The Passport To The Wall – Chapter 12: What Makes You Dance?

Passport To The Wall 12

Chapter 12:  What Makes You Dance?

Dinner is a whirlwind of Ilona.

The tales start with meeting the girls at lunch, vast long descriptions of each and every one, the antics at recess, the references she got and is happy about, the references she did not get which causes quick questions directed at her clueless parents, and the long walk through the park.  The talking is almost non-stop, with Ilona barely breathing as she alternates between babbling and eating.

Listening with amazed attention is her parents.  On and on, this little stranger before them delightfully fills their ears with these stories, and the light in her eyes shine happiness, making them wonder what really happened on this day.

They also knew they love the potatoes.

“And just when father walked in was when Clara was telling me how to do the potatoes with a super secret ingredient.  And I think that is about it.  Maybe.  I think.  I might remember more later.”  Ilona stops talking, looks from mother to father, then starts again.  “Any questions?”

Opening his mouth, her father carefully asks.  “And which one is Collette again?”

Ilona sighs and shrugs her shoulders, coming across very teenage like to her parents, even through the exaggeration of it all was obvious to them.

“Collette is like really really smart and also has no cell phone and has a dog I think.  If you and mother want me to, I can make up a chart?”  Ilona offers.

“We might actually take you up on that.  Our old brains have trouble retaining all this new information.  But I think Gallifrey is Dutch or around there.”  Her mother answers while rising from the table.

“Can I do the chart tomorrow?  Or on the weekend?  Remember I made an unbreakable deal with Madison to read the book as soon as possible.”  Ilona also rises from the table and starts piling the empty plates together.

“We can take care of that tonight dear, do not worry and go to your book.  This girl Madison sounds like someone not to trifle with.”  Her father tries to wave her off.

“No no no!”  Ilona exclaims in quick succession.  “This is still my job, you and mother have worked so hard during the day, I can do this and help out.”

Seeing the determination in her face, her parents quietly leave Ilona to her chores.

Once within the hallway, they both stop when the phone rings.  Ilona runs over, looks at the display on the kitchen phone and lets out a loud squeal.  Upon picking up the receiver, the entire apartment can hear the voice pummeling out of it.  Ilona smiles with the barrage.

“Hello Madison!”  She almost shouts back, mindful that her parents are in the hallway and tired from work.  “And no I have not started yet, still have some chores to do.”  A pause follows with Ilona giggling.  “Sure we can talk, the cord is long enough to go all around the kitchen.  Might be abit loud.”

The loud voice returns from the phone.

Ilona replies, all while cleaning dishes and tidying up the kitchen.  She thought for a brief moment about the term Clara had used called multi-tasking.  Ilona thinks she finally understands it and how wonderful and fun the concept is.

“No, we don’t have any cordless phones.  I just have to watch I don’t trip over the cord.”  Ilona continues.

A rapturous laugh flows out, followed by the chattering of a chipmunk, from the phone  At least that is what it sounds like in the hall where the parents are still lurking.

“No, if I trip and fall I will not post it to YouTube!  Even if I had a digital camera or smartphone or whatever.  Maaaaybe, If I trip and fall and break some dishes?  That sounds abit more exciting.”  Ilona laughs as she keeps washing away.

The spirited conversation rolls along, with a blaring voice echoing off the apartment walls, Ilona giving her feisty laughing play-a-long, the kitchen becoming neater and neater, and two amazed parents hiding in the hall.  What only takes a spare fifteen minutes of labour rushes by in a heartbeat, all filled with Ilona and Madison.  Once the last bit of tidying is complete, she turns back to the wall the phone lives on and strolls over.

“I should get going now, Maddie, the kitchen is all done, but the book is still waiting for me.”  Ilona smiles into the receiver.

A sound that could best described as a “YEEEEHAA!” pops the air with its energy.  Ilona’s ear stays glued to the phone, enthralled by the onslaught.

“Bye Maddie, see you tomorrow.”  She giggles, than hangs up.

Ilona’s eyes catches her parents, whose hiding in the hallway had become less and less successful.

“Mother!  Father!  That was Madison!  She is one of my new friends!”  Ilona waves her arms in the air frantically, as if she is desperately trying to capture the essence of Madison for her parents.

“Yes, she is… somewhat loud,” states her father, provoking a sharp look from the mother.

“Yes she is,” Ilona shrugs while displaying a lopsided grin, “Susan says that Maddie has two speeds, faster and crazier.”

“And she called you to say hello.  That was very nice of her.”  Her mother says with a warm voice.

“I know!  But that is what Maddie is –“  Ilona is cut short by the phone ringing again.  Wiping her hand up at superspeed, she snatches the receiver up and exclaims “Hello?”

A second later, she turns to her parents and whispers happily “It’s Cynthia.”

Her parents retreat again to the hallway, all to grant Ilona the illusion of privacy.  For several minutes, giving the feeling of an eternity, they listen to this third unknown conversation inhabiting the kitchen this day.  This one, they notice, seems more sedate, more serene.  They watch their daughter wander back and forth in the small kitchen, playing with the phone cord in her hand, and every once in a while giving them a twinkle in her eyes.

Ten minutes pass, with a calm enveloping everywhere, when Ilona and Cynthia finish their talk.

Ilona hangs up the phone, glows at her parents, and slowly does a twirly dance around the kitchen.

Song For This Chapter:  Love They Say by Tegan and Sara

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Next Chapter… Friday, August 30th, 2013

First serialization started on Friday, June 7th, 2013.


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