The Passport To The Wall – Chapter 34: Preparing For War!

Passport To The Wall 34

Chapter 34:  Preparing For War!

” aaaaAHHHHHuhhhh”

The sound flips out of Madison’s smartphone, a strange comical scream-like noise that startles the girls as they mill about Clara’s basement.

“What,” Susan raises an eyebrow, “for the love of Gallifrey is that ringtone?”

“Wilhelm scream,” Madison giggles, “Google it!”

Clara sighs.  “I spend far too much time already on Google because of you.”

Ilona and Cecily laugh at the antics of their friends this night, which started with dinner and was followed by cake, all to celebrate Clara’s eleventh birthday.  And to top the night off, a sleepover with a very special mission.

As Madison continues to gleefully play around with her phone, Susan turns back to her laptop, setup on a table right beside Cynthia’s laptop.

“Ugh.  I hate this script.  I can’t believe I wrote this dreck.  It is almost as bad as the Lost finale,” Susan whines.

Collette, working on Cynthia’s computer, turns and smirks at Susan.  “So you borrow my dvd’s of the greatest television show ever.  You love the whooole thing,” she spreads her arms wide, “but hate the last episode?  And now for the last two weeks, you can not go for a single day without complaining.  Endlessly,” her arms shoot down to her hips, giving her a fake exasperated look, “You have no taste.”

“I have plenty of taste.  Oodles and oodles of taste.  And that’s why I almost wretched at that finale,” Susan argues back, waving a sonic screwdriver that seems to have popped up out of nowhere.

“Really?  Wretched?  Do you think you could do better?” Collette challenges, wagging her finger at the tip of the sonic screwdriver.

“Better?  Better?  I shall do excellently!  I shall make Joss Whedon proud!”  Susan stands and thrusts her sonic screwdriver into the air, “I shall write my own finale to Lost!  And I shall post it onto my wattpad account online!”  She turns on the sonic screwdriver, creating a triumphant buzzing sound filling the room.  Everyone stops and watches her for several seconds, and Collette taps a button on the laptop bringing the Doctor Who theme music up and plays it all the way through.  Ilona stares at her friend in admiration for having the courage to take on this task.

The moment is cut by the Firefly theme suddenly competing for air.

Susan looks down at her phone, checks it, than glances at a giggling Madison, standing right behind her.  “No, I will not write you in, demanding snow.”  Madison dashes off to the other side of the room, still giggling.  Susan sits back down, glances at her screen, and sighs again.  “And this script still sucks.  How’s the music coming along Collette?”

“Ditto.  Sucks big time.  Not feeling it at all,” Collette replies.

Ilona and Cecily keep laughing at their friend’s antics, all while playing with the featured guests for this special sleepover.  All around them is two cats, Hermione and Copernicus, and a dog named Doyle.  All are pets belonging to Madison, Susan and Collette respectively.  They are calm, which is the usual way they act, but surprisingly calm for all the commotion going on.

While Susan and Collette inhabit the laptops, Clara and Madison are sporadically moving the lazyboy chairs around abit, along with other furniture, as Clara tucks her hand under her chin, deciding.

“This has to be right.  Exactly right.  Have to really kick butt with this.  Gotta take that twit down,” Clara keeps expounding.

“We will!  We will!” Madison exclaims as he plops down in one of the chairs, “That moron will yodel in pain by the time we are finished with him.”

The song Amazing Grace breaks into the slight chaos and makes all eyes hit the corner where Cynthia is quietly sitting reading The Fault In Our Stars.  Her sad face flips to happiness after she picks up her phone and starts off with “Mama!”

Everyone spins back to their tasks, with a chorus from Susan and Collette of grunts and sighs.

“What’s up?” Clara asks, hand still in deciding position under her chin.

“It’s.  Still.  Not.  Working!”  Collette punctuates each word and pointing at the screen.

“Exactly.  Her music, my script, all equals blaaaaah,” Susan sticks out her tongue.

Doyle and Copernicus, sensing unease in their owners, amble over to the table.  Both girls start sweet talking their pets, bringing all smiles all around.

Ilona and Cecily follow the dog and cats over and start glancing at the screens to see their friend’s progress.  Hermione the cat walks over to Madison, who shouts “Super Cat!” and promptly holds the feline up like she is flying, with no change to the animal’s bored expression.

“Susan,” Ilona says, pointing to the laptop screen, “what if you move that sentence there, and that sentence there, change the flow abit and group the ideas together some more.”

Susan takes in what Ilona is talking about, stands up, and offers Ilona her seat.

“Take it.  You have this one nailed,” Susan states.

“Me?  Write the script?  But… but… I can’t write this,”  Ilona stammers.

“Nonsense.  You fixed my stuff in ten seconds.  Go forth and make Judy Blume proud,” Susan states.

“Praise be her name!”  Clara and Madison chant in unison behind them.

Ilona is about to protest more, until she notices Cecily and Collette also switching places.

“She showed me how to rearrange the music and really make it sing,” Collette tells them, “Cecily really understands music.”

Moments later, Ilona is comfortably sitting with the laptop, slowly restitching and rewriting the script Susan has started, all based on notes from Clara.  Beside her, clicking away on the other laptop, is Cecily, whose new task is to remake and rearrange the music for tonight’s special project.

The two exchange smiles and fun little punches to the arm and strained necks as they peek at the other’s work, all over the next half hour.  Just after they both hit save for the final time, Ilona and Cecily meet face to face and create an impromptu funny look competition.  Suddenly realizing they are being watched, heads turn to see Doyle the dog twisting his head to the side, trying to understand the nature of what they are doing.  Ilona and Cecily burst into laughter, making Doyle twist his head the other way.

“You two are certainly enjoying yourselves.  Mischief managed I take it?”  Cynthia walks over to them, book under her arm and smartphone in her hands.

“Yes, yes, I think so,” says Ilona with a smile.

“Of course!  Me and Ilona rocked it!”  Cecily jumps out of her chair and slams Ilona with a high five.

Ilona and Cecily giggle some more, with Cynthia joining in.

“Good, good,” Cynthia replies as she puts her smartphone away.

“Everything okay with your mother?  She usually does not call during sleepovers,” Ilona asks.

“Yes, yes.  I am always happy to talk to her, even with all this chaos going on,” Cynthia waves her arm at the millings about still going on.  “I have told her before it is alright to call me during sleepovers and such, but today was the first time she ever has.”  Cynthia sighs.  “My mother did the unthinkable today.  Something she has lectured and lectured my brothers about endlessly.  She…” Cynthia pauses for dramatic effect, “lost her smartphone on the subway today.  Truly an epically bad day in the history of epically bad days.”

Cecily giggles.  “She did?  The boys will definitely make fun of her for that!”

Cynthia shakes her head.  “I know that.  You know that.  She knows that.  Hence the hyperactive call to me, hoping to build up the courage to tell them.”

Clara pops up beside Cynthia, grinning from ear to ear.

“We have finally got everything, and I mean everything, set-up in a really cool way for our special project.  Maddie, Collette and Susan –” Clara stops and points at Madison, “no Maddie, Hermione cannot run the camera!  Her paws are to small!”  she turns back to them and continues, “– and I figured out how to maximize space for the show.  I tell ya, defending Judy Blume is alot of work!”

Madison, carrying a still very bored looking Hermione, jumps in right beside Clara, and together they chant, “Praise be her name!”

Cecily hops up and down on the spot, clapping her hands together vigourously, and exclaiming, “Yay!”  She stops suddenly and looks at Clara and Madison, “Who are we defending her from again?”

Clara’s eyes harden and her face takes on a serious tone.

“We are defending her from that jerk Thomas Revere on The Truth!”

Song For This Chapter:  Everyone’s A Hero by Joss Whedon

To read more of Thomas Revere, you can check out The Truth, also available here.  Some Mature Content.

…Last Weeks Chapter

Next Chapter… Friday, January 31st, 2014

First serialization started on Friday, June 7th, 2013.


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