The Hunger Games: The Search For Catching Fire

With the The Hunger Games movie about to premiere on dvd on Saturday August 18th, my anticipation for this hit film, based on the best selling novel, is palpable.

Regular readers of SMP know of my love for the books, and how this devotion is also transferred to the movie.  Casting ideas, rumours, and idle speculation have permeated the blogospere and podcast universe for Catching Fire, the first sequel.  With this expanding tapestry, many more characters have now entered every fans lexicon of favourites.

Certain announcements have already been made:

Jena Malone will be Johanna.

Philip Seymour Hoffman will be Plutarch.

Amanda Plummer will be Wiress.

Lynn Cohen will be Mags.

Heavily rumoured to be cast soon:

Sam Claflin might be Finnick?

Tony Shalhoub might be Beetee?

Now these two rumours just do not fit my little fanboy heart.  Shaking my head vigourously and hoping the universe wakes up from this weird daydream, I am now present my choices of who should be cast in Catching Fire.

Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum is Finnick.  Not a huge fan of the man, but if anyone can pull off the two sides of Finnick, it would be him.  You can all see how obvious this is, can’t you?

Michael Emerson

Michael Emerson is Beetee.  A fan site I can’t recall first mentioned this some months ago, and it struck me as soooo natural.  For the uninitiated, Michael played the nasty Ben on Lost.  Sorry, just had a Lost flashback.  Still miss that show.

Judi Dench

One of the biggest characters with absolutely no news or rumours so far is of the other villain of the piece, the ruthless President Coin.  This delicate role requires an actress of immense talent and stature, someone who commands respect at all times, just by being present.

I am of course talking about Dame Judi Dench as President Coin.

It makes total and complete sense.  She has told off two different Bonds.  She played a Queen once.  And she can do a withering look like nobodies business.  Vote Judi Dench as President Coin.  Or else the Mockingjay will get you.

It is my fervent hope my ideas come to pass.  I know Catching Fire will be excellent no matter what, but it will be even better if they take my suggestions.  I might even slip them a fiver.


P.S.  The Hunger Games is copyright 2012 to Suzanne Collins.  Catching Fire is out in theaters on November 22, 2013.  Mark the date down now.

P.P.S.  To read my review of the The Hunger Games, click here.  To read my review of the The Hunger Games movie, click here.  To read my review of Catching Fire, click here.  To read my review of Mockingjay, click here.


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