The Passport To The Wall – Chapter 21: Happy Halloween!

Passport To The Wall 21

Chapter 21:  Happy Halloween!

“Yes mother, we will be careful!  Yes mother, we will not eat the candy till you check it.  Yes mother, I will make sure Madison and Clara will somewhat behave!”

Ilona rolls her eyes as she continues to talk to her mother on the phone, smiling at Clara who is sticking her tongue out at her.

“Yes, I said somewhat, you know full well what a force of nature those two are,” Ilona went on, shaking her head, while Clara is now crossing her eyes.

“I have to go now mother, we are about to start trick or treating.  And yes, I will stick close to Cynthia.  Love you, bye!”  Ilona hangs up the phone and finally giggles at her friend’s antics.  “You almost got me laughing!”

“Almost?  Almost?  Next time I will break out the lasso of truth and complete my mission of mirth!”  Clara declares while striking a pose.

Ilona stands back a pace, all to take in the sensation of Clara dressed as Wonder Woman.

“You look marvel–“

Before Ilona could finish, Collette sprints between them, glancing this way and that.

“Where’s my deerstalker hat?  How could I lose that?  It is absolutely integral to my outfit!  Where oh where could it be?”  Collette exclaims as she prowls around the foyer of Madison’s house.

“The last place you left it?”  Clara laughs.

“Not.  Helping.  Wonder.  Woman,” Collette states while pointing her finger at Clara.

“Why don’t you channel your inner Sherlock, examine the evidence and reach the logical conclusion of where the hat is?”  Ilona suggests, trying to be helpful, and knowing full well her friend will find the hat soon enough.

“Yes, excellent idea!”  Collette starts rubbing her chin, narrows her eyes, and streams out of the foyer, fresh on some unknown trail.

“You speak Vulcan very well.”  Clara says.

“I have learned from—“ Ilona is interrupted yet again, this time by the phone ringing on the side table.  She picks up the receiver and sighs.

“Hello?  Yes father, I will be careful!  Yes, mother told me that as well!  Yes, I will not take any candy apples!”  Ilona tries not to laugh while replying.

“Don’t forget to promise to not howl at the moon,” Clara whispers while poking Ilona in the arm.

Ilona quickly covers her mouth so as to not laugh.  Susan wanders into the foyer, looking at the two girls.

“Your parents are calling again?  Isn’t that like the fifth or sixth time tonight?”  Susan lowers her voice when she sees the hand signals from Clara.

“Okay, gotta go father.  Love you, bye!”  Ilona hangs up the phone quickly.  “I don’t think he heard.”

“Sorry, must work on my stealth skills, especially if I am to fight the Daleks, or the Cybermen, or the Weeping Angels, or you get the idea,” Susan rambles.

“Yes Doctor, but we have a bigger problem, Collette can’t find her hat,” Clara informs her.

“On it!”  Susan whips out a sonic screwdriver and lights it up.  “Scan mode!”  She commands as she leaves the foyer.

“Which Doctor Who is that?  I haven’t started the dvd’s yet.”  Ilona whispers.

“Tennant.  And my future husband.”  Clara says dreamily.

“I am fairly certain he is already married,” Ilona replies.

“Whose married?  And why wasn’t I invited?  I loooooove weddings!  Hahahaha!”  Madison cackles as she enters the foyer, waving a bent wand in the air around her.  “Where’s the Magic Deershalker Hat, Jimmy?” she cackles again.

“Two things.  Don’t know where the hat is.  And second, please don’t enter character before we leave your house.  You making us watch that movie last year was bad enough, but a live re-enactment might make me throw you into the sun.” Clara declares while flipping her golden lasso towards Madison and missing.  “And even through I missed, your weird magic is still no match for my glittering lasso.”

Madison starts bouncing around, doing a strange jig, and chanting in a cackle “Wonder Woman missed me!  Wonder Woman missed me!”  She finishes off by plopping down in front of Clara.  “And I liked you better when Greg Rucka was still writing you!”  Madison breezes out of the room, fluttering her cape behind her, cackling “Living island rules!” every step of the way.

“She is insane, but right about Rucka.  Loved his Wonder Woman.” Clara states while rerolling her lasso.  “And I really have to practice using this more.”

“What is she again?”  Ilona asks while glancing, waiting, at the phone.

“She is the evil vile Witchiepoo from that weirdo show from long ago called Puff ‘n’ Stuff.  She made us all watch it last year.  I love Maddie, but I will gouge my eyes out before I see that wacky thing again.” Clara tells Ilona.

Still looking at the phone, Ilona picks it up right away when it rings again.

“Hello?  Yes mother, we will do one side of the street at a time.  Yes mother, we will not play skip with Clara’s lasso.  Yes mother, Cynthia has the flashlight.”  Ilona recites her answers very calmly for what seems like the millionth time this night.

“WHERE IS MY DEERSTALKER HAT?”  Collette’s shout fills the room, coming from somewhere, someplace, in the house.  Ilona scrunches her face, knowing her mother heard the yell.

“It is okay mother, Collette is just having a little last minute hat trouble, nothing to worry about, all to be solved shortly,” Ilona reassures her mother.  She is hoping, praying, her parents would calm down about her first Halloween without them.  If only she could find a cure for their worries.

“Still no sign of the hat, hopefully soon,” Cynthia says as she enters the foyer.  “Parents again?”  She whispers.

“Who else?” Clara replies while tossing the lasso across the room, trying to catch thin air.

Ilona nods while looking with a pleading face to Cynthia.

“Want me to talk to them?”  Cynthia is already reaching for the phone even before she finishes talking.

Ilona immediately hands the receiver over, with Cynthia’s soothing tone flowing to the parents.

“Hello ma’am.  This is Cynthia speaking.  I hope you both have a Happy Halloween.  And don’t worry about Ilona, we will stick right by her all night, with smartphones at the ready.  Everything shall be fine and wonderful and I can personally guarantee Ilona’s safety and wellbeing tonight.  I promise with all my heart,” Cynthia’s words melt into the phone, filling Ilona with hope that the numerous calls will finally stop.

“Yes, ma’am.  Thank you.  And have a nice night.  Goodnight and goodbye,” Cynthia hangs up the phone and turns to Ilona.  “Your mother says have a great time and she promises to not call again.”

“THANK YOU!”  Ilona exclaims as she embraces Cynthia.  Clara flings her lasso over them and manages to ensnare the duo.

“I did it!”  She shouts happily.

Tracey enters the foyer dressed as Catwoman and carrying the deerstalker hat.

“Why is Cynthia and Ilona lassoed together?  Nevermind, you kids these days are nutty,” Tracey waves off the sight before her, then shouts, “COLLETTE!  EVERYONE!  FOUND THE HAT!”

Like magic, Collette runs into the foyer and snatches up the hat.

“Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Now my Sherlock Holmes costume is complete!  Where did you find it?”  Collette inquires.

“The cat had the hat,” Tracey states, “And please, no comments on the absurdity of that particular situation.”

Susan and Madison come into the room, one normally and the other zapping spells into the air.  Clara lifts her lasso off of Ilona and Cynthia.

“The real Hermione would have escaped, you know,” Clara says to Cynthia.

“I know, but tonight I am just the pretend Hermione unfortunately,” Cynthia replies.

“Okay everyone, get yer butts together for the group shot before ya head out!  Wonder Woman here, Sherlock there, Doctor Who here, the awesome Witchiepoo in the middle, Hermione beside the Amazon, and my fav Luna right over here,” Tracey orders them around as they get ready for the picture.

“Luna is your favourite?  She is mine as well.  That’s why I dressed up as her,” Ilona pipes up.

“Yep she is!  And love the outfit!  Now everyone together!  Say Katniss!”  Tracey exclaims.

And all the girls smile.

Song For This Chapter:  Monster Mash by Bobby “Boris” Pickett

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