The Passport To The Wall – Chapter 11: The Phone Call

Passport To The Wall 11

Chapter 11:  The Phone Call

Her parent’s wary eyes follow Ilona as she zips back to her room.

They must be confused by all my babblings, she thinks, but this does not stop her from continuing the trend.

“Still have some homework to do!  Spent some time after school waving at Cynthia’s van.  Well, it’s not Cynthia’s van, but her parents!”

All this comes out of her mouth at lightspeed, with Ilona raising the volume as she speeds down the hall.  This is a trick she picked up today from Clara, who declared it a great way to multitask.  You get to where you have to go, and tell someone vital information at the same time.  Ilona wonders why she never thought of this before.

Once back in her room, she piles into her homework with religious vigour.  So much has to be done, from finishing these tedious tasks, having dinner, updating her parent’s in a more coherent manner, and starting the prized book.

And with all her heart and soul, she really wants to just dive into the book.  Not because of the bargain struck with Madison, whose fun threats thrill Ilona to her core, but as a reward.  This book helped give her the courage to do what she did.  The best afternoon ever, giving birth to a whole new life.  Ilona quickly vows, ever so silently under her breath, to write the author a letter when she completes the last book, all to thank them for everything.

With this new resolve, she stares back at her math work and concentrates very very hard.  This newfound determination pays off, and in a lick of time all of Mr. Micheals assigned drudgery is done.

Glancing at the clock, dinner time is eminent, and still feeling thankful for her parent’s sacrifice, she zooms to the kitchen, all to get last minute preparations done quicker.  Setting up the food on plates, Ilona grasps the honey jar and very carefully prepares to spoon out a small amount onto each of the open steaming potatoes.  At this moment, Ilona realizes she has no clue of how much honey to apply.  Her lead time that was so preciously gathered will slowly disappear, all because of a lack of knowledge of this new idea.

Suddenly standing still, one hand clutching a jar, the other a set of measuring spoons, with food awaiting just below her, Ilona contemplates the new most important question to her twelve years of existence.  The solution pops up, but wonders if she dares try it.  But dinner must be saved.

Putting down the honey, she strides with heavy purpose over to the kitchen phone.  Pulling the strip of paper out of her pocket, she punches a set of numbers and waits patiently for an answer.

“Hello?  This is Ilona.  Is Clara in please?  Thank you.”  She wants to be polite above all else, especially to the teen boy who just answered the phone.  While waiting, realization hits her of the voice she has just heard is that of the famous Joshua.  He sounded sweet and Ilona could almost imagine his smile over the phone as he said “One minute please, must find her royal highness!”

Her reverie of Joshua is broken when Clara’s voice slams into her ear.

“YO MUNCHACHO!  WHAAAAAAAAATS UP!  Finish chapter one yet?”  Clara’s tone shifts from loud to calm in a millisecond, a trait Ilona has come to admire.  For some reason, it fills her with the thought that Clara is fearless, and she could not completely come to grips with why this occurs to her.

“I have a honey problem.  I want to put some on the baked potatoes, but I have no idea how much.  What do you suggest?”  Ilona very calmly asks.

“Stealing my brilliant ideas, eh?  Oh well, always swiper no swiping from the best is what I say.  Just spread two teaspoons over each potato and viola!  It is deeeelicious!”  Clara smacks her lips when she finishes.

“Thanks, but I an pretty sure you misused swiper no swiping.”  Ilona laughs in response.

“Did not.  Did not.  Did not.  And you can’t prove it!”  Giggles erupts from Clara’s end, which Ilona joins in with.

Her father’s booming voice immediately cuts into the merriment and causes her head to snap to the door.

“So what poison are you giving us ton–  Oh, sorry Ilona, I did not realize you were on the phone.”  He backs away from her and exits the kitchen quickly.

“It’s okay father!  I was just getting help from Clara!”  She shouts into the hall.  “I gotta go now Clara.  Thanks for the help.  And the idea.  And everything.  And keep misquoting things.”

“No problemo Ilona.  Hey, that almost kinda sorta rhymes.  And say howdy to your parents for me.  Can’t wait to meet them.”  Clara said.

Hanging up, Ilona speeds back to her task.  Spooning out the honey, she delicately spreads it out over the potatoes, very gingerly making sure it distributes evenly.  By the time she finishes, the end product reminds her slightly of an iced cake.

Enormously pleased with her ingenuity, she whips her head around, and channeling Madison’s spirit, bellows out.


Within seconds her parents appear in the kitchen, both looking bewildered at Ilona.

‘That was awfully loud Ilona.”  Her mother intones.

“Was that a boy on the phone?”  Her father asks.

Ilona smiles at her parents, sweeps her hand over the dinner plates as if they are on display, and explains to their confused stares.

“Don’t worry mother, I was just pulling a Madison.  And father, Clara is a girl.  She was giving me cooking advice.  All is fine and wonderful.  So let’s dig in!”

A glance is exchanged between the parents, with unsaid words almost released.  But a moment of truce is declared mentally, and they decide to sit down and have dinner with their daughter.

“Wait till you hear about today!  And you are going to love the potatoes”  Ilona exclaims as everyone starts eating.

Song For This Chapter:  Call Me by Serena Ryder

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Next Chapter… Friday, August 23th, 2013

First serialization started on Friday, June 7th, 2013.


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