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Guest Post by the Wonderful @DianeCHarder.  She traveled to Washington for the #WomensMarch and wrote this post on Facebook.  I liked it so much that I asked Diane if I could repost it here.


Okay. I still see women posting or hear women saying they’re not feminists because they believe in equal rights instead, and they think hating men is wrong.

Here’s what I just wrote in response to someone in a comment, and I thought I’d share it here, too. It’s a big reason why I went to DC, to march in solidarity with my American sisters:

Feminism – especially intersectional feminism – actually IS about equal rights for all.

Yes, it’s a fight for women’s equality (because, despite what you may believe, women still aren’t treated equally), but it’s also about freeing all genders from rigid and toxic societal expectations.

Feminism is a movement for men, too, because traditional masculinity is toxic – it creates unrealistic, psychically damaging emotional pain through repression and over-compensation through violence and anger. Feminism fights and frees men from that by pointing out how gender is a societal construct, not genetic, and therefore any gender expectations are arbitrarily created by society, and are unrealistic.

Feminism is not the same thing as misandry (the word for hating men, just like misogyny is hating women), though there are understandably some women who hate men because of personal experience. Please don’t confuse the two.

You can be femme (wear skirts, kitten heels, makeup, and an apron) and also feminist. You can celebrate the right to vote, birth control, and reproductive rights, and still like traditionally “girly” things. It’s not mutually exclusive.

But a woman is no less a woman if she isn’t femme. And a woman doesn’t need a uterus to be a woman, either.

And I’ll add to this here: the main point of it all, to reiterate, is that we are all human, all equal, and should be treated as such, no matter what body parts we do or don’t have. #womensrightsarehumanrights

EDITED TO ADD: intersectional feminism also acknowledges that the gender binary is false, that it is more of a gender spectrum. Let everyone just be themselves!

Diane C Harder

diane-c-harderDiane is a filmmaker who lives in Toronto, Canada. She got her B.A. from Columbia University and M.F.A. from Northwestern University. She can be reached at her website liliathandpenumbra.com and her twitter @DianeCHarder 

Scoop here:  I met Diane through @Taliana83 at FanExpo.  I have always liked her posts about current events and social issues, and this one really resonated with me.


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