young lady who reads and reads and reads.  And then she talks and talks and talks about what she has read.  She can be reached on twitter @Tessathebox.  By the way, she LOVES Harry Potter. And Ghosts. You can read some of her thoughts on Harry Potter here, and her experience with ghosts here.



And she is so very very very right about the horrors of this election.


Here is a collection of just some of the vile hatred sprouting up since the election:



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People being threatened…




@SeoEvie has a way to fight back…





And last, but also very very very importantly, the Suicide Prevention Lifeline. If you need help, they are here for you…



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