I Had Fun with Soon I Will Be Invincible

Soon I Will Be Invincible

Ever since your first comic, I think we all kinda wonder, after a little while, about how weird it all is.

All of it, the strange world these great heroes and nasty villains live in, the epic battles they wage here and there, the massive twisted backstory everyone has and the crazy ways it all seems to crisscross with each other, and how dramatic it all really is.

Because despite how wacky it all seems to us, it is still the fate of life, the universe, and everything at stake.

This is the territory that Austin Grossman covers in his slightly dark humour novel Soon I Will Be Invincible, a comic tale about comics.

This story features two tales told simultaneously, each in alternating chapters.

Soon I Will Be Invincible helmetOne is the huge epic battle plans of the evil genius Doctor Impossible, who brutally escapes from prison once again, and enacts yet another plan to try and take over the world. All narrated from his demented viewpoint, with his thoughts and feelings and biases on full display.

One is the journey of the newbie heroine Fatale, a powerful cyborg with no memory of her past who joins with the newly reformed superteam The Champions as they strive to yet again take on Doctor Impossible. All narrated from her insecure viewpoint, with her worries and feelings and niavete on full display.

And while this all feels like, from both sides, a massive huge battle where the stakes are all or nothing, we quickly realize that this is just another skirmish between good and evil, just like all the others.

This does not diminish Soon I Will Be Invincible is any way, because It is simply mimicking a lot of what is in the DNA of superhero comics. How the continuing narrative of these thrilling adventures relies on every fight to the finish being the ultimate battle. But not really. All for the sake of drama.

Having read the thousands and thousands and thousands of comics I have consumed, it is easy to see the jokes and commentary and parody that Grossman is employing. And while it is all tongue in cheek somewhat in the vein of Douglas Adams, the actual characters do view the terribly important events going on with very real seriousness.

Which is the main reasons why Soon I Will Be Invincible works as a satire. No knowing winks are given to the reader, it is all played straight, no matter how insane it becomes, because that is how it would be to everyone living this.

For all crazed comic Geeks, Grossman has crafted a fun ripping yarn that will bring smiles and further insights about our fav four colour adventures that will make your brain cells dance.


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