Three Random Thoughts on Why Riley Was Awesome with Buffy!!!

Recently I had a long bellowing argument, one that I won quite handily I might add, as to why Riley was the second best love interest for Buffy.

Angel is number one of course.

Now while the unfortunate people who choose to go against my universal truth will beg to differ of not only my Riley One True Pairing, but of my description of the heated discussion. But tis my blog, so I get to live in my own reality, so nah-nahhh!

And now I present to you Three Random Thoughts on Why Riley Was Awesome with Buffy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (SPOILERS FOR BUFFY AND ANGEL BY THE WAY!!!!!!!)


He Was Very Supportive!

Riley thought it was so cool that Buffy was as strong and fast and agile and great fighter that she was. And you could tell working with her was a complete gas to him. Riley was the wonderful cool boyfriend, and waaaaaay more well adjusted then those other ones, which brings me to….


He Was Not Whiny!!

Unlike a certain vampire with a soul, and another vampire without a soul till later, Riley was not whiny. Now, I love Angel one whole lot and think he is Buffy’s One True Love and understood his issues, he could whine like a toddler on a sugar crash. Ditto for Spike. Buffy was not Riley’s emotional crutch. He could function and live well without her.


He Was Well Adjusted!!!

As I mentioned earlier, Riley was well adjusted. His life seemed stable, and he was the only Scooby who actively went to church, which I found fascinating and wished they had explored more. Buffy never had to worry about Riley turning evil or betraying her or just being an ass. Just like Riley would never roll around Europe trying to catch a glimpse of Buffy. Nuff said.


Now because this is my blog and blog post, I am completely not going to mention the later character assassination of Riley, what with the vampire blood craziness, all because they foolishly listened to whiny fans and decided to get rid of an awesome character.



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