Star Trek Deep Space Nine The Siege: Very Very Awesome

Another Star Trek book after almost twenty years!

And this time, it is a Deep Space Nine one!!

Writer by the Geek God and Star Trek Maven Peter David!!!

So yes, I am talking about Star Trek Deep Space Nine The Siege!!!!

And it is Awesome!!!!!

The Siege, as Peter David notes, was written based on the series bible and early scripts, so any inaccuracies in characterization or situations or technology from what aired is simply because nothing had been shown yet.

But this limitation only causes very very minor hiccups in the story, all because David is simply the best there is at what he does.

Deep Space Nine is a space station on the edge of Federation territory that Starfleet runs for the recovering from war Bajorans. And they have a wormhole nearby, giving passage to the far side the galaxy. The crew is a motley mix of personalities and backgrounds with the rules sometimes bending, all because of the unusual diplomatic problems that comes their way.

The Siege is early on in the series and has the station rocked by news of a brutal murder that appears unsolvable. They cannot evacuate anyone, since the killer might flee. Then more murders occur and tempers rise and outside parties shove their noses into everything. As all this chaos is ongoing, Doctor Bashir faces an ethical dilemma still very much relevant today.

Which makes this book a tour de force for David.

This tale is a taunt thriller, and very graphic with the killings and aftermaths, so it not for the squeamish. David thinks through how the investigation would occur, and the ramifications for all involved. When the who and the what of the killer is revealed, along with a couple of good surprising plot twists thrown in for good measure, it is an immense gamechanger for the story.

This causes the finale of The Siege to become an epic page turner, with the same adrenaline rush as The Hunger Game series. But, as David readily admits, if they ever tried doing this on the television series, the costs would be astronomical.

The Bashir subplot is also impressive, with David’s liberal politics being on full display. I am not against his point of view, and he is well known for doing this, and Star Trek is quite certainly the place for a good powerful moral argument. Which means those who like some solid meat to their reading, it is right here.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine The Siege is a slamming story that nails the characters precisely. One of the best Peter David has done.


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