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adjective. Informal.

lively; peppy.

That wonderful word best describes these amazing people who have provided guest posts for Scoops Mental Propaganda.  Check them all out on the various places on the interwebs where they reside.











Os is a  24 year old nerd who given the money and resources could be Batman.  He can be reached on twitter @Os_Lantern and his site Two Guys A Girl and Damien.

You can read about OS’s Scotland trip, and his take on a Glee controversy.













Tess is a young lady who reads and reads and reads.  And then she talks and talks and talks about what she has read.  She can be reached on twitter @Tessathebox.  By the way, she LOVES Harry Potter.

You can read about Tess’s take on Harry Potter versus Twilight, and a scary tale of Ghosts And you can read Tess offering support to those targeted during the 2016 Election here.






Sammi 2





Sammi Sam is an Artist.  The Universe is her Paintbrush.  Fun and Joy is what she dances to Everyday.  Come and Join her!  She can be reached on twitter @StrawberryFinn and at the Adventures of Strawberry Finn.

You can read about Sam’s thoughts on Being Yourself and you can read her photo essay Five Days Again  Five Pictures Again.












My name is Sarah. I live in southern Ontario, Canada with my husband and son.

I have always been a voracious reader. I taught myself to read before I was four. By the time I entered kindergarten, I was reading short novels. I quickly progressed to full novels, and have never looked back.

My favourite genres are science fiction and fantasy, but I will read most anything. I have at one point or another read almost every genre possible. I have discovered that there are a few things that I do not like to read. I prefer not to read overly graphic erotic scenes, religious preaching, or a lot of profanity. Other than that, it’s an open canvas.

If you wish to reach me for any reason, please contact me at And @Wrkreads and my site Workaday Reads.

You can read Sarah’s talk about the Books from her Life.













Natalia is a graduate of Humber College’s TV Writing and Producing program and has recently written on the sketch comedy webseries THE GATE. She loves TV, movies, comics, and webseries – and aims to write for them all. Natalia lives in Toronto, Canada and on Twitter @Taliana83.

You can read Natalia’s ideas on the creative process.












Stacey Plowright holds a B.A.H. from Trent University and is a graduate of Ryerson’s Publishing Program. She currently volunteers as Communications and Publicity Manager for STC Toronto and freelances as a writer and editor. You can follow her blog at and find her on Twitter @plowright_s. Contact her directly at

You can read Stacey’s celebrating Christmas Carols.















Hello. This is my guest post and this is me. I am born in 1995, so my age changes every year. I enjoy novels and television and will be attending U of T in order to get my BA in literature and religious studies.  You can see my blog, Rebeccah, here.  And my twitter Rebeccahh95 here.

You can read Rebeccahh’s admitting a quirk that is not a quirk.  And you can see her photo essay Five Days and Five Pictures.














Minhas Morgul:

Minhas Morgul is an artist and cosplayer from Toronto. She has been a part of the Tolkien fandom since she was 10 years old, and has taken on the odd task of knitting ties for the cast members of The Lord of the Rings.

You can check her out online at @MinhasMorgul and Minhas Morgul Instagram.

You can read Minhas Morgul’s heartfelt look at fandom and life with Friendship, Lord Of The Rings, And Life…











Diane C Harder

Diane C Harder is a filmmaker who lives in Toronto, Canada. She got her B.A. from Columbia University and M.F.A. from Northwestern University. She can be reached at her website and her twitter @DianeCHarder 

You can read Diane’s essay Feminism Explained here.






Mary Mordrake 2








Mary is a walking encyclopedia of X-Men, avid cosplayer, and obsessive reader. She’s dreamed of living in the X-Man

sion since she was eight years old, which is almost as long as she’s wanted to be a Sailor Scout.  And Quicksilver is her Patronus.  You can check out her cosplay at and her fanfiction at .  Her instagram is @marymordrakecosplay and her Pinterest is Mary Mordrake.

You can read Mary’s take on what she thinks X-Men Days Of Future Past might mean. And you can read Mary’s take on the film X-Men Days of Future Past.  She also wrote an analysis of Feminism in Avengers Age Of Ultron  SPOILERS.  And she met Mads Mikkelsen which she talks about here in My Date with a Cannibal: A Weekend with Hannibal Lector at Fan Expo.  And because of her X-Obsession, she also wrote 616 Random Thoughts On What Might Be With X-Men Apocalypse!!!!!!  Swinging back to Batman lore, she wrote I Started A Joke: Why Suicide Squad’s Joker wasn’t all that terrible.

And Mary did a Marvel Movie Rewatch for Avengers Infinity War! 

Week 1:  Iron Man

Week 2:  The Incredible Hulk 

Week 3:  Iron Man 2 

Week 4:  Thor

Week 5:  Captain America The First Avenger 

Week 6:  The Avengers 

Week 7:  Iron Man 3

Week 8:  Thor 2  The Dark World

Week 9:  Captain America The Winter Soldier

Week 10:  Guardians of the Galaxy

Week 11:  Avengers Age Of Ultron

Week 12:  Ant-Man

Week 13:  Captain America Civil War

Week 14:  Doctor Strange

Week 15: Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2

Week 16: Spiderman Homecoming

Week 17:  Thor Ragnorak

Week 18:  Black Panther







And I have Guest Posted

on other blogs as well!

(And I was almost as Zippy as my Guests have been!!)





In December 2011, I wrote about Books From My Life, all part of a Winter Holiday Book Blogger Exchange with the above mentioned Sarah!  Organized by Gwenythlove.







In March 2013, I wrote about public transit in the city for the above mentioned Strawberry, all in a post called The TTC. Lord Help Us!






ardo-omer-blog-logoIn April 2013, I wrote about where people start as Geeks in Where You Started for Ardo.  This was all part of her Superhero Week on her blog.



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