Kimberly and Jason – Part 3 of 4: Kimberly Dates Jason

Hand holding shadow Kimberly Jason

Kimberly and Jason – Part 3 of 4: Kimberly Dates Jason

By Paul Riches

“Please pass the baked potatoes,” Kimberly’s mother says.

“Honey covered baked potatoes!” exclaims the youngest child at the dinner table, a boy now handing over a plate full of steaming hot food.

The mother sighs and smiles as she takes the plate.

“Thank you Luke.  And yes, you are right.  Honey covered baked potatoes.  Remember to thank your friend for the recipe.”

“Dontcha mean his girlfriend?  Luke and Clara, sitting by the wall, k-i-s–” The middle child, a girl, starts singing in a fake cutesy tone.

“She’s not my girlfriend April!” Luke interrupts with a glare.

Kimberly giggles at her siblings antics.  Jason glances from Kimberly to Luke, all to catch the young boys look of indignation.

“Okay, that’s enough now.  Everyone behave like somewhat normal human beings.  Or, at least like Muggles.”  Kimberly’s father starts off partially stern, than ends with a light note in his voice.

Kimberly’s mom beams her husband a funny look.  “Someone is pretending to have read a book, aren’t they?”  She laughs now, “But bonus House Points for the reference dear,”

Kimberly’s dad scoops up a honey covered baked potato onto his plate.  “I must remember to google that one later on,” he replies, “or just bribe one of my children to explain it to their old man.”

Right away April and Luke put their hands up.  Kimberly takes Jason’s hand and raises it as well, sporting a look of happiness on her face.  Kimberly’s mom glances between her two youngest kids, then moves her eyes to her oldest, sitting proudly beside an old friend, now something more.

“Okay hands down everyone.  Remember, tonight is a special night, making this dinner extra special.  For today is the one month anniversary for Kimberly and Jason,” she states.

“Took them long enough!” April almost shouts.

“Yeah, I have known you like, forever.  And now you both start dating?”  Luke also almost shouts.

Jason blushes as he takes a honey covered baked potato and puts it onto his plate, then offers one to Kimberly, trying to cover up his embarrassment by striving to appear as a gentleman.

“April, Luke, behave,” Kimberly’s mom darts her eyes back and forth between the two.

“It’s alright Jason,” her dad jumps in, “Thirteen and eleven are difficult ages.  Too old to lock in the attic and forget, and to young to sell to the circus for a profit,” he grins as he is about to take a bite of meat.  “Besides, you have been around for so long, I just considered you a part of the furniture.  Heck, I thought you two were dating all the time anyway, ever since grade five.”

“Grade four dear,” Kimberly’s mom quickly corrects.

“Rewaelly?” the dad mumbles as he chews his food, “wowhh.”

April and Luke giggle as their mom shakes her head.  “Excuse our manners Jason.  As you know, we usually treat special anniversaries very properly here.”

“Yes!  We even got a cake!” April exclaims as she turns to face Jason.

Kimberly’s mom gives April a look.  “That, young lady, was supposed to be a surprise.”

“Ground her for a month!  Take away her cell phone!  Sell her to the circus!”  Luke demands while pointing at April.

“Yes!  Circus reference!  High five!”  The father raises his hand and Luke slams his palm against it.

“This is fast becoming a normal family dinner I see,” Kimberly’s mom smiles as she digs into her food.

“You got us a cake?”  Kimberly finally pipes in, looking abit blushed.

“Of course.  One month is nothing to sneeze at dear, and besides I always thought you and Jason made such a cute couple,” her mother replies.

“Thank you, m’am,” Jason says, working past his now less red cheeks, “That is very nice of you.”

Kimberly’s dad looks from Jason to his wife.  “That is her superpower.  She is nice above and beyond the call of duty.  And she’s darn sexy to boot.”

A chorus of “DAD!” erupts from Kimberly, April and Luke.  Their mother just winks at their father across the table, than blows him a kiss.

Dinner continues on, with much talk amoung the younger set about future plans, Luke telling the tale once again of how the famous Madison called down the record snow just before Christmas, and how excited they all are for the upcoming movie version of the book with the man with the trident on the cover.

By the time of dessert, the table is quickly cleared at superspeed, all due to some insane competition between April and Luke, and scant minutes later a round white chocolate cake is placed in front of the young couple.  Written in purple icing is “Kimberly Jason One Month”.  Holding the knife together, Kimberly turns to Jason and kisses him.  They both close their eyes and enjoy the moment, a slice of perfect time celebrating love and family.

“Get a room you two!” April rolls her eyes.

“Behave Muggle,” the mother mutters as she gives her daughter a look.

The cake is cut and served and much talk occurs.  Jason promises to yet again attempt to beat Luke on his latest video game acquisition, Kimberly and April exchange blog tips, and the parents smile and watch their growing brood having fun.

The next little while plans come to fruition.  The video games are played and commented on loudly, with the lowest score always achieved by father.  “Must be faulty,” is his usual response, bringing much giggles from everyone.  Jason narrowly edges out April for top spot, a position the two always swap with regularity.

By the end of the night, the family prepares to close down the house and Kimberly’s father offers to drive Jason home, which gets the same no all the time.  “Need the exercise,” Jason would say, touching his large belly, “Gotta lose some weight.”

Standing on the front porch in the chilly night air, Kimberly and Jason hold hands.

“A one month anniversary cake?”  Jason whispers, “Your mother is so into us.”

Kimberly smiles at him and plants a quick kiss.

“She’s always been into us.  Remember when I told her we were officially, finally, completely dating?  She just wondered what took us so long.”

Jason kisses her back.

“Speaking of taking so long.  I thought for sure Luke had the crush on the Collette girl forever and forever, not this Clara person.  Something change?”

Kimberly kisses him back.

“Nope!  April just got her facts wrong.  Maybe she is a teeny bit jealous of Luke and I, having someone special in our lives.  Okay, Luke is not with Collette, but you get what I mean.”

Jason kisses her back.

“Yeah, I do.  Who knows?  Maybe next time we will be celebrating their one month anniversary.”

Kimberly kisses him back.

“Maybe!  It’s been a fun month.  Our first real kiss.  My parents being so cool about it.  Everyone at school finding out.  Tracey texting half of North America.  And your mom and stepdad being all for us.”

Jason doesn’t kiss her back.

“Uhh, I haven’t told them yet.  I am sorry, by my mother has still not been well… with the drink.  And my step dad has been out of town again for a long while.  When he gets back, I will tell them.  I promise.  I will.”

Kimberly kisses Jason and pulls him into a hug.

“It is alright Jason.  You tell them when you are ready.  I understand.  I have always hoped and prayed you mom would finally get better, and I still do.  But you do what you think is right.  I am always here for you.  Forever and forever.”

Jason kisses Kimberly and holds her tight.

Another few minutes of quiet goodbyes fill the porch before Jason finally heads home.

Walking the dark chilly night, Jason wanders with no haste through the side streets, eventually turning a corner and seeing his house.

And stops in terror.

His step dad’s car is in the driveway.

To find out how Madison called down snow, check out the Merry Christmas! storyline in The Passport To The Wall.  And to see who Clara and Collette are, also check out The Passport To The Wall.

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Kimberly and Jason is Copyright 2014 to Paul Riches

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First published on Monday, February 3rd, 2014


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