The Passport To The Wall – Chapter 26: A Christmas Parade. ACT V of VIII of Merry Christmas!

Passport To The Wall 26

Chapter 26:  A Christmas Parade.  ACT V of VIII of Merry Christmas!

“SNOW!  IF YOU SNOW I WILL STOP CRAWLING ACROSS MY FRIENDS!”  Madison waves her arms and stomps her feet as she yells at the low clouds rolling in over the playground.  “IF YOU SNOW I WILL QUIT SHOUTING KABOOM FOR NO REASON!”  Madison continues shouting at the hovering sky.

“Now I really hope it snows, because watching Maddie twitch because she can’t do those infernal annoyances anymore would be sooo cool,” Susan states while Clara nods in approval.

“If it snows right now, then God has a sense of humour,” Collette says while glancing over Cynthia’s shoulder, “Anything new on the weather app?”

“Nothing.  Nothing for today.  Nothing for tomorrow.  Nothing for this week.  Madison is going to have to up her bargaining position in order to win this,” Cynthia explains to the friends.

As if sensing what Cynthia is saying, Madison switches tactics as she begins another bout of negotiation.

“SNOW!  FORGET ALL MY PREVIOUS SILLY OFFERS!  IF YOU SNOW I WILL NOT TEXT IN CLASS FOR A WEEK!”  Madison jumps repeatedly from foot to foot as she proclaims her newest idea.

“That might be the hardest one for her, she must really want snow,” Ilona states, piping into the conversation for the first time that morning.

She can see Cynthia turning her head and giving Ilona a slight smile.  Ilona replies with a smile back, a real smile, one reflecting the love of the three snowflakes from last night.  Ilona is certain the glow from that moment is sparkling off of her, filling the air she breathes and flowing out to all.  Her rekindled Christmas Spirit is a joy.

“Yes, she does, and texting for Maddie is a huuuge deal,” Susan says, “She does that what, about fifty times a day?”

All the girls nod in solemn agreement as they keep watch on their friend taking on the uncooperative Mother Nature.

Ilona recalls how she had joined with Madison just a short lifetime ago, before the darkness overtook her, to plead to the heavens for snow as well.  She also remembers the miracle from Arlene of the three snowflakes, all from spoken family prayers of love.  This thought stops Ilona with an idea, one that fits perfectly with the holiday season.

Ilona looks up at the sky, straight into the clouds now covering the school yard, and silently prays in her heart.

Arlene, please bring snow, wonderful snow, joyful snow, for everyone to enjoy and love and for my friends go crazy with, and to make it really feel like Christmas.

Ilona finishes her wish and looks over at the rest of the girls, who are all milling about in different conversations that natter on.  All except for Madison, who is still arguing with the clouds, and Cynthia who is staring and smiling right at Ilona, almost as if she had heard the private moment between the sisters.  Ilona sends a message of yes through her eyes to Cynthia, confirming it all.  The moment lasts for several seconds, until it is interrupted by the loudest noise ever to hit Ilona’s ears.


Madison blares with massive volume.  All heads turn to face her as she dances an insane jig all along the concrete, stomping out a happy song with her feet as her arms swing madly along.  Madison stops for a split second, all to point towards the sky above.

They all stare up, in awe, as they see the fruits of Madison’s public mission and Ilona’s private message, come true.


Gentle flakes of snow.  Small batches at first with larger blotches following close behind, all falling with greater ferocity from the white puffy clouds.  Hitting the playground, they instantly disintegrate, but the ones landing on the grass settle in quite nicely and start slowly transforming the green to white.  A chill wind picks up, giving the temperature the needed boost downwards for the survival of the precious snow.

Amidst all this movement of nature is the dancing Madison, still pausing every few seconds to jab at the sky and whoop with delight.

As the shock and amazement of the girls seeing Madison defy the weather apps and conjuring up snow subsides, they all go running and cheering up to her.

More and more the snow comes down and more and more the friends celebrate.  Jumping and clawing at the snowflakes scattered in the air, with hoops and hollering exploding from them, the joy at Christmas now officially coming brings happiness across the entire SummerFall Junior School playground.

Kids from all the other grades join in with the spirit of the snow.  An impromptu conga line winds through the cheering crowds.  Several second graders try to gather the smattering of flakes into snowballs and are not put out by lack of success.  Every few feet is another child with their tongues out, all to catch a magical snowflake.  Plans to build the most epic snowmen ever are hatched by groups everywhere.

The snow, still falling heavier and heavier and now staying on the asphalt, has brought unbridled Christmas Joy to the schoolyard.

As the minutes and minutes go by, the chaos only stops when the nine o’clock bell breaks into the party.  Audible groans and awws ripple through the large crowd of kids, as the realization of where they really are sink in.

Looking around the now mopey kids heading towards the doors, Ilona knows this can not end this way.  Special moments have to be celebrated and remembered, all because of how wonderful they are.

Ilona starts chanting:


Right away the rest of her friends join in, making the chorus quite loud.


Quickly, other schoolkids pitch in, all knowing full well of Madison’s time yelling at the sky and how it has finally achieved results.


The noise becomes deafening, with clapping and jumping adding to the cacophony.


Suddenly, Ilona and her friends, along with a whack of other kids, hoist Madison up on their shoulders.  Heaving her up and filling the air with an almost deafening chant, they slowly march towards the school doors.


Atop this craziness, carried aloft by what seems like all of SummerFall, is Madison pounding her fist to the snowy sky.


Yes you did, thought Ilona happily, with a little help from Arlene.  Thank you little sister, she prays.

Song For This Chapter:  Walking In A Winter Wonderland by Felix Bernard and Richard B. Smith.

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Next Chapter… Friday, December 6th, 2013

First serialization started on Friday, June 7th, 2013.


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