Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 3.7 Revelations

Buffy season 3Buffy The Vampire Slayer faces major major major repercussions as Revelations unfolds. Another post in my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Buffy and Faith tag team Slay and have a grand old time. But then Gwendolyn Post shows up, and she is the nasty, openly critical, British, new Watcher for Faith. She tells them the demon Lagos is in town seeking the Glove of Mynerghon, which contains massive power. She also says Giles work as a Watcher is being reviewed. Willow and Xander kiss while researching. Xander takes off to find the Glove and finds Buffy kissing Angel. Angel also has the Glove and shows it to Buffy, and he plans to somehow destroy it. Giles and Post talk and she is always criticizing him. Xander comes in and tells Giles that Angel is back, which Post does not hear. The Scoobies argue about this with Buffy, with Xander and Cordelia still seeing Angel as dangerous. Giles takes Buffy’s side, all in order to complete the mission of the Glove, but in private tells her off for her actions. Post sees Faith and stirs up suspicions by tattling about the Scoobie’s meeting. Faith is angry and meets Xander who tells her Angel is alive. Together they raid Giles weapons, but find the Watcher knocked out. Turns out Post found out that Angel has the Glove and attacked Giles. Xander helps Giles while Faith goes after Angel. Post attacks Angel and realizes he is a Vampire and gets beaten back. Faith arrives and fights Angel. Buffy shows up and fights Faith. Tricking Willow and Xander to help her, Post gets the Glove. She starts calling down lightening and trying to zap people. The Scoobies try to stop her and Buffy slices Post’s arm off, with lightening disintegrating the evil Watcher. The Scoobies slowly start to trust Angel again, with Cordelia still holding out. Giles informs them that Post was a rogue Watcher. Buffy and Faith talk, but it does not go well.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Oz is playing at the Bronze and looks slightly disgruntled. Willow and Xander seem on edge. The Scoobies are noticing Buffy’s strange behaviour and thinks/theorizes she has a boyfriend. Buffy and Faith are awesome fun Slayers together. Love Giles just sitting there. Gwendolyn Post is Faith’s new watcher – and a complete bitch. I hope someday they explain this Council stuff of Watchers more. So Giles is being reviewed? Guess the Watchers have nothing better to do. The demon Lagos is coming to town and I hope he kills this harpy Watcher. Buffy doing tai chi looks so… peaceful. And now sexual. Buffy and Angel Forever. And Angel asks the right question of what they are doing.  Of course Angel recognizes Lagos name. Please stop this love quadrangle with Willow and Xander – way past getting sick of it. Buffy and Faith talk sex talk and they feel so bff, it’s kinda cool. Also Faith openly stating that she has a sex life is cool. I think Faith just met Lagos. And Xander sees Angel!!! OMG!!! And now he sees Buffy and Angel smooching!!! OMG!!! Giles should drop kick Post into another realm. And the Scoobies look sooooooo pissed. I actually thought Buffy was gonna deck Xander. And again she has that look. Xander might have a point, but he is being an ass. Giles is pissed. He has a point and states it clearly and non ass like. Post likes to drive wedges and treat people like crap and she must be evil. Willow is sooo understanding and Buffy is so happy someone is on her side. When the Willow Xander stuff hits it, this will not be fun. Faith and Xander going rogue? Post is a new Watcher? Kinda explains so much. And she’s evil!!!! Willow is tipping her hand to Buffy a lot her. And Xander finally snaps out of his bloodlust. Are they setting up an Angel/Faith fight here? Xander is gonna get kneed in the nuts by Buffy soon. Post versus Angel! Angel versus Faith! Buffy versus Faith! This is inevitable and kinda fanficcy, but still loving it. Wow, Post is a bitch! Hope Willow kicks her ass as well. Post has massive power! And Buffy disarms her! Post went all Raiders of the Lost Ark. Cordelia is still pissed. So Post was a rejected watcher? Memo? Really these Watchers are massively disorganized, aren’t they? Are Buffy and Faith having a bff falling out? Sad face emoticon. I wondered earlier why Faith was still living in a motel room, why not stay at Buffy’s place? And that ending kinda solidifies that feeling and notion.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Buffy can’t help rubbing Giles nose on being a bad boy with this line, “Hmm, academic probation is not so funny today, huh Giles?” And Buffy states the obvious to Giles, “Interesting lady, can we kill her?” Later on, Giles give Buffy a scolding she will never forget, “You have no respect for me, or the job I perform.” Willow tells Xander, in a not nice tone, what to do, “Shut up and help me.” Post states the obvious to Faith with this bit, “Faith, a word of advice, you’re an idiot.” Xander tries to explain his jerk behaviour to Buffy by saying, “I lean towards the postal.”


We knew it was gonna happen, and Joss delivered on a grand scale here.   I love seeing all the Scoobies together and arguing cause when it occurs, it is gold. Plus the fist fights were awesome as well.




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