Three Random Thoughts On What I Think Will Happen In The WONDER WOMAN Movie!!!

Very Very Soon, Friday June 2nd 2017 to be precise, the next most Awesome DC Movie will be unleashed upon us!

Yes, I am babbling about Wonder Woman!!!

And so because the internet did not demand it, here are my predictions of what will happen in the Wonder Woman movie!!!

World War One!

A big change this film makes is making World War One the setting. I don’t think it was simply because they did not want to follow in the awesomeness of Captain America The First Avenger, but because of the time period itself. World War One was a nasty brutal conflict that included extensive use of tanks, machine guns, poison gas, and airplanes. Many of which for the first time. Bringing Wonder Woman into this dehumanizing insane fight with her mission of peace actually feels very natural. Also, this was the time when the Suffrage movement finally succeeded and women got the right to vote. This makes another excellent backdrop to play Wonder Woman against.

Steve Trevor and Etta Candy!!

Everyone wants these sensational supporting characters to not survive the movie, but somehow move into the present day. Many are worried these two will perish, since that might be the reason why Diana walked away from humanity for a century. And they would be waaaay to old to Peggy Carter in. I am thinking magically (MAGIC!) trapped in time is the answer here. Bruce Wayne can solve the legal paperwork issues, and then it is simply lots and lots of therapy to get Steve and Etta used to the modern day.

She Will Fly!!!

I hate the invisible jet a whole whole lot. So when George Perez finally got DC to let Wonder Woman fly, I was soooooo thankful. The glorious Batman V Superman was not clear about whether she could fly, but I really really really really hope she can. Just say Hermes blessed her with flight and call it a day. Plus, the awesomeness of Wonder Woman and Superman zooming into the sky, then remembering to go back and get Batman, would be a most excellent scene in Justice League.

Soon we will find out how many of my fearless predictions come true! And since my success rate with these is…. shaky at best.



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