Kimberly and Jason – Part 2 of 4: Kimberly Sees Jason

Hand holding shadow Kimberly Jason

Kimberly and Jason – Part 2 of 4: Kimberly Sees Jason

By Paul Riches

Kimberly is clicking away on her laptop one night, skimming YouTube videos, updating her blog, and surfing various forums.  Humming away and occasionally singing along with her favourite song, thumping at low volume out of the speakers, all to not wake or annoy her parents or younger sister and brother.

Kimberly is already shirting her bedtime enough as it is, but things online must be updated.

Just as the song finishes for another time, the last notes slowly fading to a second or two of quietness before it starts up all again, a beep startles Kimberly out of her tasks.

Sliding the curser over to the fourth or fifth tab in her browser, the one for her email, she clicks away and sees the something new that caused the notification.

An email from Jason, with a rather large attachment, is now living in Kimberly’s mailbox.

Creasing her brow in confusion, since the vast majority of the long time friend’s conversations take place in the wonderful world of texting, she clicks it open.

Greeting Kimberly is one line, all lowercase, from Jason, simply stating “please hit play”.  Just above that scant message is an attachment of a video file.  Kimberly quickly clicks to download and tidy seconds later she minimizes her browser and stares at this new video, sitting all alone on her desktop pic of Kimberly and Jason at their grade eight graduation ceremony.

Kimberly puts in her earbuds, plugs them into the laptop, and clicks on the video which automatically goes fullscreen.

She sees Jason, in his bedroom, sitting on a stool, not looking very comfortable.  An acoustic guitar resting somewhat wobbly in front of his large belly looks old and used.  Jason shifts abit on the stool, clears his throat very mildly, and never pulls his gaze from the camera.  For Kimberly, it feels like he is right in front of her, but smaller.

Jason waves gingerly at the camera.  “Hello Kimberly” he says flatly, then loudly and clearly “Sorry for the late night message, but I kept putting off doing this video for a long long time.”

He sighs.  “But I finally got the stool from the garage and my dad’s old guitar and the camera I borrowed from school and setup my laptop and… I am rambling again.  I know I am.  That rambling that always makes you laugh.  I hope you are laughing right now.  But I guess I might never find out,” Jason babbles, hands clutching the guitar.  Kimberly has already started laughing, way back at Jason’s second ramble.

Jason sighs again.  “So I finally got everything together, waited for my mother to go to bed, and thankfully my step father is still out of town, and now…” Jason waves one hand in the air with a sweeping gesture, all to encompass the room around him, “… here we are.”

He smiles, puts both hands back on the guitar, then quickly moves them to playing position in a motion looking like he just remembered what he is supposed to do.  His fingers strum a few notes, and having never once averting his gaze from the camera, begins playing and singing.  And it is a tune with the same melody and feel as the one Kimberly was listening to just a moment ago, a fast paced vibe that Jason slows down abit since it is obvious he will have trouble keeping up.

“When I fell down after some bullies pushed me,

“You were the one who picked me up,

“That day you were so nice and helpful,

“And started a new beginning,

“For everyday since we have been true friends, forever and forever,

“That is how we lived from grade four on,

“All the way through Middle School,

“Till the now of halfway done grade nine,

“Just like it was in the beginning,

“For everyday since we have been true friends, forever and forever,

“Your family thinks I am keen,

“My mother and step dad took awhile,

“But I am sure they like you too,

“Which was natural right from the beginning,

“For everyday since we have been true friends, forever and forever,

“We have gone to dances and grads,

“And a school ski trip to Quebec,

“We read the book with the trident on the cover,

“Making everything feel like a beginning,

“For everyday since we have been true friends, forever and forever,

“With texting all day and night discussing life,

“You helped keep the bullies at bay,

“Along with tips for living with my step dad,

“Everyday held the hope of a beginning,

“For everyday since we have been true friends forever and forever,

Jason stops singing for a few moments, letting his fingers strum and strut somewhat clumsily up and down the guitar.  He finishes one complicated note, than resumes singing.

“True friend you have always been Kimberly,

“True friend through ups and downs,

“True friend… True friend…

Jason falters for a second, still singing and playing and staring straight ahead.  His eyes, so small and tiny on screen, show the stress of getting the next words out.  Squinting abit, Jason exhales in a quick puff, and comes back singing even louder.

“True friend for all these years,

“A true friend I have always felt close too,

“A true friend I have always had in my heart,

“As more then a true friend,

“Kimberly, Kimberly,

“You are, and have always been, my one true love,

“Oh Kimberly, Kimberly, Kimberly,

“I love you,

“I love you,

“I love you,

“Ever since the day you first held my hand,

“I have loved you,

Jason quiets the guitar as he slows his fingers down.

“And I hope you love me too, forever and forever,

Jason plays a final few notes, stops, and gently hugs the guitar.  With tears building on the bottom of his eyes, he continues staring directly at the camera towards the future Kimberly, and speaks with rehearsed clarity.

“I hope you love me, just like I love you.  If you do, please send me back a smiley face reply to this email.  If not, I understand, and all you have to do is reply with a thumbs down.”

Jason’s tears finally start travelling down his cheeks.

“Thank you.  For everything.”

Jason suddenly blinks out of existence as the video ends.

Kimberly is still staring at the screen, mouth open, hands on her cheeks, wet from the tears that started not even half way through the song.  She knew, for a long long time she knew, how she felt towards Jason.  What started as required help from playground violence fast became a forever and forever strong friendship.  Somewhen between the then of the schoolyard and the now of this night, what was one feeling became another for Kimberly.  But she never dared say so, because even with every thought being shared between the two all these years, Kimberly and Jason the friends never admitted to being Kimberly and Jason the couple.

A little laugh escapes her.  Kimberly was afraid of what Jason would think.  And Jason was afraid of what Kimberly would think.  Love makes people silly.  And waste precious time.

Kimberly wipes away the tears, shakes her head at her youthful foolishness, and speedily clicks to bring her browser out its dormant state at the bottom of the screen.  The email from Jason is still awaiting her, and now feels so fresh and lively.  She quickly clicks the reply button and watches the response area form.  Kimberly skims through the emoticons available and, with happy tears still flowing, selects a single one, then hits send.

Kimberly sits back and grins at her screen, with one symbol right in the middle, a smiley face.

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Kimberly and Jason is Copyright 2014 to Paul Riches

You can also read, comment, and vote on Kimberly and Jason on Wattpad.

First published on Monday, February 3rd, 2014


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