Kimberly and Jason – Part 1 of 4: Kimberly Meets Jason

Hand holding shadow Kimberly Jason

Kimberly and Jason – Part 1 of 4: Kimberly Meets Jason

By Paul Riches

Kimberly reaches down her hand and Jason carefully takes it.

“Are you okay?  Those bullies are such idiots.  I really wish someone would give them a good smack,” Kimberly says as she strains to help pull Jason up off the schoolyard ground.

Jason wobbles back onto his legs and finally plants his feet solidly for him on the concrete.  Seconds later, he realizes he is still holding this girl’s hand, even though her helpful task is now over.  Jason looks into her face and knows he does not want to let go.

For she is beautiful.  So beautiful, his mouth locks semi-open with no sound leaving to reply to her question and comments.  So beautiful, he does not even fully catch on to her next words.

“You aren’t hurt are you?”  Kimberly asks, not even trying to withdraw her hand Jason notices.

Words stumble over his tongue, all because he knows he has to answer, somehow someway, this lovely girls question.

“I ‘m… I am fine,” Jason rambles out, still staring at her face, still holding her hand.

“Good.  Those jerks pushed you down pretty hard.  They are so mean,” Kimberly states, never taking her eyes off of him.

“Heya, sorry to interrupt and all, but you okay?”  Another girl, older and full of swagger, has strided over to them from some other place in the crowded SummerFall playground.

Jason forcibly turns his head from the beautiful girl with the warm hand he is still holding, all to look at this new person.

“I am okay,” Jason says with more conviction.

“Gotcha!  But I am guessing they do this often.  Be back in a minute dude and dudette,” the new girl calmly tells them, “Have to make some kabooms!”

Kimberly and Jason watch, hands still grasping each other, as the older girl stomps over to the two bullies standing several meters away, who are still laughing and giggling like crazy.

Unheard words are exchanged, all before the older girl’s fists fly, smacking both boys with extremely loud thwacks.  Shouts of pain and mercy hit Kimberly and Jason’s ears, as the bullies beg and plead for the punches to stop.  The older girl finishes, says another unheard comment or two, then stomps mightily back over to Kimberly and Jason.

“That should take care of those twits for awhile.  They thought it was funny to push down the fat kid.  I informed them otherwise,” the older girl explains.  “No offence about the fat part, their words,” she quickly adds.

“None taken.  And… thank you,” Jason replies.

“No problemo!  Anything to help out a fellow Muggle,” the girl answers, then quickly glances down at their hands, holding steady together, suspended in the air as if time is held tight.  “You two are a cute couple,” she states while gently giving a fist punch to each of their shoulders.

And just as quickly as she appeared beside them in the playground, she is off disappearing into the playing crowd.  All before Kimberly and Jason could correct her.

“Umm,” Jason clumsily tries to find the right words, any words, to move on from the embarrassment of what his champion has just said.  “Who was that?” he asks, again focusing his gaze back to the beautiful girl before him.

Kimberly darts her eyes from the direction the older girl has gone and locks them back onto Jason, with a slight blush hitting her cheeks.

“I think her name is Tracey.  She’s in grade five and always does those loud high fives with her friends by the wall,” Kimberly rapidly states.

“Loud high fives?”  Jason asks.

‘Yes, all the time.  You’ve never seen them do that?”  Kimberly looks surprised.

“I… tend to keep my head down.  Don’t want… to attract attention,” Jason lets out, knowing full well this is the most he has spoken to anyone in a very long time.

“Is that why we are in the same class this year and have never talked till now?”  Kimberly asks with concern.

“Yes… Grade four is easier if you keep to yourself.  Every year is easier that way actually,” Jason suddenly wants to look away, slightly ashamed at his admitting the obvious.

“You don’t have to do that anymore,” Kimberly says with words and a look.

“Why?”  Jason replies, taking in her glow.

“Because now you have me as a friend, forever and forever,” Kimberly finishes, opening her mouth into a wide smile.

Jason basks in her wonderfulness, feels the love floating from this girl’s eyes, and realizes she is sincere.  Really sincere.  Someone likes him, a girl likes him, and really wants to be around him.  An amazing girl with a soft face, nice eyes, and an incredible smile.  A new friend, filled with Hispanic features and a small lilt to her voice, and does not mind holding his hand.

His step father is wrong.  Jason has worth.  This girl proves it.

“Thank you,” Jason says, completely automatically, trying to process all that has happened in the past few minutes.  “It is nice… to have a friend,” he manages to say.

“Good to meet you and make your acquaintance,” Kimberly pipes up with a cheery grin, now shaking Jason’s hand in greeting, “I am Kimberly.”

“Good to meet you as well Kimberly,” Jason replies.

“And…?”  Kimberly turns her head to an angle.

“And… what…”  Jason says with a slow drawl.

“Your name silly!”  Kimberly turns her head to another, opposite, angle.

“Oh, sorry.  My name… my name is Jason,” he says with some confidence, the first time this has happened in a forever.

“Pleased to meet you!”  She laughs, “Today is the fun day when Kimberly meets Jason!”

To see what became of the now teenage Tracey, check out The Chat and her guest appearances in The Passport To The Wall, which also stars her sister Madison.

Next Chapter… Friday, February 7th, 2014

Kimberly and Jason is Copyright 2014 to Paul Riches

You can also read, comment, and vote on Kimberly and Jason on Wattpad.

First published on Monday, February 3rd, 2014


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