Star Trek and Me!


Welcome to my 700th post here on

Scoops Mental Propaganda!


And of course to celebrate these Milestones, I always do or announce or make a big deal about something exciting to me. Because yes, this blog is all about me! 😉

To start off this time, a little history of my Geekdom is required.

When I was a young lad, I watched lots and lots of Star Trek. I found Gene Roddenberry’s creation fun and interesting and profound, even if sometimes I did not fully understand it. When the movies came along, I jumped into them as well.

But it wasn’t until Star Trek IV came along and became the huge critical and commercial hit, and was the culmination of an unofficial trilogy, that things started changing for me. After that, Paramount Studios announced something momentous, but also completely logical.

star-trek-the-next-generation-season-1-cast-picStar Trek The Next Generation!!

The idea was so natural, so smart, so… right, that it immediately set off a firestorm of Geek and Non Geek craziness. Then the cast was unveiled, and the 10,000 other details, and the intensity reached fever pitch. And I was right along with it.

I religiously watched Star Trek The Next Generation, inhaled the books, gobbled down the comics, and went onto the then fledgling internet to get any and all news and theories and rumours about the show.

To fully expand my Geekiness, I also plunged more fully into the original show, and its books and comics and such, because Geek Obsessiveness is the Best Obsessiveness.

So for several years I lived and breathed Star Trek. It wasn’t the only thing I watched or read, but it was a major major component.

As the years rolled on, Star Trek Deep Space Nine started up, and I went nuts for that as well.

star-trek-v-cast-picBut by this time, life was also getting busier and busier. And the Star Trek media was continuing to multiply more and more. What started to annoy me was that some books and comics struck me as being very much churned out, and more and more hardcovers and crossovers with slim premises were filling the shelfs.

I had painstakingly gathered every single Star Trek book by this point, and had them in personal head cannon order, but a huge chunk of Original Series were unread by me. The late nineties caused me to stop with most Star Trek.

With marriage came a purging, and despite Googliebear’s protests, I got rid of a ton of read and unread Star Trek books and other trinkets. I still had well over twenty odd Star Trek books from all the versions, but they stayed untouched, with promises to someday return.

Flashforward to just a few months ago. As I was finishing bingeing every Star Trek ever on Netflix, I finally plucked a Star Trek book off the shelf.

And began reading it.

I am now on my fifth Star Trek book after almost twenty years. And the results are uneven, just like before. One interesting change from long ago is that some years back I decided that if a book is not thrilling me, I move onto the next one. Which means I might not finish every Star Trek book I have. That’s a big step, but I am allegedly an adult, so I feel this is possible.

This also means you can expect a whooooole bunch of Star Trek book reviews for quite some time. Wormholes filled with reviews. Warping at ya all the time. Prospering right here.

Sigh, and to think I held off on the bad jokes till the end. Because I try to Klingon to some decency.



…is currently readingStar Trek Sarek by A.C. Crispin.  My fifth Star Trek book in almost twenty years.

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