The Passport To The Wall – Chapter 39: Live From SummerFall!

Passport To The Wall 39

Chapter 39:  Live From SummerFall!

“Hello, and welcome to the second exciting episode of Clara’s Corner!  This time with one hundred percent more muffins!”  Clara exclaims, pointing her finger directly at the camera when she finishes.

“MUFFINS!”  Madison shouts, jumping between the camera and Clara, than jumping away just as quickly.

“And now for our first act of our second show, The Sis Boom Bah Puppet Show!  Starring Madison and Susan!”  Clara announces, than runs up close to the camera.  “I have no idea what Sis Boom Bah is, Maddie says to just google it.”  Clara scoots away to the side, showing Madison and Susan waving their Christmas puppets in the air.  Susan jabs her sonic screwdriver towards the camera and shouts “Allons-y!”

And thus begins the puppet show, filled with old jokes no doubt from the internet and newer jokes related to modern fandom.

Ilona, standing off camera at the side of the room, is completely enjoying the spectacle of the whole thing.  She looks to her side and sees Cynthia clicking away on her laptop, keeping the show organized and moving.

After all, they had a very definite time limit for this very special episode.  They had a little less than the lunch hour to complete this fun filled show, which will not be easy with Madison’s ad libs popping in.

Ilona’s happy gaze floats from Cynthia clicking away to the camera, or more specifically, the person running the camera.  Mrs. Chase, smiling like crazy, and totally loving everything she is filming.  This pleases Ilona immensely, especially since what they are doing today is all Mrs. Chase’s idea.

Last week Ilona and her friends had the coolest lunchtime ever, with Mrs. Chase joining them and engaging in a spirited conversation about books, relationships, and her awesome idea of greatness.  Mrs. Chase had seen Clara’s Corner and thought it was rather keen.  So, wanting another episode ASAP, she suggested they do the next one in her classroom during lunchtime.  All they had to do was set-up a program and bring their camera and Mrs. Chase would push the desks temporarily to the side, all for a quick filming of Clara’s Corner.

Ilona turns her attention back to the show, now wrapping up the Sis Boom Bah puppet show with Susan pointing her sonic screwdriver at the camera and shouting “Capaldi!”

Clara comes back to her hosting duties, clapping excitedly for Madison and Susan.  “That was truly excellent!  Truly excellent!  And now we continue onto our next act, a science experiment by Collette!”  Clara exits stage left and Collette enters stage right, rolling a trolley card filled with beakers and bubbling steaming stuff.  “Today, we shall create Carbonite!  Just kidding!  I have an incredible and amazing experiment that you can safely try at home!  With your parents help of course!”

Ilona watches, still off to the side, as Collette dashes about showing, what she claims, to be a simple chemistry lesson.  Very quickly becoming lost in what her friend is explaining, Ilona’s eyes wander yet again over the classroom.  Madison is standing beside Mrs. Chase, making faces at Collette, trying to get a reaction.  Ilona almost giggles, because what Madison does not realize is that Mrs. Chase, while still running the camera, is also play acting she is kicking Madison in the butt.  Collette soldiers on, never showing any sign of noticing the chaos.  Ilona hears a Cynthia sigh abit and turns her head to her and the laptop.

Scooting over to her friend, she mimes a “what’s wrong?” look.  Cynthia pulls up another word processing document and begins typing, “Everything is okay.  Just that my mother is still all worried about her lost smartphone and what to get as a replacement.  Technology is not her friend, my brothers are very useless here, so guess who gets to go after school to give advice and support?  Love my Mama, but this this going to be a loooooong trip.  Hence my sigh.”

Ilona finishes reading just as Cynthia finishes typing.  She nods understanding at her friend, who then promptly closes the window without saving.  Both look up and see Collette almost done with her beakers full of weird sizzling liquids.  Cynthia slides out of her chair, letting Susan take over the laptop.  She and Ilona take the hands of the two giggling youngsters sitting impatiently nearby.

Collette takes a bow and shouts “tadaa!”  Clara walks back in front of the camera, clapping loudly, “thank you Collette!  That was amazing!  I did not know you could do that with Copper!”  Behind her Collette carefully wheels the cart offstage, purple steam trailing behind her, a huge smile on her face.  Clara sniffs the air, turns her nose over her shoulder, than snaps her attention back to the camera.

“Okay, next up here on Clara’s Corner is a brand new dance routine of unparalleled greatness, the quirky quartet of Cynthia, Cecily, Ilona and Jackson, calling themselves The Fonzies!”

Clara zips offstage and The Fonzies bounce onstage, all to the song playing merrily along called “Happy Days.”  Ilona and Jackson jut and jive in a rather unprofessional and undisciplined way, but still clear to everyone they are having fun.  Cynthia and Cecily strut and stride about with abit more precision and skill, but also having immense fun.  Halfway through the song, Cynthia shouts “switch!” and the partners peel off and rejoin in the new couples of Ilona and Cynthia together, and Cecily and Jackson paired.  In the midst of this switcheroo, Madison leaps in front of the camera, bellows “muffin!” and jumps away again.

Ilona, in her side vision, catches Cecily and Jackson dancing like crazy, with no sign of their past troubles being evident.  Cynthia notices this too and gives Ilona a wink.  As the music winds down, The Fonzies barely stop dancing, with jangly arms and legs wanting to keep going.  The last notes fade out and the four take a laughing bow before quickly forming a conga line and parading offstage.

Clara walks on with a very solemn tone.  “And now, we present a brand new act to Clara’s Corner, the final one for this episode.  Mrs. Chase, our esteemed and honourable teacher, is going to do a very dignified dramatic reading.”

Mrs. Chase gives the camera duties to Susan and rushes up beside Clara.  “Hello internet!  It is my extreme pleasure to be here on Clara’s Corner, filmed here in my wonderful classroom, and hosted by the very talented Clara!  How about a round of applause for Clara!”  Mrs. Chase begins clapping excitedly, beaming a proud smile at Clara, who is clearly stunned.  Everyone, on camera and off, starts clapping and cheering.

During this, Ilona gives Cynthia a surprised look, causing her friend to pop another word processing window open and quickly type between claps “that wasn’t in the script.”

As the applause dies down, Mrs. Chase continues.  “Originally, I told Clara I was going to do a dramatic reading of a favourite play from high school, namely the final soliloquy from Our Town by Thornton Wilder.”  Mrs. Chase pulls her red hair behind her ears and starts laughing her loud infectious laugh.  “But… I lied!  That is a great speech in a great play, but far too serious to end off this fun show!  So, instead I shall show off my most amazing talent, one my students have only seen a portion of!”

Mrs. Chase grabs a box of chalk from her desk, just off camera, and hands it to Clara.

“Toss me one,” she says and right away a piece of white chalk hurtles towards her.  Mrs. Chase deftly catches it in mid-air and begins flipping it in wide arches from hand to hand.  “Another!”  Mrs. Chase exclaims with a laugh.  A blue piece is quickly caught and joins with the white one on its travels between hands.  “Another!” she shouts and is a second later juggling another white one.  “Another!” is let out and followed mere moments later with “another!” and seconds after with “another!”

Six pieces of chalk, all a blur of blue and white, zip through the air in front of Mrs. Chase, arcing from hand to hand in an elegant display of masterful skill.  Mrs. Chase sports the widest smile of gleeful happiness, hands and arms speeding along in what must have been a tiring exercise, but never once showing on her face.

Ilona her friends are awestruck.  Even Madison is still and slack jawed.

Mrs. Chase catches one piece of chalk in her hand, then the next, then the next, slowly filling one palm.  Once the last one lands safely, Mrs. Chase smiles at the camera, courtsey’s politely, and strolls casually over to put the gathered chalk on her desk.  Clara drops the box of chalk on Mrs. Chase’s desk and begins clapping loudly.

“That was amazing!  Mrs. Chase everyone!  The world’s greatest chalk flipper!”  Clara stands beside Mrs. Chase, giving a look of happiness to her.

“And now for our final bit, our goodbyes for now!”  Clara states, looking right at the camera.

Susan carefully pulls away from the camera, which is still filming, and comes up to be with Clara.  Ilona and her friends journey in from the sidelines, all to join the growing crowd in front of the camera.

One by one, everyone says goodbye.  Some loudly, some in a funny voice, some in Spanish, and some with a happy jig, all in the space of a few seconds, like a crazy sing song.  As the group does a final wave, Collette shouts out, “Samantha!  You have to come visit Susan!  She wants to meet you!  She’s just doesn’t know how to ask!”

Susan’s eyes go wide and her jam slams open in shock, “you planned that!”

Madison laughs out “muffins!”

Song For This Chapter:  Living Island by H.R. Puffnstuf

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Next Chapter… Friday, March 7th, 2014

New Story Arc Starts Next Week!

First serialization started on Friday, June 7th, 2013.


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