Top Ten Things To Expect At Trump’s Inauguration!!!!!!!!!!


This Friday January 20th 2017 we will see Donald Trump’s inauguration as the next President of the United States of America.

And yes, this event is troubling to me and so many many others, all because Trump has shown repeatedly what a crazed small minded manchild he is.

To meet this twat with mockery is one of heckuva way to “greet” him in his new ill-gotten job. Which means I am going to lovingly swipe an idea from an old friend of mine, a journalist on the borders of wacky, and hereby present…



  1. While taking the oath, he will ask the Chief Justice to pull his finger.
  1. He will tell everyone what his favourite episodes of Gilligan’s Island and Three’s Company are. Will also state each show sucked once Dick York stopped playing Major Burns.
  1. Will name Putin as the new US Ambassador to Russia.
  1. He has finally picked a side in the Batman V Ironman: Dawn of Wonder Spider movie debate. And that is Dick York was the best Major Burns.
  1. Whips out a list and begins naming all eleven herbs and spices used by KFC.
  1. Does a dramatic reading of the parts of the Bible where Jesus preaches taxes cuts for the rich.
  1. Introduces his imaginary friend, Donald Trump, who he declares is even more awesome then him.
  1. Announces that all former Presidents, even the deceased ones, will be put on trial for treason and not tweeting enough.
  1. Complains endlessly about how Voldermort gets a bad rap, all because of the blasted Liberal media. And is annoyed that He Who Cannot Be Named won’t reply to him on twitter.


And in keeping with Trump’s always being wrong and lying about it, this top ten list will actually be only nine things.

Coming soon the Top Ten Things To Expect At Trumps Impeachment, which will be released in a few months when that great event happens.


…is currently reading Iggie’s House by Judy Blume. A book about racism.

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