Four Random Thoughts on The CW Hero Shows and Invasion!


Next week, The CW Network and DC Entertainment, brings together all their wonderful Superhero shows into a massive mega ‘mazing crossover called Invasion!

And I can’t wait!!!!

Invasion was a late 1980’s crossover event that DC Comics put out in three eighty page giants, all dealing with the a cadre of alien races deciding to take over the Earth. And DC invented the Meta Gene to their continuity as well.

So The CW shows are adapting Invasion AND celebrating Arrow’s 100th episode!!!!

Now what are my fearless predictions?!?! (Some of these contradict what has already been released, but my gut tells me those are smokescreens to fool us fans)

(And yes, I live in my own reality thank you)



We start with the Girl of Steel. Methinks the Thanksgiving festivities will last only a small part of the episode, before Barry shows up asking for help. A quick trip to the Fortress, which Barry finds Awesome, tells them Superman is off planet. And Martian Manhunter is still recovering. They vibe back to Barry’s Earth, meets everyone else, and Barry and Ollie tell differing versions about how they found the Invasion spacecraft. By the end, they are breaking into teams, ala old Justice League stories, and go out to kick alien ass!


2-flashThe Flash!!

Fun and merriment abound as various teams of heroes travel to various places to combat various nefarious plans of the alien invaders. And yes, they want our superheroes! I expect quips and character bits and great fight scenes like a Marvel movie, but on a television budget. And Felicity will LOVE every moment of everything.



All the craziness grinds to a halt of course because we have now reached Arrow, which has reached the milestone of episode 100. For some reason, Ollie finds out from Barry about the boobo called Flashpoint. Which leads to the Lost style flashbacks to flashpoint where Ollie was never on the island, straightened himself up, and married Laurel. This leads to Ollie being typical Ollie and declaring that after Invasion is over, he and Barry are no longer friends.


4-dcs-legends-of-tomorrowDC’s Legends of Tomorrow!!!!

With the heroes divided but still fighting the Invasion, their effectiveness is limited. Supergirl notices how the aliens are gaining ground, and have even captured some heroes. This leads to Supergirl giving a rousing speech, straight from Geoff Johns hands, and the heroes rally to save the day. We also learn that Martin Stein’s big history changing secret is that he is now Felicity’s father. That last part is just crazy enough to happen!


Very soon we shall find out how right or wrong (most likely) I am!!!!



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