The Passport To The Wall – Chapter 22: Demanding Snow. ACT I of VIII of Merry Christmas!

Passport To The Wall 22

Chapter 22:  Demanding Snow.  ACT I of VIII of Merry Christmas!

“SNOW!  SNOW NOW!  I DEMAND IT!”  Madison shakes her fist at the clear sky above the schoolyard, bellowing loudly even for her.

“Someone has to inform her that nature does not function that way,” Susan says as she checks her weather app.  “No snow is in the forecast for the next seven days.”

“I know how she thinks.  Demanding snow will make it snow.  Once that happens, Christmas will be here sooner.  And all those things on her Amazon Wishlist will finally be in her clutches,” Clara explains.

“Somehow I figured that was the method to her madness,” Cynthia says.  “Who wants to place bets on what will happen first.  Madison going crazy from shouting at the sky, or, snow coming?”

“Oooh…  That sounds like fun.  Let me think for a second.  It’s somewhat akin to Madison versus logic,” Collette states as her eyes already start fixing on a distance object, all to concentrate better.

Ilona is taking all this in, then looks between her friends.

“I am going to join her.  Looks like fun!”  She says, walking up to Madison.

“BY THE POWER OF ASGARD!  SNOW!”  Madison shouts.

“ACCIO SNOW!”  Ilona yells, thrusting her fists into the air.

Madison and Ilona exchange looks, then together let loose with:


The sound comes from deep down inside, letting all the primal needs for this sign of Christmas to come out, and causing both girls to crumple to the playground in mock exhaustion, giggling every moment of the way.

Looming over them and tilting her head inquisitively, is Susan.  “Ilona, I see you have chosen the path of the Maddie, soon you shall finding yourself baying at the Snow Gods at all times of the day and night.”

“Yay!”  Madison whacks Ilona’s arm with enough force she is sure a bruise is going to form.  “Baying is fun!”

Before Ilona could respond, the school bell rings and Susan, Madison and her all turn in its direction.

“Back to class.  Back to Mr. Micheals.  Back to boredom,” Susan shakes her head but seems slightly relieved.

“I know.  It is so unreal.  He has been so…” Ilona rolls her eyes, looking for the words, all while pulling herself up off the ground, “Quiet lately.  Sorry.  That is best I could think of.”

“Maybe his little car issue taught him a lesson?”  Madison is bouncing around the concrete, flipping her legs in some strange flopping manner, and saying her theories abit too loudly for Ilona’s taste.  “But I kinda doubt it.  Idiots keep being idiots at all costs.”

“True.  So very true,” Susan says, her eyes taking in the spectacle before her.  “Okay, I have to ask, even through I know I will regret it, what in the name of snow are you doing?”

“This?  Saw it done in a movie once.  A karate dude managed to flip himself onto his feet without using his arms.  Kinda neat.  Thought I would try it.”  With one last grunt of exertion, Madison manages to finally complete her task and lands on her feet.  Ilona witnesses this, but still is not sure how her friend did it.

“Presto!” Madison spreads her arms, awaiting applause.

“Bravo!  Knew you could accomplish it.  But we must head in now,” Cynthia comes over to herd them in.

As they all amble along, Ilona takes one last glimpse at the sky, hoping their combined pleas would shake loose the first sign of Christmas from the heavens.  Nothing but blue is the answer given back.

The rest of the day spirals by for Ilona and her friends.  Class is one long dull stretch of Mr. Micheals going through the motions with no pulse in his activities.  Ilona knows any real problems she encounters in the learning on any day can be solved by quick tutoring from Collette and Susan, so she has no worries in that area.  In fact, much to her parents delight, Ilona’s marks had moved up steadily over the last few months.  Recess has the six friends inhabiting the wall yet again, with everyone ploughing into different books.  Ilona’s choice, the newest greatest story she has ever read, is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  In just about a month, Ilona has managed to read, to absorb, to breathe into her soul, virtually all of Harry Potter’s existence.  The movies have not crossed her senses yet, a situation she will fix with dvd’s to be borrowed from Clara.  By the time of final recess, as the rest of the girls mill about discussing the merits of cats versus dogs, Collette saddles up to her.

“Have a quick question for you Ilona.  It is okay to say no,” She says quietly.

“What is it?” Ilona asks, with her curiosity spiking.

“It is a well known public secret amoungst us that your family does not have very much money.  And that is not shameful thing, it is simply an unfortunate reality.  One that I share with you,” Collette stares into Ilona’s eyes, very much trying to connect past the new hurt brought to the surface by her revelation of their mutual economic reality.  “I am sorry if I hurt you, that was never my intention, but instead my intention is to help you.”

“How?”  Ilona whispers.

“Very simple.  For years, Mrs. Shuster has let several students into the art room during lunch, all in order to create Christmas gifts.  Very fun, very heartfelt gifts, which cost nothing but your time and imagination,” Collette explains.  “What do you think?  Want to join me?”

Ilona feels the rush of excitement surge into her chest.  A solution to a problem she has not thought of yet has appeared.

“Yes.  Yes, that would be marvelous.  Thank you.”

Song For This Chapter:  Little Drummer Boy by Katherine Kennicott Davis.

…Last Weeks Chapter

Next Chapter… Friday, November 8th, 2013

First serialization started on Friday, June 7th, 2013.


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