Three Random Thoughts on the Wonder Woman movie!!!!!! SPOILERS!!!!!!!




It Is A Wonderful Movie!

Gal Gadot and Chris Pine and Patty Jenkins and Zach Snyder and Deborah Snyder bring Wonder Woman to life, in thought and deed and personality. We not only witness the sheer power and skill Diana has in battle, but also her loving nature of trying to save everyone and everything. And she realizes, much to her dismay, that even with all her powers, she cannot do it all. Learning to be a heroine, a destiny she does not fully comprehend until the end, exposes Diana to this lesson, along with the complexities and multitude of this new world around her. Steve Trevor does a beautiful job pointing out to Diana some the hypocrisy she practices, which helps her fully realize she is no longer on Paradise Island. The Amazon Warrior for Peace is here to change our world, and the world changes her as well.


It Fits So Well Into The DCEU!!

From the onset, DC stated each movie would have its own style and tone, all to fit the character, but still be connected and real world. And Wonder Woman delivers that in a massive way, same as the previous films. That is no wonder, since Zach Snyder helped write the story and produced. Wonder Woman touches on so many of the same themes as Batman V Superman, with questions of when to help and how, the nature of good and evil in humanity, and how we should always have hope for our people. Bruce Wayne and Steve Trevor are kindred spirits with their respective speeches at the finale of each film. And maybe that is why Diana responded so much to Bruce at the end of Batman V Superman.  Everything comes full circle….


The Setting!!!

So many know nothings blather on about Wonder Woman’s time period going from World War Two to World War One, insisting it is because of the well deserved success of Captain America The First Avenger which also is in WW2. But the DC movie people wanted changes to the characters that made sense, whether it was Lois and Lex knowing Clark’s secret or Wayne Manor falling into disrepair. So making Wonder Woman not take place in her traditional World War Two place, but come to Man’s World to stop Ares during The Great War is brilliant. As Steve Trevor easily explains, all these countries involved for so many many years and millions upon millions dead, is a true horror. This leads to the idea that Wonder Woman is the first to cross No Man’s Land, which is simply brilliant. Add to this the very old fashioned social customs, sexism, and women voting issue of the time, which are excellent themes for Wonder Woman to bump up against.





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