The Passport To The Wall – Chapter 50: ILONA and the SLEEPOVER ACT III of V of A FAREWELL TO GRADE FIVE

Passport To The Wall 50 Chapter 50: ILONA and the SLEEPOVER   ACT III of V of A FAREWELL TO GRADE FIVE


A Special Supersized 50th Edition of The Passport To The Wall.


“THAT. WAS. AWESOME!” Madison shouts, for what seems to be the fiftieth time, as she bounds through the door.

“AWESOME?” Clara shouts even louder, “TRY AMAZING! BEST! MOVIE! EVER!” She jumps over the threshold and into the living room.

Ilona watches, laughing, as all her friends parade into her apartment. Susan and Samantha, holding hands and sporting blazing smiles, followed by Collette and Luke, also holding hands and both blushing constantly. Next coming in is Cynthia, who is having an animated conversation about the movie with Cara, a discussion that started even before they stepped out of the mini van driven by Clara’s mom.

“For those who have never been here before,” Ilona proclaims, sweeping her arms out in a grand gesture, “this is my apartment!”

Emerging from the kitchen comes Ilona’s parents, waving happily at the gaggle of eight girls and one boy before them.

“And welcome to Ilona’s first sleepover,” Ilona’s mother exclaims, “all in honour of the movie from that book with the trident on the cover premiering!”

A supremely loud cheer erupts from all the kids, with the result being Ilona’s father pretending to be knocked backwards by the sheer volume. Ilona laughs at her dad’s antics, and giggles more as he mock clutches the couch, all to regain his footing.

“Well,” Ilona’s mother rolls her eyes, “as my over acting husband tries to survive your onslaught, let me introduce ourselves to our newcomers, Cara, Samantha, and Luke.” She smiles at the kids and gently scruffs up each of their heads of hair. “I am Ilona’s mother, but you can call me Mary, and this is Ilona’s father, whose parents named him Yuri, but we just call him George.”

Hello’s pass around amongst them all, with Samantha slowly raising her hand.

“It’s okay,” Mary says, “you are not in school, you don’t have to raise your hand to ask a question.”

“Oh, sorry,” Samantha states, “Madison told me people do that in Canada,”

Madison and Clara high five, giggling all the way.

“As for my question,” Samantha continues, shaking her head playfully at the two, “are you named Yuri after Yuri Gagarin, the first human in space”

Collette laughs. “Susan and I already asked that one a looong time ago. Unfortunately, twas not the case.”

“Twas?” Susan raises an eyebrow.

“Yes, twas,” Collette replies proudly.

“Danger Will Robinson! Danger! Nerd Alert!” Madison screeches out in a robot like voice.

Mary sighs to George. “This is going to be quite a night, isn’t it?”

George glances at the kids. “Nah! Ilona and her friends are going to be calm and well behaved and wonderful! Cynthia’s mother told me so when she dropped off everyone’s sleeping bags and stuff earlier tonight. In fact, she was fairly certain you all would be very very depressed because the movie would be completely awful. Is that the case? Yes or no?”

George is greeted by a rapturous, thunderous, raising the roof cheering of “NO! IT WAS INCREDIBLE!”

“Okay,” George laughs, “I am guessing this trident movie is all that and more! Well worth the wait! A thrill ride! A–”

Mary punches George in the shoulder. “You read the reviews didn’t you?”

“Darn,” he says with a chuckle, “caught cheating. Was it worth seeing in the theatre opening day?”

Another cheer erupts with a resounding “YES!” Ilona jumps up and down excitedly. “Oh Mumma and Poppa! It was amazing! Some people came in costume! Maddie and Clara brought their tridents! And we saw EVERYONE there!” Ilona’s voice shoots up what seems like a million decibels on that one word. “We sat in the theatre with Josh and Tracey and Sarah and Joy and Lidia and Kimberly and Jason and, and, I think that is everyone, maybe…” She trails off, a thinking face taking over.

“That sounds like half the theatre,” George replies, “and I think I recognize every name but one, who is Jason?”

“He’s my sister’s Kimberly’s boyfriend,” Luke pipes in, “he’s been living in my room since February.”

George and Mary exchange confused looks, but say nothing Ilona notices.

Passport To The Wall Cover“Well,” Mary states, rubbing her hands together, “before we get started and you all head off to Ilona’s room for the night, we have a few ground rules. Cynthia’s mother told us that co-ed sleepovers are more commonplace these days. So with that,” she talks directly to Susan and Samantha, Collette and Luke, “I take it we can trust you all tonight?”

Almost completely in unison, the foursome chant, “yes Mary!” with Luke the only one looking even remotely scared.

With this, everyone ploughs down the hall and into Ilona’s room, with much screeching and hopping going on along the way.

Just before she enters her room, Ilona spins around to face her parents and grab them in a hug. “Thank you Mumma and Poppa, thank you,” she whispers, than bounces away from them and into her sleepover.

Once in her room, Ilona witnesses her friends babbling and talking and whipping out sleeping bags and play wresting and tinkering with Susan’s laptop. And she smiles at this beautiful chaos.

“Hey Ilona,” Clara bumps into her while holding Madison in a headlock, “love the family tree picture frame in yer living room. Really cool.” Before she can respond, Madison somehow flips Clara and leaps onto her, shouting “Kaboom!” along the way.

Ilona weaves and dodges her way for a few steps, past friends hither and yither, all to reach Collette and Cara. She sees they are busy working over a modem of some type, plugging it into her wall outlet, and connecting it with some magic or other to the laptop. “Whatcha doing?” Ilona asks in a sing song voice, followed by a smirk.

Collette smiles and whispers conspiratorially. “As part of Operation Clara’s Corner Trident Movie Edition, and as you well know you pain in the butt, we are…” Collette glances up, thinking for the right words, “fixing, yes let’s go with fixing, this modem to get you high speed internet for tonight. And forevermore.”

“Done and done,” Cara states, and turns to Collette, “amazing hacking work, for an eleven year old,” she punches Collette on the shoulder.

“Duh,” Collette rolls her eyes, “I have been doing that since I was eight.”

“That was a good duh,” Cara replies giggling.

“Thank you,” Collette giggles back. “And I have already loaded the snow fort footage into laptop and the program, so that’s ready to go as well. So much to do, so much to do…”

Madison and Clara, somehow finding a way to roll around the floor while wrestling and get over to them, stop for a second at their feet.

“Ya did six impossible things before breakfast again, didn’t ya Collette?” Madison grunts out.

“Submit mortal!” Clara bellows.

“Never fiend!” Madison hisses back.

Cara turns to Cynthia, who is delicately trying to find footing and not step on her friends, and quickly catches her up. “The laptop is set, the modem is set, the programs are set, and…” her gaze lowers to the two struggling for dominance on the floor, “… I think our friends are set. Maybe.”

Cynthia smiles at the fighters. “Okay children, time for Operation Clara’s Corner Trident Movie Edition to get started, so please stop trying to kill each other, or worse, and get ready.”

Passport To The Wall CoverMadison and Clara slowly disengage from their antics, with Clara muttering how revenge will be hers, and start making the Ilona’s bedroom look somewhat less disastrous from the past few minutes. Susan, Samantha and Luke, who were comparing online reactions to the Trident movie with each other, all via smartphones, leave the corner they were inhabiting and start giving reports of their cyber journeys.

Scant minutes later, Cynthia has everyone organized into something resembling a circle, and with Clara’s digital camera clicked on and recording, they start Operation Clara’s Corner Trident Movie Edition.

“HELLO!” Clara shouts into the camera while holding it in her hands, “and welcome back to Clara’s Corner! Tonight we are filming from Ilona’s bedroom,” she tilts the camera to show Ilona sitting on her bed, right next to Cynthia, and they both wave. She zips the camera back to herself. “Ilona is the one on the left, by the way. So we all just got back from seeing the movie adaptation of the book with the man with the trident on the cover–”

Madison’s voice shouts from off to the side. “Now that’s a mouthful!”

Clara sticks her tongue out in the direction of the voice, than continues on. “And now, before we give our spirited review of the most FANTASTIC movie ever made,” Clara shouts the word extra extra loud, “we got a whole lot of updates from all you out in youtube land!” The camera is passed, and almost dropped, over to Susan, who is snuggling with Samantha, backs against Ilona’s closet door.

“Well hello internet people!” Susan shouts up close to the lens, then pulls her face back, “because of the fabled power of the online world, I have connected with, and finally met, my girlfriend Samantha!”

“It’s Cupcake and Muffin! That’s your ship!” a shout from Madison cuts in.

Susan, shaking her head, holds the camera at arms length, all to get the couple into the frame together. “Hello world! Hello universe!” Samantha waves, then turns and shares a quick kiss with Susan.

“And the other amazing bit of news,” Susan continues while Samantha leans her head on her shoulder, “is that my new finale for Lost went online on wattpad recently. As of a few minutes ago, it was at 906 hits, 24 votes, and 29 comments. Thank you to everyone for your support!” Samantha gives a thumbs up and nods approvingly. “And I also want to thank Collette,” the camera jostles about and shows an embarrassed Collette, with Luke’s arm around her, sitting on the floor, “for kicking me in the butt to do this, and I also,” she noisily zips the camera over to Ilona, who does a small half wave, “thanks to my incredible copy editor and input generator, the very talented Ilona, for all her help.”

A dizzying spin later, Susan and Samantha are back on screen. “That’s it for me for now, and next we have an introduction to a new cast member here at Clara’s Corner, the versatile Muggle CARA!” She shouts as the camera whips past Ilona’s dresser in a blur and ends up plopped in the hands of the newcomer, who stares into the lens silently. Painful seconds go by, with Cara’s quiet stare filling the screen, till some unseen, off camera, movement snaps her head to the side. Popping in from the side is Clara, who settles in nicely right beside Cara. “Hello all, this is Cara,” she points to her friend on the left, “and I am of course Clara. So we are Cara and Clara! Say that five times fast!” The two exchange giggling looks, breaking the new girls silence, and with mischievous eyes they gleefully thump their legs and shout aloud.

“CaraandClara! CaraandClara! CaraandClara! CaraandClara! CaraandClara! CaraandClara!”

Cheers from off screen thunder in, mixed with applause and a voice sounding like Madison’s bellowing, “ya said it six time ya idiots!”

Finally smiling and beaming down into the lens, Cara starts talking.

“Hiya internet people. I am Cara, a newcomer to Clara’s Corner. I was told earlier to, well, talk and stuff, about what is new with me and all. So I have two updates.” She raises a hand and holds it in mid air, almost like it is pointing straight up. “Just last week, Ilona found my father. His name is Nicholas, and I have not seen him in many many years. We have not met yet, because he wants just a bit more time to… clean himself up first. He wants to be a real father, a real dad, and he wants to get it right this second time on his first try.” Her hand quivers for a moment, then steadies itself. “But he wants me, for me, and maybe, truly, his love will prove I exist. I know it sounds silly and stupid and everything,” Clara reaches up and clasps Cara’s hand, holding it with strength and conviction, making Cara give her friend happy eyes. “But it is something that makes me happy. A new life is forming around me, much better then the old one. Much better. Which brings me to my next bit of news.” Cara puts her hand down, with Clara letting go. “My app, the one I designed and built and made my own over the years, is about to go on sale soon. Collette and her father did a fantastic job beta testing it, and they have been excellent business partners and everything.” She points to the camera and takes on a mock lecturey tone. “So go buy my app! It will be on sale soon! It tracks world’s records!”

“Wait a second, I just realized something,” Clara interrupts, “you were the girl I was in grade four with, the one always trying to break world records.”

“Yes,” Cara states, “you were in my class when I repeated grade four.”

“And now,” Clara says incredulously, “you made an app all about world’s records?”

“Isn’t it ironic… don’t you think?” Cara replies, raising an eyebrow.

The shouting of Madison barges in from the side. “Ya got the link I sent ya!”

Passport To The Wall Cover“Yes, yes I did. All fifty of them,” Cara laughs, “and I can announce here exclusively on Clara’s Corner that my next app is already in the planning stages. Ever since last week, when I finally read Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret, I knew the world needs an app dedicated to the works of Judy Blume!”

Clara opens her mouth and emits a bone shattering yell, one that combines with the very near cry of Madison, of “PRAISE BE HER NAME!”

Cara jumps in her seat and gives a startled glance to her two friends, one on screen, one off. “I don’t know if I will ever get used to that.”

“My turn! My turn!” Madison exclaims as the camera is yanked up from Cara and Clara and settles in on her, face full frame. Collette’s voice, off on the right, pipes in. “You have news?”

“Yepper!” Madison proclaims. “Once more, because everyone on facebook and twitter and youtube and–”

“We get the idea!” Collette shoots out again.

“Such impatient children these days,” Madison continues. “So as I was saying. After a call to action, I have changed my ringtone.”

A chorus of “Again?” echoes from all around.

“Yep!” Madison smiles proudly, “and here it is!”

Madison dramatically presses her smartphone and loud thumping singing emits out, filling the air with, “Bunnies, bunnies, it must be bunnies!!”

A chorus of “Buffy!” echoes from all around.

“Yes!” Madison chortles. “I win the internet!”

Cynthia’s laughing comes from one side, followed by her gentle calmness. “And now it is Ilona’s turn for an update.” Madison’s face leaves the camera and a jumpy view of the ceiling is seen before Ilona comes into focus.

“Um, hi people, and, well, everyone. Cynthia told me to do this, which means it is a good idea. For the last little while, I have been asking all of my friends what their favoutite book is, because, well, I found it interesting and all. So, in order to finish my quest, lighting round!”

The camera slams about in her hands and zooms in on each of her friends individually, going from person to person with an energetic speed of inhuman proportions, as everyone blurts out their answers, even the ones she already knows. She starts with her nearest and dearest, barking out their names every step of the way.


“Our Town!”


“Zen and the Art of Writing!”


“This Can’t Be Happening At MacDonald Hall!”


“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!”


“The Hunger Games!”


“Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone!”


“The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy!”



The camera stops its jerky motions and stays on where it’s round robin trip began, with Ilona.

“Ilona!” She smiles as she calls out her own name.

“The book with the man with the trident on the cover!”

“What a shocker!” Clara catcalls from the side. “We all knew that would be your answer even before you did!”

Everyone laughs and the camera is moved over to Cynthia, who appears in the corner of the screen and seems to be moving someplace since the background keeps wobbling everywhere. The view stabilizes as the camera rests on something on high, taking in the whole room and everyone inside it.

“On our last video,” Cynthia states, “we received a message, a very polite one by the way, asking us about all of our ethnic backgrounds. The viewer was interested because in the school they are in, there are few people that she could describe as minorities, and no one mixes with or fraternizes or are even friendly to this small contingent of kids. She sees this as a problem, that none of her friends admit exists. Many times she has thought about reaching out and trying to become friends with these kids, but has been told they are too different, too strange, to possibly even talk to.” Cynthia shakes her head in sorrow at this. “The viewer then wondered what all of our backgrounds were, how we all met, how we molded into what we are now, and so forth.” She sighs. “This is going to be a very long answer, might take all night.”

“Horse hockey!” Madison shouts. “Listen up viewer, I gots something to say. First off, thanks for watching. Second off, good for you for trying to be a better person and a better citizen of this here universe. Third off, your friends right now are idiots or cowards. Fourth off, the history of us is fairly simple.”

Madison raises both hands and points to Cynthia and Clara. “We three knew each other since before school even started cause our older siblings are friends. So we all got nicknamed The Three Musketeers back when we were toddlers and such. And the fact that Cynthia is clearly Italian and from a very large Catholic family made absolutely no darn matter to any us at all. That part of her actually helps make Cynthia the wonderful great caring person she is today.”

Passport to the wall promoMadison switches her fingers to now point at Susan and Collette. “Now at the start of grade three, we met Susan, who had just come up here with her mom from America. She’s an accountant and all and quickly joined the PTA as the Treasurer, where she and Cynthia’s mom became buddies and everything. So we all started hanging out with Suzzy as well. And she hates that I call her Suzzy by the way. One whole month later, our new friend Susan, who always has been a bit of a brainiac, lost a class spelling bee. This got her all curious, so she goes and talks to and befreinds this other brianiac, who is all sorts of shy and stuff and finds out her name is Collette. And they start talking. And hours and days and decades later, they still haven’t flippin stopped talking! Seriously, do you two ever breathe? Anyway, in grade four, Susan realized something, and the first person she told was Collette, who helped her tell all of us, then her mom, who wasn’t surprised in the slightest. That big deal out of nothing was that Susan likes girls, as is probably obvious from Samantha cuddling with her right over yonder.”

Madison puts her hands down. “But ya know something? Susan figuring herself out didn’t matter jack and squat to the rest of us. We are all happy that she can be who she is, and just awhile ago she accidentally outed herself to her class, which means everyone in school now knows, and nobody has said nothing! Notice anything else? Collette is half black. Her daddy is black and her mother is white and together they gave us this super genius friend of ours. The cool part about all of us?”

Madison jumps to her feet and slams her fists onto her hips.

“NONE OF THAT MATTERS!” She hollers.

“If Collette being half black or Susan being a lesbian is someone’s problem, than that’s their problem, not mine or ours. But if they make their problem our problem by them becoming a problem, then that becomes my problem to make it back to being their problem and not our problem.”

Clara interjects. “That actually makes sense, and hurts my head.”

Madison spits out, “and I am just getting started!”

One fist flies off her hip and transforms into a pointed finger again, this time aimed at Ilona.

“Waaaay back in September, Ilona showed up and chatted us up about the trident book and such. The thing is Ilona, no offence or nothing, but we could tell you were lonely and stuff, and we could tell you are a really nice person, so hanging with you and becoming your friend was easy and such. Collette said something to you that day which you had no answer for, remember that? She thought yer name sounded Hungarian, and she told ya way later she also thought you looked Hungarian or from that part of the world. You asked yer parents and found out you had a grandmother somewhere who was Hungarian. That fact became just an interesting part of you, but it never became all of you, or something to hold against you.”

Madison moves both hands now into the air in front of her.

“Cecily, who ya saw in the last video, is Hispanic and from American as well, and now lives far away, is a friend who needed a friend. Only one person went after her for being her, and that person got a whoppin’ of justice. Cara’s here and I can tell ya, she is way more concerned with getting on with living than giving a crud who is what. And Samantha is visiting Susan cause they are girlfriend and girlfriend and ain’t Muffin and Cupcake a cute couple? Beside being from America, Samantha is also Jewish, homeschooled, and has the horrible taste of liking Taylor Swift.”

Madison ducks as Susan throws a pillow at her. “Yeah, I found those songs on my ipod, by the by, and vengeance shall be swift and cruel.” She continues back at the camera. “Notice anything else, Luke here is new to Clara’s Corner. He and Collette are dating. Guess he likes girls who get straight A’s easily. And look at that, Luke is Hispanic and Collette is half black. And no one gives a flying whack-a-mole cause they are a cute couple.”

Madison suddenly looks very concerned and turns to Clara. “Jiminy Cricket! We never thought up a shipping name for Collette and Luke! Gotta get on that pronto!” Clara nods and starts typing on her smartphone.

“Very soon,” Madison snaps back to where she left off, “we are all going to be out of grade five and trooping off to grade six at a whole new school. That means we are gonna meet new people as well, people who will come from all over, people who will look and think and act and be all sorts of different from us. And that is gonna be awesome! Cause we will become friends and make everyday cool and special and tweetable.”

“So,” Madison points a finger at the camera while the other hand forms a fist, “ya asked how to become friends with the minority kids, when really ya question should be how to become friends with them period. Just go up and talk to them! Be nice! Chat them up! Ask them what they think of Clara’s Corner! Show them Cupcake’s Lost finale!”

Samantha interrupts. “Cough! Product placement! Cough!”

“You betcha!” Madison throws her fist towards the lens, and since she is across the room from it, misses by quite a distance. “Listen wonderful viewer,” she places her hands back on her hips, “I can tell, we can all tell, that your heart is in the right place, and that is a great thing. But if ya really want to make friends, ya gotta see past the whole minority horse hockey and just be friends with the kids. And if ya friends aren’t there for ya when you make new friends, then they ain’t your friends. Comprende munchacho?”

Madison sits down, with a face full of triumph. Everyone is quiet, staring for a few seconds at their friend, and realizing she is right and properly done, they break into cheers and applause. Acting very regally, Madison nods her head approvingly from side to side. Susan shouts out, “now that was a rant!”

“Well,” Cynthia states as the jubilation dies down, “I would have put it more… delicately. But Madison very well sums up all of us, and what the true nature of friendship is.”

Ilona, who had heard this history of her family of friends many times, from many viewpoints, over this past almost year, is deep in thought.

“If I may,” Ilona speaks up, “I have some thoughts on this matter as well.” She looks over at Madison, who gives her an encouraging smile.

“Well I first saw all you girls, sitting all happily at the wall, I did notice each and every one of you. I could tell that Cynthia is Italian, and that Clara is overweight, and that Collette, well, my experience is limited with about being able to guess these things, but I just thought you were black. And that’s the thing, I noticed but it never entered my thinking beyond that. I just… I just wanted friends.” Cynthia touches Ilona’s shoulder and gently massages it. Ilona smiles at Cynthia, and feels slight tears form. “Friends. I had none. Now…” She gestures around the room. “I have all these friends, and more. I, we, all just came back from seeing the Trident movie. And now we are having a sleepover in my bedroom. All this would have been totally and completely unthinkable a year ago. I have a new life, a wonderful new life, all thanks to a book.”

Cynthia keeps gracing Ilona’s shoulder with her gentle touch. “Amen,” she whispers.

“You ask,” Ilona continues, “about friendship. And I can tell you, if I had let fear of the unknown, because of what someone looked like, or simply because meeting someone was scary generally, where would I be now?”

“Alone,” tears slowly cross her face, “all alone in this room.”

Cynthia hands Ilona some tissues, and she carefully dabs her eyes.

“Ilona,” Clara “the cool part is you are not alone anymore. You have all of us, for everything both serious and silly in your life.”

“And speaking of silly…” Madison jumps in with a squeaky tone, making Ilona laugh.

“I already figured something out,” Clara shouts, “way before Maddie thought of it by the way.” She sticks out her tongue at and holds her smartphone up to Madison, who squeaks out again. “Yepper! That’s a good shipping name!” Madison turns to the couple. “Collette and Luke, we hereby pronounce you Shortcake and Biscuit! Yay!”

“Gotta go with the classics,” Clara nods, “and Fonzie is always a classic.”

Luke glances between Clara and Madison. “I’m fine with the nickname if Collette is.” Collette gives two thumbs up. “But,” Luke continues, “what’s a Fonzie? Some of you danced a Fonzie last time on youtube, but I didn’t get it.”

“I’ll explain later Biscuit,” Collette pinches Luke’s cheek, “but you two realize these aren’t shipping names, but nicknames you gave us.”

Madison slams her hands over her ears. “Lalala, not listening, creating my own reality!”

“Anyway,” Collette shakes her head, “Let’s get back to the reality of Ilona for a second or so.”

“Me?” Ilona asks, finishing her eyes.

“I knew you had it in you,” Collette’s calm voice fills the air, “from when I first met you, to be a friend. I don’t think you remember that day do you?”

Ilona stares at Collette. “You mentioned how we met before at Christmas time, but I never got around to asking you…”

“It’s alright,” Collette states, “last year, when we all were in grade four, I was walking Doyle one day in the park next to the school and my little sweetie got away from me. I was upset and crying and running everywhere trying to find him. All the kids, young and old, who I bumped into all were helping me find Doyle.”

“And I was coming home from the store…” Ilona’s voice lingers off.

“Yes,” Collette continues, “and even with carrying those two heavy bags of groceries for your family, you started looking for Doyle anyway. For the next several panic stricken minutes, we all scattered about, and finally found Doyle.”

“I found him,” Luke says excitedly, “It was me! That was the first time you ever talked to me!”

“Yes Biscuit, you found our Doyle.” Collette gives Luke a glowing smile, followed by a quick kiss on the lips.

“Wait, wait, wait,” Clara shouts, “was that Shortcake’s and Biscuit’s first kiss?”

All the girls awe all at once, with Collette and Luke both blushing profusely.

“Anyway,” Collette forces out quickly, “my point is Ilona, even though we never exchanged hello’s or names or even me giving you a thank you because I was so emotional, you showed the true spirit of friendship that day. To someone you might have just seen in the schoolyard at best, but that didn’t matter to you.”

“And after that day you approached us,” Collette states, “I realized you were the friend I never got the name of who tried to help find Doyle. Which reminds me, over the a year later, thank you for all your help.”

“No problemo,” Ilona smiles.

Cynthia gets up from the bed and walks over to Collette and Luke, putting her hands on their cheeks.

“Maybe Doyle took off for a reason?” Cynthia explains, tilting her head a bit. “Maybe it was the universe’s way of making something wonderful happen?”

“Now,” Cynthia announces as she sits back on the bed next to Ilona, “lets all hope that answers our friend’s question from Youtube.” She beams a radiant smile at the camera. “But now it is time to discuss the myth and magic and majesty of the Trident movie!”

What begins next is a loud, rambunctious, animated discussion of the fun and wonderment and thrills of the film. Cheers splash out as certain parts are mentioned and theories are speculated upon as to what the sequels will entail. Partway along the massive conversation, they all realized they had not shown off their Christmas buttons they had worn to the premiere, which sparks a parade past the camera to rectify this omission. Long, long admirations happen when memories of the writer and the movie cast being on Ellen is brought up, and the crazed happiness of Tegan and Sara performing the film’s theme song on that same episode jolts the room with even more energy. Updates of what the online world thinks and feels of the trident movie flow in from various smartphones, with the verdict being it is an enormous hit, both critically and commercially. By the time midnight hits, the excitement is still at fever pitch, and Cynthia’s smartphone rings out with Amazing Grace.

She quickly checks it, bounds off Ilona’s bed, and starts slamming keys on the laptop. Everyone goes quiet with concern till Cynthia turns back to face them all.

“I have just received the most sensational text. Here, on skype, after all this time, is Cecily!”

On the laptop screen, smiling and laughing and waving, is Cecily.

And everyone cheers.

And no one goes to bed till three in the morning.

Just as it should be.


Song For This Chapter: Devil Knows You’re Dead by Delta Spirit


…Last Weeks Chapter

Next Chapter… Friday, May 23rd, 2014

First serialization started on Friday, June 7th, 2013.



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